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It seems Pope Francis needs to brush up on his Tertullian!

It has been reported (in The ChristLast Media, I must note) that the current Pope does not like the phrase "lead us not into temptation...

"Let no freedom be allowed to novelty, because it is not fitting that any addition should be made to antiquity. Let not the clear faith and belief of our forefathers be fouled by any muddy admixture." -- Pope Sixtus III

Friday, February 17, 2012

I'll bet you $20 she hands over millions long before November rolls around.

From SFgate.com:

Obama losing financial backing of big S.F. donor

San Francisco philanthropist Susie Tompkins Buell, one of the Democratic Party's most generous benefactors, is keeping her checkbook closed when President Obama holds high-priced California fundraisers this week.

"I want to look him in the eye and say, 'Thank you so much' " for his work, said Buell, who expresses deep disappointment in the president's leadership on environmental issues, especially climate change.

With Obama's 2012 re-election campaign in full swing, "I would just love to write my big check ... or have a high-dollar dinner here" on his behalf, she said. "I can't."

Buell, a co-founder of the Esprit clothing company, has donated millions of dollars to Democratic causes and presidential candidates, including Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore and her good friend, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the past 10 years, she has given $25 million to progressive political and charitable causes and has raised $10 million for candidates and committees, her office said.

But as Obama flies from Southern California to San Francisco today to vacuum up donations in the reliable Democratic ATM, Buell will attend neither of his $35,800-per-plate fundraisers in San Francisco, nor a fundraising rally at the Masonic Auditorium.

Buell is a loyal Democrat, but says she hasn't yet opened her wallet for Obama's campaign and probably won't anytime soon.

"I've just given so much money away, and I've never asked for anything," she said in an interview at her Pacific Heights home this week. Now, "I'm asking for something: He's got to be a leader."

Buell and her husband, Mark Buell, have long devoted energy and money to environmental causes such as the Go Green Foundation, a San Francisco nonprofit designed to get young people involved in environmental causes. She said she is "very concerned that President Obama has not talked enough about this issue."

"I thought that he really did understand 'the urgency of now' on climate change," she said. "He has not been vocal enough ... and I want to encourage him to lead me."

Buell's glaring absence from Obama's fundraising events this week underscores the challenges the president has with his progressive base...

Come home to Rome, kiddies.

This isn't just for Catholics who have lost their faith. It's for everyone.

I guess we know who the frontrunner is.

From PennLive.com:

Email asking for negative stories about Santorum draws flak from Pennsylvania Democrats

A high-ranking state figure in President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has sent an email seeking negative information about Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, and some Pennsylvania Democrats are angry about it.

Obama for America Pennsylvania Director Bill Hyers sent the email, which calls for state party activists to “make sure the rest of the country sees Rick Santorum’s true colors.”

It asks them to submit stories about the controversial conservative former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania online.

Plenty of state party activists said they were comfortable with the common campaign tactic, known as opposition research. Others lambasted the solicitation of negative information under the president’s name as being beneath the presidency.

“I am shocked to see a communication of this sort from anybody connected to the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania,” said Peter Buttenwieser, a Philadelphia financier and finance chairman of Bob Casey Jr.’s successful 2006 campaign that ousted Santorum from the Senate.

“It’s out of keeping with the normal principles and ethics of the Obama campaign as I have known it over a long period of time,” said Buttenwieser, who described himself as an ardent Obama supporter. “This is a Republican matter within a Republican primary ... and to provide the kind of information that Mr. Hyers is seeking is unseemly.”

Sandy Wolfe, a Cumberland County Democratic Party state committee member, was also uncomfortable with the email coming in the midst of a contentious GOP primary.

“I found it just a little bit unusual,” Wolfe said. “It’s kind of like beating a dead horse for us to do this. I really did just delete the email.”

A spokeswoman with the Pennsylvania Obama campaign had no comment beyond the email itself.

But a campaign news release issued Thursday celebrated the email as a response to attacks on Obama by the GOP candidates.

“This is an example of how the grassroots truth team will play a role,” it read.

Santorum has gained momentum in the race for the Republican nomination. National polls show him leading former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Santorum also leads in Michigan, and a win in that state’s Feb. 28 primary could be a huge blow to Romney, who has long been considered the front-runner in the GOP field.

Many party leaders found no issue with the email.

“It would be appropriate for the Obama campaign to send out an internal communication to party members seeking information even from an anecdotal point of view on Rick Santorum,” said Berks County Democratic Chairman Tom Herman.

Lebanon County Chairman Chris Tarsa said the email is intended to get Democrats engaged in the election. “They’re trying to motivate the base,” Tarsa said of Obama’s Pennsylvania campaign staff. “The campaign is starting to wake up.”

Philadelphia attorney and influential state party member Marcel Groen said the email was meant to inspire state Democrats to get involved.

“I’m reading it as asking people to send in times when they heard Rick give a speech, like when he compared gay sex to bestiality,” Groen said. “I don’t think they’re asking if he had an affair, or if he did something that’s wrong.”

G. Terry Madonna, a political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, said making the solicitation on campaign letterhead ran contrary to the way opposition research was conducted in the past.

“It is surprising that they aren’t having that kind of work done by somebody else and let the president take the high road,” Madonna said.

Democratic campaign strategists were adamant that opposition research is a basic component of every political campaign, but said they would have done it differently.

“I would have used a third party to create some distance,” said Bill Wachob, a campaign strategist and former Democratic state legislator. “It has not been standard practice in the past, but every cycle, the limits get pushed a little bit further.”

David Sweet, who managed Ed Rendell’s successful 2002 gubernatorial campaign, said some people might find the email distasteful because it appears to be fishing for dirt on Santorum.

“I don’t think it would be the wisest thing to try and generate that type of information with that sort of broad-based email,” said Sweet, adding that it’s premature to target Santorum.

However, Shirley Warshaw, a political science professor at Gettysburg College, said the email was an ancient campaign maneuver executed in the age of cyberspace. “It’s an Internet campaign,” Warshaw said. “This is part of the modernization of the entire election process.”

She pointed out that Obama’s 2008 campaign was renowned for its effective use of the Internet to communicate and raise money. It’s only logical, Warshaw added, for the 2012 campaign to expand on that success.

Sweet pointed out that this type of information-gathering was done stealthily in the past, and said Obama should be praised for conducting this opposition research in the light of day. “It would be closer to something improper if it were a SuperPAC and you had no idea who was really behind it,” he said. “Here, it’s pretty open and up front.”

But Buttenwieser, an influential party fundraiser, was adamant that the email was not in tune with Obama and his chief campaign strategists. “I cannot believe the people I work with and know and respect in Chicago [Obama campaign headquarters] would want such a thing to be done,” he said. “I feel terrible that this has been done, and I can’t believe [Obama] would be happy to hear about it.”

Make the insurance companies pay for it!

From AP:

Tickling is being offered as the perfect stress-buster by a spa in Spain. The Madrid parlor's unusual treatment is designed to blow away the winter blues.

Another inconvenient poll. [That is, one not done by one of your stooges.]

From Gallup.com:

PRINCETON, NJ -- The U.S. unemployment rate, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, is 9.0% in mid-February, up from 8.6% for January.

News Item: Dem pervs suddenly stop citing polls.

CNN poll: Half of Americans oppose ObamaCare contraceptives mandate

Half of all Americans say they oppose the Obama administration’s new policy concerning employer-provided health insurance plans and their coverage of contraceptive services for female employees including those at religiously affiliated institutions, according to a new national survey.

The push by the White House has been sharply criticized by Catholic Church officials, and many political pundits have said that the controversy could hurt President Barack Obama’s re-election chances with Catholic voters. But a CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday also indicates that the vast majority of Catholic Americans say they don’t always follow church teachings on such issues as abortion and birth control, and few Americans Catholics believe artificial means of birth control are wrong.

According to the survey, 50% of the public disapproves of the Obama administration policy, with 44% saying they approve of the plan.

How many Democrass pols have murdered their Down Syndrome kids?

Probably quite a few. But it's ok because left-fascist perverts know it's a good thing to murder children who might inconvenience their parents. Even "normal" kids make trips to Gstaad a royal pain.

I do know Sarah Palin didn't murder her kid, but she's a fanatic.

I also know Mr. Santorum refrained from murdering sweet little Bella, who suffers from Trisomy 18. That's even more fanatical than believing I shouldn't have to pay for your rubbers and pills.

Rick's got the left-fascists all riled up. Just search "Santorum and birth control".

Here's just a small sampling. As I typed yesterday, Bring on the Culture War, bitch! Only Repansycans don't want to take on the forces of perversion [That's the Party of Blasphemy, Buggery, and 'Bortion] publicly..

This one is my favorite:

Santorum Backer: Most Cost-Effective Birth Control? Keep Your Legs Closed - Forbes

  1. The controversy over President Obama’s order on contraception and religious institutions is not going away as a political issue. The two sides seem to be ...
    www.csmonitor.com/.../As-birth-control...most-Santorum-Obama - Cached
  2. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum wants to ban funding for birth control because it's "not ok," according to Think Progress. And yes, I think Santorum is just as ...
    www.rhrealitycheck.org/.../19/santorum-birth-control-is-a... - Cached
  3. Rick Santorum, a 2012 candidate for the Republican Party nomination for U.S. president, said he would eliminate federal funding for birth control if he were president ...
    www.ibtimes.com/articles/235061/20111020/rick-santorum... - Cached
  4. CAMPAIGN 2012 Santorum: Birth Control is Cheap and Should Not be Covered
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  5. Former Senator and current Republican golden boy Rick Santorum has a huge problem with women. He thinks they’re a distraction on the battlefield, he ...
    www.addictinginfo.org/2012/02/11/rick-santorum-says... - Cached
  6. Rush Limbaugh charged Wednesday that Democrats are using the Obama administration’s controversial mandate on contraception coverage to plot against one presidential ...
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  7. Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is facing increasing scrutiny on some of his positions, especially on social issues. Women's advocacy ...
    www.cbsnews.com/.../santorum...for-opposing-birth-control - Cached
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  8. Yes, I'm going there: Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is facing increasing scrutiny on some of his positions, especially on social issues.
    race42012.com/2012/02/15/santorum-and-birth-control - Cached
  9. Forcing religious organizations to provide contraceptives has nothing to do with women’s rights, Republican presidential contender and vocal Catholic Rick Santorum ...
    blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2012/02/10/rick... - Cached
  10. For starters, does he realize that married women (men too!) use birth control? The impression that Santorum finds the prevalent practice of birth control ...
    www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/post/santorum... - Cached
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  1. Forcing religious organizations to provide contraceptives has nothing to do with women’s rights, Republican presidential contender and vocal Catholic Rick Santorum ...
    blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2012/02/10/rick... - Cached
  2. For starters, does he realize that married women (men too!) use birth control? The impression that Santorum finds the prevalent practice of birth control ...
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  3. The right wing Republican politicians who have been denouncing the requirement that female employees have access to birth control as part of their health benefits as ...
    www.juancole.com/2012/...santorum...about-birth-control.html - Cached
  4. The right-wing media (with the notable exception of Ron Paul's blogs) is all up in arms because reporters and bloggers are putting irrational "spin" on ...
    open.salon.com/.../15/rick_santorum...for_your_birth_control - Cached
  5. WASHINGTON — Most Americans don’t share Rick Santorum’s absolutist take on abortion. He’s out of step on women in combat. He questions the values ...
  6. Can Rick Santorum build on his momentum in the weeks ahead? Plus, will church leaders go for President Obama's birth control compromise, or has the ...
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  7. [Feb 15, 2012] With Rick Santorum rising to the top of the GOP primary race, women's advocacy groups are raising questions about the former Pennsylvania senator's pledge ...
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  8. Sleeveless wonder Rick Santorum told the HuffPo today that he's still steamed about the birth control situation: Elaborating on why he opposed the revised ...
    www.dailykos.com/story/2012/02/10/1063632/-Rick-Santorum... - Cached
  9. CAMPAIGN 2012 Santorum: Birth Control is Cheap and Should Not be Covered
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  10. Rick Santorum told an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this morning that insurance plans shouldn’t cover contraception ...
    thinkprogress.org/health/2012/02/10/423018/santorum... - Cached

Sorry, kiddies. Polls can't trump the Natural Law.

From KIIItv.com [Which, ironically, is in Corpus Christi]:

On birth control, Santorum out of step with nation

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - Most Americans don't share Rick Santorum's absolutist take on abortion. He's out of step on women in combat. He questions the values of the two-thirds of mothers who work. He's even troubled by something as commonplace as birth control - for married couples.

Did you notice how these two sows start a story on "birth control" with "abortion". That's what is known as a tell, kiddies.

Even among a Republican presidential field anxious to please religious conservatives, Santorum's ideas stand out.

A Catholic father of seven whose kids are home-schooled, Santorum may seem to wear his conservatism as comfortably as his sweater vests. But he's walked a careful path, keeping the more provocative opinions that helped sink his re-election to the Senate in 2006 mostly out of his presidential campaign.

That is until he leaped to the top of the polls, alongside Mitt Romney.

Now Santorum's record on social issues is getting a closer look. On several matters, he's outside the Republican mainstream. And if he becomes the GOP nominee, some of his ideas would likely be surprising, even puzzling, to general election voters.


- Santorum: Says he wouldn't try to take away the pill or condoms. But he believes states should be free to ban them if they want. He argues that the Supreme Court erred when it ruled in 1965 that Americans have a right to privacy that includes the use of contraceptives.

Birth control, even within marriage, violates his beliefs as a Catholic. Last year Santorum told the Christian blog Caffeinated Thoughts that as president he would warn the nation about "the dangers of contraception" and the permissive culture it encourages. "Many of Christian faith have said, 'Well, that's OK. Contraception is OK,'" he said. "It's not OK. It's a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. ... If it's not for purposes of procreation, then you diminish this very special bond between men and women."

Santorum said Friday on "CBS This Morning" that as a senator he had supported federal funding of birth control services but he also wants to promote abstinence "as a healthier alternative."

- Catholics: Despite the church's teachings, 84 percent of U.S. Catholics believe a person who uses artificial birth control can still be a good Catholic, according to a CBS News poll. And 89 percent of Catholic women favor expanding access to birth control for those who can't afford it, the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute found.

- All Americans: Almost everyone uses it. Three-fourths of U.S. women have taken the pill, the CBS News poll says, and other studies show virtually all sexually active women have used some type of birth control. A mere 8 percent of Americans think birth control is morally wrong, according to a Pew Research Center poll this month. Four in 10 say it's not even a moral issue these days.


- Santorum: His 2005 book, "It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good," suggests parents in two-income families aren't doing what's best for the kids. Too often, he writes, both parents work when the family could get by on one salary: "For some parents, the purported need to provide things for their children simply provides a convenient rationalization for pursuing a gratifying career outside the home." He described it as a sad situation created by "radical feminists" who undermined the traditional family by "convincing women that professional accomplishments are the key to happiness."

Santorum's unsuccessful re-election bid took a hit from a rival's TV ad featuring a working mother challenging the senator "to come to my house at the end of the month when we're doing our bills and tell me how we can live on one income." Santorum recently tried to deflect questions about the book by saying that his wife, who left her nursing career to care for their children, helped write that section because she felt her decision to become a stay-at-home mom wasn't valued by society. He predicted a Santorum administration would have "plenty of working moms."

- All Americans: Two-thirds of married mothers with husbands are working or looking for jobs, according to the Labor Department. Like Santorum, most Americans don't think it's best for children when moms work full time; they're divided over whether staying at home or working part time is ideal. But more moms are working for economic reasons than personal satisfaction. Half of full-time working mothers would rather work part time, and a third would prefer to stay home, according to a 2009 Pew Research Center poll. About 1 in 10 of the moms working full-time says it's an ideal situation.


- Santorum: Spoke out against women in combat when the Pentagon announced plans to allow them to serve closer to the front. He says he worries that fighting men will be distracted by their "natural instinct" to protect women. He also says the differences in physical abilities between men and women aren't being taken into account.

- Republicans: Six in 10 would allow women to serve in units that engage in close combat; about a third are opposed, a Quinnipiac University poll last year found.

- All Americans: Slightly more favorable toward women in combat than Republicans.


- Santorum: Wants to reinstate the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that banned openly gay service members. In a GOP debate in Florida, Santorum said lifting the ban was social engineering and that "sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military." He added: "Keep it to yourself whether you're a heterosexual or a homosexual."

- Republicans: Santorum's party is divided on the issue. A CBS News poll gave a 48-41 edge to supporters of gays serving in the military. Republicans who felt strongly about the issue were twice as likely to support gays in the military than to oppose them, however.

- All Americans: An overwhelming number - 68 percent - favor allowing gays to serve openly, the same poll found.


- Santorum: Favors amending the Constitution to ban abortion. He says that human life begins at conception and doctors who perform abortions should be charged as criminals. In his book, he compared women who have abortions to 19th-century slaveholders, writing that "unlike abortion today, in most states even the slaveholder did not have the unlimited right to kill his slave." In the past, Santorum supported allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest, but he now says no to those exceptions.

- Republicans: Although united in the belief that abortion should be illegal in most cases - two-thirds say so - an overwhelming majority of Republicans are willing to make some exceptions. Only a fifth say abortion should always be illegal, according to AP-GfK polling in August.

- All Americans: Even less likely to say there should be no abortions at all - 16 percent support a total ban. About half of Americans want abortion to be legal in most cases, and almost as many say it should be mostly illegal.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just to prove I believe in fair play, here is a counterpoint to my post entitled Chicks, man.

Although I cannot automatically condone such ungentlemanly behavior, it is possible he has some money on the game in question.

The time is fast approaching, kiddies...

From sing365.com:


Some people might say my life is in a rut,
But I'm quite happy living with what I got
People might say that I should strive for more,
But I'm so happy I can't see the point.
Somethings happening here today
A show of strength with your boy's brigade and,
I'm so happy and you're so kind
You want more money - of course I don't mind
To buy nuclear textbooks for atomic crimes

And the public gets what the public wants
But I want nothing this society's got -
I'm going underground, (going underground)
Well the brass bands play and feet start to pound
Going underground, (going underground)
Well let the boys all sing and the boys all shout for tomorrow

Some people might get some pleasure out of hate
Me, I've enough already on my plate
People might need some tension to relax
[Me?] I'm too busy dodging between the flak

What you see is what you get
You've made your bed, you better lie in it
You choose your leaders and place your trust
As their lies put you down and their promises bust
You'll see kidney machine replaced by rockets and guns

And the public wants what the public gets
But I don't get what this society wants
I'm going underground, (going underground)
Well the brass bands play and feet start to pound
Going underground, (going underground)
[So] let the boys all sing and let the boys all shout for tomorrow

We talk and we talk until my head explodes
I turn on the news and my body froze
Braying sheep on my TV screen
Make this boy shout, make this boy scream!

Going underground, I'm going underground!

Even the "coservatives'" favorite serial adulterer is being forced to talk about something other than marginal tax rates.

Lately, Mr. "Which one of you is my current wife?" has been overheard bemoaning the Repansycan Establishment's indifference to the erosion of America's liberty. While helpful, ol' Rush misses the point as usual.

We are in decline because we do not produce the number of good men needed to sustain a democracy [or even a democratic republic.] Our crisis is moral. Fix the moral, [that is, win the Culture War] and the economic, political, et cetera will take care of themselves.

From RushLimbaugh.com:

See, I Told You So: Obama Approval Up, Jobless Rate Down, Culture War Revived -- All Manipulated by Lib Media to Dispirit You

BTW, did any of you kiddies ever wonder why he doesn't have any children?

RUSH: All right, today is one of those days. I'm gonna have to go back to our archives. Everything I predicted, pretty much everything back in December is now starting to happen in full force. And the whole point of it is to depress you and dispirit you, like the unemployment numbers looking magical now, Obama's approval numbers looking magical now, the Republicans look like blithering idiots now. In fact, Ed, grab audio sound bite number one. This is what I warned you about back on December 20th.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I have warned you this kind of thing is going to happen. The unemployment number is going to precipitously drop and it's going to get close to 8% by next November. Just mark my words. That's in the can. It's in the cards. Also, Obama's approval number now is up five points over the last three months or some such thing. So here we go. Approval number is up. I'm just warning you now not to get dispirited. I'm warning you now not to think that the actual emotion or passion for changing course, defeating Obama, repealing Obamacare, it is ratcheting up. It's not weakening. It's not tiring. It's not getting lazy. People are not giving up, but you are not gonna see that evidence. You're not gonna see evidence of that passion or energy that you have and that your fellow citizens have for change. You're not gonna see it. What you're instead going to be told is that, "Wow, look at Obama's approval numbers, wow. And unemployment, look at the number, coming down, oh, it's all coming together." That's gonna be combined with Obama as he's saying now, as I predicted he would say, "It's worse than we thought it was. They didn't tell us how bad it was."

RUSH: All of that is from December 20th, all of it, and don't you feel that way? Did I not tell you how you were gonna feel, did I not warn you, do not succumb to this? I know it's hard. I've got a Rasmussen poll result today. Rasmussen. This is not Gallup. This is not ABC. It's not CBS/New York Times. It's not NBC/Wall Street Journal. It's not ABC/Washington Post. Rasmussen. I guarantee you, this poll is gonna be put on the equivalent of every Democrat locker room. Fifty-two percent say it's better for the GOP to work with Obama than stand on principle.

Rasmussen: "Most voters still think Republicans and Democrats in Congress are out of touch with their respective party bases but now believe it’s more important for the GOP to work with President Obama than to fight him." Rasmussen. Now, I know you're saying, "But, Rush, maybe you're wrong. Maybe we are dispirited and maybe all this good news for Obama is real, and maybe the takers do outnumber us, and maybe we ought to feel like moving to New Zealand. Come on, Rush." I'll tell you when it's time to move to New Zealand. No, not yet. It's only February. All of this is predictable, is my point. Everything that's happening in the media today, everything Obama is doing was totally predictable. And because it's predictable, so is this polling result. But it's only February.

Who knows what's gonna happen with the economy. My gosh, four-dollar gasoline is headed down the pike, maybe five-dollar-a-gallon gas. Obama's gonna try to spin that as evidence of a good economy, but he's also proposed raising taxes on the oil companies. It's in his so-called budget. Now, that budget's never gonna see the light of day. It's not intended to because he wants to run against a do-nothing Congress, but there's nothing stopping the Democrats, they control the Senate, there's nothing stopping them from proposing a tax increase on Big Oil. You've got Obama proposing to reduce the nuclear arsenal by 80%. The Republican primary process, I mean this is starting to get under a lot of people's skin.

There's another thing I predicted to you that is starting to happen. You got Democrats out there that are talking about the year of the woman as though it's 1992 all over again, all about this contraception stuff. You know, the news about Santorum is so predictable, that Santorum wants women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. There are even some conservatives, so-called conservative bloggers and media people that are joining in that chorus because they're for Romney. The conservative blogosphere for Romney is joining with the left-wing attack on Santorum. TIME Magazine yesterday, there was a story, Michael Scherer, I think that's how he pronounces his name, I'm not sure, but there's a one-hour video of Santorum talking about all this, and the TIME Magazine guy urges his readers, he has the link to the video, he says, "Start here," 17 minutes into it. Seventeen minutes into it? Well, what's in the first 17 minutes that you don't want us to see?

If you watch the whole video, and you have the whole thing in context, you learn that Santorum is not trying to get the federal government and doesn't support and would not do, would not have the federal government get on a contraception kick. It just wouldn't happen. But if you take some of what he says out of context, as you can with anybody, you could make the case, if you skip the first 17 minutes, and the pro-Romney people in the conservative media have skipped the first 17 minutes because they want to take Santorum out. So in the meantime we are where I told you yesterday. The people still watching videotape from last Saturday at the Beverly Hilton hotel involving Whitney Houston. Those people who try to put as many notches in their belt every night. Their lives exist, getting up, finding somebody to have sex with, maybe somebody else, then going to bed, getting up and repeating it. You tell them that a Republican wants to take away their birth control pills and they don't care what else is going on. And this is what the objective is.

They try to screw as many people as they can before they go to bed, get up and do it again. You know the people I'm talking about. The bottom line, let me put it to you this way. The news media is now calling the so-called controversy over Obama's birth control mandate a culture war. Don't forget who started this. Obama started this by requiring the Catholic Church, well, not the church, but schools and so forth, to pay for this, to pay for everybody's contraception, to pay for everybody's abortions, to pay for all the abortion related stuff. Don't forget last week. And of course there was an uproar and an outcry and Obama ostensibly heard it and said, "Okay, okay, I'll make the insurance companies do it," and everybody said, "Good, good, we beat Obama back, good." No, we didn't.

The president just unconstitutionally mandated that insurance companies now provide free -- by the way, this group that gets up, tries to screw as many people as they can every day and go to bed and do it again, they believe in free. They think there is something free. Anyway, Obama got all this started. Now, there is a culture war. The news media is calling the controversy over Obama's birth control mandate a culture war. They are using that phrase all over cable news, culture war. I have to hand it to 'em. They set this up back in January with Stephanopoulos and that Republican debate in New Hampshire. They set it up. None of this is real. Do you understand, none of this really happened. "Romney, do you support contraception?"

"George, what are you talking about?"

"Do you -- I'm just asking you theoretically, do you --"

"George, the states could do it, I suppose, but nobody wants to, George," said Romney. They went back and they found this one hour interview of Santorum and, ergo, we're in the middle of a culture war. But may I ask you to do something? Look around, look at the abysmal state of our culture. We are in a period of cultural depravity and rot, and everybody knows it. Are we not? Now, the Democrats would love for that to become an issue because they think that that isolates the pro-lifers, the hicks and the hayseeds that come to the forefront of the Republican Party, people that live in the south, people don't know how to have the right kind of lunch packed for their kids in North Carolina. Gotta have federal agents to see that kids are eating properly. That group.

The Democrats and the media chomping at the bit, champing at the bit, whatever the hell, eager for this whole culture war thing to surface, because what does it do? It takes everybody's attention away from the ongoing economic destruction. I don't care about the unemployment numbers today, and I don't care about the so-called improvement in jobs and Obama's approval numbers. They desperately want people's attention off of the economy and Obamacare and the culture war. They think they can go back to their archive pages and bring that issue back, and they think it's a slam-dunk winner for them. But is the lack of free birth control really the most important social issue facing the country today? I don't think so.

In fact, something tells me that if the upcoming election could be decided on social issues, the Republicans could win that in a landslide because we're on the right side of the culture war. The problem is we're scared to death of it! The Republican establishment wants no part of it. They want no part of the culture. They want no part of social issues. They have been ticked off about this. I've told you the story about how some establishment guy approached me in the Hamptons in the '90s. He had his index finger poking me in the chest and said, "What are you gonna do about the Christians?"

I said, "What? I'm just here trying to have a cigar after dinner."

(shouting) "What are you gonna do about the Christians?"

"What are you talking about?"

"They're destroying us! We're never gonna win the presidency with Christians and this pro-life stuff. You've gotta get them off of it. They listen to you."

I said, "They're only 24 million voters. You wouldn't win jack without 'em."

It turns out the guy's wife was constantly nagging him about abortion and so were these other establishment guys' wives nagging them about it. So the Democrats are trying to revive this. Ain't no doubt about it. None whatsoever. So I guess we'll discuss it along with other stuff that's in the news today, but this poll from Rasmussen: 52% say it's better for the Republicans to work with Obama. You know the bad thing about this? Republican leaders in Congress are gonna see this. Remember, Rasmussen is considered to be Republican. If there's a Republican poll versus a Democrat poll, Rasmussen is a Republican poll. So the Republican leaders in the House and Senate, they're gonna see this.

"See? See? See? They do want us to work with Obama! They do want us to cross the aisle. They do want us to have a moderate candidate!"

That's what they're going to get out of this. (interruption) Well, the payroll tax cut extension, they... (groans) I wish you hadn't brought that up 'cause I'm really ticked off about it. That's textbook how (speaking of screwing) to screw yourself. As I say, I'm gonna explain all this. I'm just here in our first segment setting the table. A corresponding poll, there's a Gallup poll out. Yesterday, Gallup said the real unemployment number 9%; the real underemployment number is 19.1%. So while the regime is claiming that the unemployment rate's gone down to 8.3%, Gallup says it is at 9%. The difference is Gallup uses raw numbers, not seasonally adjusted numbers. I'm starting to believe that "seasonally adjusted" is just code word "for manipulated to help incumbent presidents."

It's not just Obama. I think "seasonally adjusted" is designed to help the establishment, both parties in power currently, in Washington. Then they went out and they talked to some small-business people. They asked 'em... I mentioned this yesterday, too. Of small businesses making $20 million a year annual or less, 85% say: Nope, not hiring anybody. And Gallup went out and they asked, "Why are you not looking for new employees?" And the answers were: Health costs and government regulations. So in the real world where the pedal hits the metal, where the rubber meets the road, nothing has really changed. But in the media and the polling data and on cable news?

You would think, folks, that it's 2008 again and we're dealing with The Messiah and all is lost. But it isn't the case. Everything is happening according to predictable plan. Folks, I am not a seer. I'm not Nostradamus. I just know liberals. That's all. I'm able, on December 20, to tell you what is going to be in the news on February 16th because I know liberals, because I know the media. I don't have any clairvoyant talents or abilities; I just know liberals, and if I can predict it back on December 20th, what it means is I can predict manipulation. I can predict how they are going to be acting. Nobody can predict what's actually going to be happening in the real world the next day or the next week, but you can predict what liberals are gonna do, regardless what reality is.


RUSH: On this Santorum interview, you may have noticed that there is not a transcript. At least there wasn't midmorning today, and I couldn't find one yesterday. There is no transcript of the Santorum interview, the TIME Magazine interview, the link where the writer says, "Join this interview at 17 minutes in." Right. There is no transcript because if you read what Santorum says in that interview, it is perfectly clear that he's expressing his private feelings; that he would not try to impose his views on the public through legislation he says plainly that he would never try to do that.

Now, what's being said about Santorum (by the media and by conservative bloggers who are for Romney) is that Santorum is gonna try to impose his moral values on the country from the White House and via legislation. And he would not do that. Now, he might try to lead on it -- use the bully pulpit, make speeches on it -- but in terms of legislating his personality morality, would never do it. So it's a nonstory! But they found enough in there they can take out of context to make it sound as though what Santorum can't wait to do is get elected president and then outlaw contraception and abortion with an executive order.

That's what they want people to believe that he's going to do.


Bring on the Culture War, bitch!

Ok, so you think it's swell for the government to force everyone else to pay for the plastic masturbation sacks in which you wrap your withered genitals. I get it. I really do. You've chosen to give up a significant portion of your God given liberty in exchange for society's approval of your transformation of women into inflatable sex dolls.

But if don't start voting anti-Repansycan and anti-commie right now, that jug-eared criminal in the White [Racist.] House is going to sovietize your lazy ass!

Your children are being alienated from you as we speak.

From NBC17.com:

Federal agent takes Hoke Co. pre-schooler's lunch

A federal agent inspecting school lunches at a Hoke County elementary school took away one child's lunch saying it didn't meet nutritional requirements and gave the child chicken nuggets. The move is garnering national attention.

According to the USDA, schools are required to provide lunches with one serving each of meat, milk and grain and two servings of fruit or veggies -- even if students bring lunch from home.

An agent from the Department of Health and Human Services recently inspected lunches at West Hoke Elementary School in Raeford and noticed one child didn't meet the requirements. Her lunch included a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice. The 4-year-old was confused, went through the lunch line and got a new meal, which included chicken nuggets. Her parents were told the lunch didn't meet USDA guidelines because it didn't include the required milk.

"I think it's the parents' right to decide what they're child eats and especially what they decided to choose on, I don't understand why chicken nuggets was better than a turkey and cheese sandwich," one parent said.

If a teacher sees a student with a lunch that does not meet the nutritional requirements, the school will usually offer the child the missing components for free.

Rep. Larry Kissell (NC-08) and Rep. Rene Ellmers (NC-02) sent a letter Thursday to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack expressing their concern over the actions taken at the school.

"This unfortunate and absolutely unnecessary event exemplifies the very definition of 'government over-each' and further perpetuates a growing reason of why the American people continue to hold less and less faith in our government," read a portion of the letter.

The letter goes on to say, "The content of a school lunch provided to a child by their parents should be governed only by the child's parents, not another government bureaucrat."

Even noted heretic Glenn Beck gets it.

The time to pressure the kakistocracy is now, particularly alleged Catholics like Senator Patrimony of Pennsylvania. I doubt it is possible to shame the execrable Casey into actually behaving like the Catholic his father was, but God has worked similar wonders before.

The Senate vote to restore religious liberty to our once free nation is expected the week of February 27.

From GlennBeck.com:

"We are all Catholics now"

Don't worry, you prods. Sadly, Glenn isn't urging you to embrace transubstantiation or even kissing your local bishop's ring. It's more of a Fyodor's Theory of Politically Friendly Forces kind of thing.

For the past few weeks Glenn has been focused on raising awareness on the persecution of Catholics being carried out by the Obama administration. According to the new healthcare laws that were a cornerstone of the Obama administration, employers affiliated with the Catholic Church will have to include free birth control in their health insurance plans, a mandate that runs contrary to both Catholic doctrine as well as religious freedoms granted by the Constitution. Today he is going a step beyond raising awareness by providing action steps for what you can do.

On radio, Glenn kicked ”We are all Catholics now” movement focused on organizing people to contact their Senators and ask them to vote for a Conscience Protection measure is planned to appear as an amendment to the Highway Transportation bill. The amendment is being offered by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO).

While it’s unknown exactly when the vote will occur, the plan is for it to happen this week.

So what can you do? Organize and follow the instructions below:

Call the Capitol and speak with your Senator. The numbers are: 202.224.3121; 202.225.3121; the toll free numbers for the Capitol Switchboard include: 1-866-220-0044 1-877-851-6437, 1-800-833-6354, 1-888-355-3588, 1-866-808-0065, 1-877-762-8762, 1-800-862-5530.

Call the switchboard, ask to be connected to a Senator from your specific state (it will take two calls, one for each Senator).

Whoever answers:

1. Tell them that you want to tell the Senator to vote for the Blunt conscience protection amendment.
2. Ask them if they know how the Senator will vote on that amendment
3. Tell them you want to be contacted back about how he voted (be sure to ask for accountability — they hate it, but it makes them call you back).
4. When you call, be sure to tell them “We are all Catholics now”. This key phrase will let them know you are part of a larger, organized movement working in support of religious freedom.

Fyodor has a strange new respect for MEGADETH and KORN.

From Philly.com:

Megadeth frontman likes Santorum for president

Megadeth guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine has endorsed former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for president.

Mustaine, a founding member of the heavy metal band from Los Angeles, gave props to Santorum in an interview posted yesterday with the website Music Radar.

"You know I think Santorum has some presidential qualities, and I'm hoping if it does come down to it, we'll see a Republican in the White House . . . and that it's Rick Santorum," Mustaine said.

The frontman admitted he was "completely oblivious" as to who Santorum was but said, "when the dude went home to be with his daughter when she was sick, that was very commendable."

Santorum left the campaign trail briefly last month after his daughter, Bella, who suffers from a rare genetic disease, became ill and had to be admitted to a Virginia hospital.

Mustaine, who was a correspondent for MTV during the 1992 presidential election, said he was also impressed that Santorum hadn't resorted to "horrible attack ads" on television, unlike rival GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

On the band's website, www.megadeth.com, Mustaine said the most important life things in life were to "love God" and "family," and that among his favorite historical figures is Jesus.

Santorum frequently talks about faith and family on the campaign trail.

The candidate's spokesman Hogan Gidley was unavailable for comment. A message on his cellphone said his mailbox was full and could not accept calls.

From Politico:

Korn: Obama's an Illuminati puppet

President Barack Obama is loved by a lot of actors and musicians, but one band won’t be performing at any of his campaign rallies: Korn.

The metal band, which rose to fame in the 1990s when its “Follow the Leader” album, spoke with Billboard.com to promote their new album, “The Path of Totality,” and explained the meaning behind some of their songs, including “Illuminati.”

Frontman Jonathan Davis says: “I feel like Obama’s an Illuminati puppet. He’s basically dragged this country down into the worst it’s ever been. Like I say about the White House, ‘You’ve built this house of shame.’ Everybody looked up at the White House and America and now I think it’s like a house of shame. I miss the old days when people were proud to be American.”

It’s a rare expression of politics by Davis, who told MTV in 2006 that he wrote the song “Politics” because “It’s just about how I don’t like to talk about politics…Korn has never been a real political band.”

Arch-criminal Minnie Waters empties another clip into the body politic and the recovering ex-Rep. Giffords.

From NationalReview.com:

Maxine Waters: Boehner and Cantor Demons

(h/t Right Scoop)

Maxine Waters reminded us today that, should Democrats win back the House, she is in line to become the next chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee. If that doesn’t scare you, then just watch this video. In it, she calls Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor “demons” who “would rather do whatever they can to destroy this president, rather than for the good of this country.”

She also told listeners, “Don’t ever let me see again in life those Republicans in our hall on our screens talking about anything.” Anything?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things really would be better if we did ban artificial contraception...

...I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

You see, kiddies, contraception turns all "sex" into masturbation [Or homosexual "sex", if you prefer.]. There is absolutely no difference between blowing your wad into a kleenex or a rubber or into a womb temporarily sterilized by chemicals.

The commie cretin-in-chief is trying to make an end run around the moral revulsion decent people feel when they think about abortion by calling contraception "women's health care". That's also one of the ghouls' favorite euphemisms for babykilling.

As usual, only the Catholic Church stands firm against the death fetishists. It is time to come home to Rome, kiddies, before it is too late.

From Homiletic & Pastoral Review:

Pope John Paul II, Humanae Vitae, and the Theology of the Body

Humanae Vitae, correctly understood and followed, could change the world.

In September 2010, Fr. Matthew Habiger, OSB, Associate Director of Natural Family Planning (NFP) Outreach visited made a presentation to adults and teenagers here in Camas, Washington. Fr. Habiger recommended that I procure a copy of Michael J. Waldstein’s book on the theology of the body, entitled; Man and Woman He Created Them, (Paulist Press). I was certainly impressed with the beauty of his translation, but it was not until reading the last section pertaining to John Paul II’s discussion and analysis of Humanae Vitae that I concluded that the Pope saved till last the crowning gem of his weekly catecheses. George Weigel, in his book, Witness to Hope, asserted his belief that the theology of the body “constitute(s) a kind of theological time bomb set to go off, with dramatic consequences, sometime in the third millennium of the Church”. So, let it be.

[Read Humanae Vitae for yourself. - F.G.]

In the Book of Tobit, we read that Sarah’s marriage to seven former husbands resulted in their deaths on each of the wedding nights. Although it does not explicitly say so, the implication is that they were killed by an evil spirit because they lusted after Sarah. Tobiah, on the other hand, arose from bed, and with Sarah, prayed to God for safety and delivery. They not only survived but, as the story ends, grew old together. In Michael Waldstein’s introduction, we read: “The Sexual Revolution was heralded by its advocates as a breakthrough for human development.” Waldstein goes on to quote Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud, self-acclaimed advocate for the sexual revolution, who stated: “The essential social expression of this damage (sexual repression) is purposeless (irrational) action by human beings: their insanity, their mysticism, their readiness for war, etc. … The core of life’s happiness is sexual happiness.”

Yeah, right. The question is: What has the “Sexual Revolution” wrought? I would suggest it encouraged: infidelity, increasing divorce rates, increased out-of-wedlock pregnancy, pornography, blatant homosexuality, AIDS, and massive multi-billion dollar abortion and contraception industries.

In 1968, Pope Paul VI issued his most famous encyclical, Humanae Vitae. In 1960, the “pill” had become available, raising the expectations of many that a change in Church teaching would follow. Owing to the immediate, vocal and vicious dissent which greeted the encyclical, I believe that the Catholic Church lost the opportunity of the ages. In 1979, John Paul II introduced, over four years, his series on the “theology of the body.” Pope John Paul II presented his catecheses on Humanae Vitae (sessions 118 through 133) from July 11 through November 28, 1984. These sessions—an integral part of his presentation on the theology of the body—while delivered last, brought about a more clear, and reasoned, teaching of this beautiful, but rejected, encyclical, Humane Vitae, which addresses itself to the subject of human love, conjugal morality and spirituality.

I will limit my discussion here to the section of John Paul II’s catechesis, referring to “the Redemption of the Body and the Sacramentality of Marriage”. I believe the Pope’s presentation primarily reflects the constant teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, willed by God, which stresses “the inseparable connection between the unitive and procreative meanings of the conjugal act, which are unable to be broken by man on his own initiative” (HV 12). This teaching thus becomes “an indispensable condition for acting in the truth, and for behaving in conformity, with the values of the moral norm….according to laws inscribed in the very being of man and woman” (HV 12), that is, the very nature of conjugal relations. Furthermore, Paul VI asserted: “We believe that the human beings of our day are particularly capable of seeing the deeply reasonable and human character of this fundamental principal” (HV 12), or, the right understanding of the innermost structure of the conjugal act. This teaching is not only a part of the natural law, but also part of the moral order, revealed by God. For this reason, I believe it is important for all Catholics—and, especially Catholic theologians—to reread Humanae Vitae in order to better understand its moral teaching.

Gaudium et Spes (51) asserts that: “The Church issues the reminder that a true contradiction cannot exist between the divine laws, pertaining to the transmission of life, and those pertaining to the fostering of authentic conjugal love.” This rule of understanding and teaching of the Church reflects directly on the lives of human beings, and although challenging, it demands serious engagement and ennobling effort, along with true pastoral concern, for individuals, families, and society.

Responsible parenthood
What constitutes “responsible parenthood”? Objective standards, not sincere intentions or motives, must determine what responsible parenthood is, which should be based on true love and mutual self-giving, requiring the virtue of conjugal chastity. This obligation requires a mature judgment of personal conscience: knowledge of, and reverence for, the physiologic functions of fertility, an integral part of the human person. Self-mastery of human nature versus the use of artificial contraceptives, or taking advantage of a woman’s infertile period in trying to avoid pregnancy, underlies this dispute. In a true sense, “when the conjugal act is deprived of its inner truth, because it is deprived of its procreative capacity, it also ceases to be an act of love.” This constitutes the essential evil of the contraceptive act, opening the door to spousal manipulation. On the other hand, Humanae Vitae fully approves the natural regulation of fertility, defining it as “responsible fatherhood and motherhood,” and requiring perfect self- mastery from an ethical point of view”

In Humanae Vitae, Paul VI asserted that abortion, direct sterilization, and any overt actions to render procreation impossible, are illicit (HV 14), while recourse to the infertile period is morally permissible if pregnancy is to be avoided and depends on serious motives to space children due to physical or psychological conditions extant in the family or even society (HV 16).

We define a virtue as a habitual, and firm, disposition in order to do the good. In practicing the morally licit regulation on fertility, John Paul II defines periodic continence as a virtue that is in complete conformity with the natural law, the order of nature, or, if you will, of the Creator’s providential plan. Further, he stated that: “Humanae Vitae underlines several times that responsible parenthood is connected with a continual effort, and a total commitment, that can be realized only at the price of a precise ascesis (self-discipline).” This underlies the cardinal virtue of temperance rightly understood. These natural methods teach four goods: patience, generosity, self-control, and sexual maturity. The Pope further states that: “This discipline bestows upon family life fruits of serenity and peace and facilitates … attention to one’s partner and helps drive out selfishness.” He continues: “These goods are more than a component of conjugal and familial spirituality as a whole” and act to safeguard “the two meanings, the unitive and the procreative, of the conjugal act in reverence for their inseparability” (HV 21). Periodic continence, while difficult, is not only a virtue, but also an act of the will, an act of love in the true sense of the word; love for the spouse, love for the family and, if you will, love for society.

John Paul II then begins a deeper analysis of the virtue of continence. Periodic continence is not without difficulty. “This difficulty derives from the fact that the power of love is planted in man threatened by concupiscence”. Continence is part of the cardinal virtue of temperance and “consists in the ability to master, control and orient the sexual drives,” i.e., concupiscence of the flesh. Some couples complain that a contradiction exists in Humanae Vitae; if it is not licit to separate the unitive and procreative aspects of the conjugal union, “then spouses would be deprived of the right to conjugal union when they cannot responsibly allow themselves to procreate.” Paul VI answers this “difficulty” by asserting that the conjugal act itself provides the dignity proper to it in its procreative meaning, additionally providing all the other indisputable forms of affection found in conjugal chastity and spirituality.

John Paul II further states: “Continence means nothing other than the spiritual aimed at expressing the ‘language of the body’ not only in the truth but also in the authentic richness of the ‘manifestations of affection.’” He then defined two other aspects of the sexual drive: arousal and emotion. Arousal, he maintained, tends toward sensual and bodily pleasure in the conjugal act, while emotion limits itself to other manifestations of affection in which the spousal meaning of the body expresses itself. The conjugal act, an effect of arousal, also results in deep emotional stirrings by the other person. Humanae Vitae teaches responsible fatherhood and motherhood, requiring periodic continence “as the verification of a mature conjugal love.” This is the essence of conjugal morality and spirituality. It is not enough to know and understand the “biological laws” or the “rhythms” of fertility, but, rather, it is the self-discipline of periodic continence which creates that moral and spiritual interior freedom, providing the total personal gift that is man in the “communio personarum.” This is the essence of spousal relationship. In fact, the practice of the natural methods requires precisely the same kind of commitment as marriage itself does.

Furthermore, Pope John Paul II points out that in Humanae Vitae, “the fundamental element of conjugal spirituality is the love, united with conjugal chastity, poured out in the hearts of the spouses, as a gift of the Holy Spirit.” Chastity provides for the development of the “affective manifestations” as “life of the Spirit,” and adds, above all, the sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit as the spouses mature in virtue. Reverence for the twofold meaning of the conjugal act in marriage is born from the gift of reverence for God’s creation: the inner truth of the mutual “language of the body” in conjugal life.

We live in a contracepting culture. At the conclusion of his catecheses, Pope John Paul II stated: “The antithesis of conjugal spirituality is constituted, in some sense, by the subjective lack of such understanding, connected with anti-conceptive practices and mentality.” Make no mistake about it.

The August-September 2011 issue of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review contains an article by Frs. Habiger and McCaffrey of NFP Outreach (www.nfpoutreach.org) entitled: Blueprint for an NFP-Focused Parish. The article speaks directly to what needs to be done. A studied review of this article would be most appropriate.

My article touches only on the peaks of Pope John Paul II’s profound thought. When one reads Michael Waldstein’s work slowly, carefully, and with prayerful understanding, one cannot help but see its beautiful exposition. In doing so, one can also see the logic, the beauty, and the truth of the Church’s teaching in this magnificent encyclical. In addition, its message needs to be preached, and elucidated, from every pulpit in the world until people finally understand it. Its teaching and acceptance could change the world!

Read all of Blessed John Paul II's The Theology of the Body I posted previously at the label link below.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fyodor presents the Sex-Specific Nouns Of The Day.

A comedian is male.


A woman professional entertainer who tells jokes or performs various other comic acts. [French comédienne, feminine of comédien ..

Nicki Minaj is not just a hose bag any more...

...she's now a blasphemous hose bag.

From US Weekly:

Nicki Minaj Walks Grammy's Red Carpet with Pope Imposter

From Billboard:

Nicki Minaj Gets Exorcised in 'Roman Holiday' ...

Nicki Minaj unveiled a new song, "Roman Holiday," with a complex, "Exorcist"-riffing performance at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night...

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