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Thursday, August 24, 2006

SEX IS DEATH. (You can't always get what you want)

I came to Carthage, where I found myself in the midst of a hissing cauldron of lusts. I had not yet fallen in love, but I was in love with the idea of it, and this feeling that something was missing made me despise myself for not being more anxious to satisfy the need. I began to look around for some object for my love, since I badly wanted to love something. —St. Augustine, Confessions

This is the second SEX IS DEATH story subtitled with the help of a Rolling Stones' song. There is probably a lesson in that, kiddies.

Of course, I could have easily called this one "If you love somebody, shoot them dead"...

The Philadelphia Inquirer: W. Phila. woman shot dead at home

A memorial of stuffed animals now lines the picket fence outside a West Philadelphia rowhouse where a mother of four lived and was gunned down early yesterday morning.

Gloria Seals, 33, known to friends and family as "Glo," was shot in the back about 1:30 a.m. while outside her home on North 49th Street, apparently trying to leave an argument with a neighbor who had a romantic interest in her, police and family said.

Wow. If I had gunned down every babe who refused to date me, I'd have as many notches on my .44 as an abortionist in a black neighborhood has on his scalpel.

For her children, ages 7 to 16, it is the second time that they lost a parent to murder. Three years ago, family members said, their father was killed.

May God have mercy on all our souls.

"Anything I did, she was right beside me," Seals' son Kahalil, 16, said of his mother. "My heart is broken right now."

Hours after Seals, a bank custodian and weekend bartender, was pronounced dead at the scene, police charged Rodney Arrington, 54, of the 500 block of North 42d Street, with murder. Arrington, whom family members said they have known for years, had been romantically interested in Seals and was seen fleeing the block in a black SUV after the shooting, police said.

"They were involved in an argument that escalated into a loud shouting match," said Homicide Capt. Michael Costello. "A beer bottle or beer was thrown, and as she was attempting to leave, he produced a gun."

Seals was shot one time in the back, just below her shoulder blade, authorities said.

As news of the murder spread throughout the neighborhood, a steady stream of relatives visited the two-story rowhouse, where they fondly remembered Seals and placed dozens of stuffed animals at a memorial.

Leatha Seals, the victim's mother, said her daughter cared deeply for her children. In addition to Kahalil, she had Joshua, 15, Marketta, 12, and Coy, 7.

"That was my baby girl and my best friend," Leatha Seals said of her daughter.

The two had spent every day together for two months, she said, adding that she would now care for the children.

Leatha Seals said she thought the argument with Arrington might have had something to do with Arrington's girlfriend.

Arrington's feelings for her daughter, she said, were not reciprocated.


The victim worked as a bank custodian during the week and at Way's Lounge at 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue on Saturdays.

"She worked her way off welfare," her mom said.

Neighbors said Seals was a quiet and polite woman.

"She didn't bother nobody," said Fern Churchill, who lived nearby on Olive Street. "She kept to herself."

It seems Mr. Arrington thought that was the problem.

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