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It seems Pope Francis needs to brush up on his Tertullian!

It has been reported (in The ChristLast Media, I must note) that the current Pope does not like the phrase "lead us not into temptation...

"Let no freedom be allowed to novelty, because it is not fitting that any addition should be made to antiquity. Let not the clear faith and belief of our forefathers be fouled by any muddy admixture." -- Pope Sixtus III

Friday, October 14, 2005

Attention college hoops fans! Midnight Madness strikes tonight at 7 PM local time! (Yeah, it kinda loses something there at the end.)

Arizona takes part in midnight-ish madness

Gators' madness to begin before midnight

Midnight Madness hits Illinois

College hoops tradition goes prime time
Find some space between the baseball playoffs and those college football rivalries. College basketball is officially back at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, or a little earlier if you want. With new NCAA rules allowing those staging Midnight Madness to start three hours earlier in prime time for the fans' sake, college basketball practice really gets under way Friday night with plenty of fanfare.

Your Humble Servant hears your pleas for more Hot TV News Babes.

In no particular order, here are Sue Kwon,

Samantha Mohr, (killer eyes)

Lisa Chan,

Ann Notarangelo, (sweetness)

and Dana King, the hot TV News Babes of KPIX in San Francisco.

So, you want hot news babes, do you?

Meg Coyle,

Mimi Jung,

and Rebecca Stevenson are the contenders from KING (Seattle) in the Find The Hottest TV News Babe Contest.

Pete Carroll is my kind of coach...

...but I still want his team to lose tomorrow.


USC head football coach Pete Carroll can take solace that the only thing that might gum up the most prolific offense in college football history Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium, other than perhaps an inspired Irish defense, will be the languid and lengthy NBC TV timeouts.

Instant replay will not be in use for the top-ranked Trojans' clash with No. 9 Notre Dame -- at Carroll's insistence.

"I just have never liked it," Carroll said Tuesday, via teleconference, of both the college and pro versions of instant replay review. "I've always liked the traditional way the games go and the rhythm of it. There's good stuff that happens and bad stuff that happens. I've never not trusted the officials. I've always thought the officials were doing the best they could do and busting their tails to make the right calls, and I have been willing to live with the way the game was.

"At Arizona State (on Oct. 1), we had four reviews, and it seemed like it took forever. We were standing on the field with our arms folded, waiting for a decision. That's not the way the game was in the past. I'm a little bit stuck in the past. I liked it better the way it was."

Well, because it's a non-conference game and the visiting team does have a choice in the matter, Carroll opted against replay -- even though it's a Pac-10 rule. According to Dave Parry, the national coordinator for football officiating, Saturday's game is the only one in the nation this season in which replay was available and turned down.

"Nothing went into it," Carroll said. "They gave me a choice, and I didn't want it."

Notre Dame, incidentally, has had 11 plays reviewed in its first five games or 2.2 per game -- roughly three times the rate Big Ten teams averaged last season (0.75 per game) when it was the only conference to experiment with the rule. (Thanks to SouthBendTribune.com for the heads up.)

Whatever happened to...

...the godfather of techno, Gary Numan?

It seems Gary is working on album #18 (I think) and his wife is expecting their second daughter.

Check out Gary's official site

He's not the 21 year old who brought us "Cars" and "Down in the Park" anymore. He's in his mid-40's and has produced a lot of music I can't stand over the years, but those two songs are good enough for me.

Totalitarian Pennsylvania Update.

PA Pay-raise protesters target Supreme Court judges in Nov. election

At least two groups protesting pay raises for lawmakers, judges and executive-branch officials are urging people to vote against retaining two state Supreme Court justices in November.

The Nov. 8 retention election will determine whether Justices Russell Nigro and Sandra Schultz Newman remain on the bench for new 10-year terms. No Pennsylvania appellate judge has ever lost a retention vote.

Nigro's a D and Newman's an R. Let's be bipartisan and vote them both out.

Tim Potts, founder of a nonprofit organization called Democracy Rising PA, contends the raises would not have been passed and signed into law if the Supreme Court had not issued rulings that allow the Legislature to ignore parliamentary procedures outlined in the state constitution.

Lawsuits challenging the General Assembly's handling of the pay-raise law, which was passed early July 7 without debate or public notice, are pending in state and federal courts.

"It's the job of the courts to keep the other branches of the government in check," said Potts, who has been visiting newspaper editorial boards and appearing on radio talk shows to make his case. "It's not the job of the courts to say: 'Whatever they want is OK by me.'"

Nigro said the court has struck down many laws in recent years, such as a 2003 measure that weakened Philadelphia's control of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, because they were passed using unconstitutional legislative maneuvers.

"If (Potts) looks at the totality, he can't say we've totally rubber-stamped what the Legislature wanted us to do," Nigro said.

Judge Nigro knows that is not the point at all. 1) The pay raise violated PA's Constitution because it was applied to the current legislative term and not the next, thereby enabling the Keystone State's solons to avoid the wrath of the voters. 2) State judges' salaries were also increased at the same time. 3) Who said the money grab was legal? Yep, state judges. 4) What is the ONLY recourse for PA taxpayers? VOTE ALL THE BASTARDS OUT NOW. (If you think those federal lawsuits against the legislature are going anywhere, I would like to talk to you about some Florida swampland...)

Nigro said he is prepared to spend campaign funds if necessary to counteract any attacks on his record. He had raised $351,000 through Sept. 19, mostly from Philadelphia law firms and lawyers.

That's just one more reason to get rid of him.

Newman did not immediately return a telephone message left at her West Conshohocken office on Thursday.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association has recommended both judges for retention, based on interviews with fellow judges, lawyers who have argued cases before the court, and an evaluation of the judges' written opinions.

Another anti-pay raise group, Operation Clean Sweep: Pennsylvania, is supporting Potts' campaign.

"We're not at all satisfied with any branch of government's performance as compared to the state constitution," said the group's founder, Russ Diamond. (Thanks to phillyburbs.com for the heads up.)

From The Unspeakable Horror Department:

From WTAE in Pittsburgh:

Doctors performed an emergency delivery after a woman allegedly tried to take an expecting mother's baby by cutting her stomach open, state police in Armstrong County said.

The suspect, Peggy Jo Conner, 38, of Ford City, is charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault, police said.

District Attorney Scott Andreassi said the baby appears to be healthy, but the condition of the mother, Valerie Lynn Oskin, is unknown.

Oskin, 30, of Ford City, who was 8 months pregnant, is being treated at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Police said Conner hit Oskin in the head with a baseball bat on Wednesday, then drove her to a dirt road off Route 1037 in a wooded area of Wayne Township and cut Oskin's abdomen with a razor.

Someone riding an all-terrain vehicle found Oskin and Conner on the dirt road at about 5 p.m. Wednesday and called for help, police said.

Conner was arrested and taken to the county jail. She is being held without bond.

Police say that a statement from Conner indicates that her goal was to get the victim's unborn child and take it as her own.

In an interview with WTAE Channel 4's Bob Mayo, Conner's husband said that his wife is pregnant.

Andreassi said Conner claims to be pregnant but is not.

May God have mercy on all souls.

Murderous goat rapists* begin to consume their own.

Iraq Insurgents Attack Sunni Party Office

* For legal disclaimer concerning the phrase "goat rapist" go here.

Happy Belated Birthday to the US Navy!

Yesterday, October 13, marked the anniversary of the establishment of the United States Navy in 1775. Thanks for 230 years of brave and faithful service.

But I am afraid I will be rooting for Army in this year's game.

Saint of the Day and daily Mass readings.

Today is the Feast of St. Fortunatus of Todi, a bishop renowned for saving his city from the Ostrogoths. Pray for us, all you angels and saints.

Today's reading is
Romans 4:1-8.
Today's Gospel reading is
Luke 12:1-7.

Everyday links:

The Blessed Virgin Mary
The Rosary
Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Prayers from EWTN
National Coalition of Clergy and Laity (dedicated to action for a genuine Catholic Restoration)
The Catholic Calendar Page for Today

Just in case you are wondering what exactly Catholics believe, here is

The Apostles Creed

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son Our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.He descended into Hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into Heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Amen.


Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession,was left unaided.Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful; O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy clemency hear and answer me. Amen.

St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse, pray for us.

Prayer to Saint Anthony, Martyr of Desire

Dear St. Anthony, you became a Franciscan with the hope of shedding your blood for Christ. In God's plan for you, your thirst for martyrdom was never to be satisfied. St. Anthony, Martyr of Desire, pray that I may become less afraid to stand up and be counted as a follower of the Lord Jesus. Intercede also for my other intentions. (Name them.)


St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the divine power, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Animal Flesh Recipe of the Day

Here's another way to make sure Bambi's mom doesn't go to waste from the Food Network, the aptly named Bobby Flay, and the suspiciously named Joachim B. Splichal.

Roasted Venison with Foie Gras and Celeriac Slaw, Hedgehog Mushrooms and Persimmon

1 (4 to 5-ounce) venison loin
1-ounce vegetable oil
Foie Gras and Celeriac Slaw, recipe follows
Persimmon Cylinders, recipe follows
Hedgehog Mushrooms, recipe follows
Fleur de Sel, for garnish

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Season the venison with salt. Heat oil in an oven-safe saute pan over high heat. When oil is hot, add venison and gently caramelize the venison on both sides. Transfer the pan to the oven and cook until the venison is rare to medium-rare (125 degrees F). When done, transfer the venison to a rack and let rest for 5 minutes; reserve the pan juices. Cut venison into 8 medallions.

In the center of each plate, place a portion of the Foie Gras and Celeriac Slaw. Place 2 venison medallions on top of the slaw. Next to the slaw, place 1 persimmon cylinder, with some Hedgehog Mushrooms on both sides. Drizzle pan juices from the venison around the plate. Sprinkle the venison with fleur de sel.

Foie Gras and Celeriac Slaw:

8 ounces grade "A" foie gras
2 medium celery roots
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup chopped fresh celery leaves

Dice the foie gras into a medium-size dice and set aside. Peel the celery root and then grate it on a cheese grater.
In a medium sized pan over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the grated celery root and saute until almost tender. Season, to taste, with salt. When the celery root is almost cooked, add the foie gras and gently fold the foie gras into the celery root. Then add the chopped celery leaves and season to taste.
Chef's Note: The foie gras and celery leaves do not need to cook through once added. The entire cooking time on the Foie Gras and Celeriac Slaw should be 3 to 5 minutes.

Persimmon Cylinders:

2 persimmons
1 ounce butter

Cut off the top and bottom of the persimmons and then cut each in half so each persimmon makes 2 cylinders. Season the persimmon with salt. In a saute pan over medium-high heat, melt the butter. Add the persimmons and lightly caramelize on both sides.

Hedgehog Mushrooms:

8 ounces Hedgehog mushrooms
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 shallot, minced

Thoroughly clean the mushrooms with a towel, rubbing them to remove all of the dirt. In a medium pan over medium-high heat, warm the oil. Add the shallots and cook until translucent. Add the mushrooms and season with salt; cook for 2 minutes or until tender.

This recipe was provided by professional chefs and has been scaled down from a bulk recipe provided by a restaurant. The Food Network Kitchens chefs have not tested this recipe, in the proportions indicated, and therefore, we cannot make any representation as to the results.

From The Washington Times' Inside the Ring:

Syria missile threat

Syria is building up its missile forces and is seeking advanced surface-to-surface missiles from Russia, said a specialist on the region.

"The Syrian regime's efforts to upgrade its missile capability threaten U.S., Israeli and Turkish interests," said Lee Kass, an analyst with Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC).

"With a stronger Syrian missile capability, the Assad regime could launch either a pre-emptive strike or, more likely, feel itself secure enough in its deterrent capability to encourage terrorism without fear of consequence."

Mr. Kass presented details of the Syrian missile program in the current issue of Middle East Quarterly.

The Damascus government is continuing efforts to buy advanced, 174-mile-range Iskander-E missiles from Russia, although an initial sale was blocked by Russian President Vladimir Putin because of concerns the missile could not be countered by Israel. The missile could hit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, as well as U.S. forces in northern Iraq.

Syria also has Scud missiles and, in May, conducted flight tests of Scuds, including a Scud B with a range of up to 185 miles and two Scud Ds with ranges estimated to be up to 435 miles.

The United States has been pressuring Syria to halt cross-border support for Iraq's insurgency. Syrian missiles could be used in a future conflict between the United States and Syria.


Robert Maginnis, a retired Army colonel and frequent military analyst on radio and TV, is touring Kuwait and Iraq, compliments of the Pentagon, to see how things are going firsthand.

After a dinner last night with Army soldiers, Mr. Maginnis reports to us:

"The soldiers expressed frustration with the fact that most of the U.S. news coverage about Iraq is bad, which contradicts their firsthand view. Two of those soldiers have children stationed with combat units in Iraq. These proud parents appreciate the importance of their Kuwait support mission. A lieutenant colonel volunteered that the American people support the troops but probably don't understand our mission, which explains why national support for the war is declining. A sergeant offered that support would increase if more people served and suggested that returning to a draft might help universal understanding."

Poll watching

Army Gen. John Abizaid, top U.S commander in the Middle East, talking about polls that show Americans' support for Iraq war is slipping:

"Do we have public support? I can't answer that. I know, I read the polls, and I worry about it. But when I go out and I talk to our troops and our commanders in the field, I don't get the same sense of despair that I get here in Washington."

Hear me now?

This statistic from the State Department: "There are a total of 3,592,723 cell phone subscribers in Iraq. Prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, there were no cell phone subscribers."

Creeping coup

The Nicaraguan Embassy in Washington has sent out a warning: Marxist politician Daniel Ortega, who was ousted by voters 15 years ago, is on the verge of taking control in Managua.

The message says Mr. Ortega's Sandinistas have joined forces with other political parties to control the legislature and the courts. It predicts a string of phony indictments against President Enrique Bolanos' Cabinet members and then maybe charges against Mr. Bolanos himself.

Mr. Ortega is an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who in turn has formed close relations with Fidel Castro of Cuba. Mr. Chavez has reached out to the hard-line Islamic regime in Iran and supports the deadly insurgency in Iraq.

The embassy openly criticizes the Bush administration. It says intervention in Nicaragua's affairs often "arrives late" to rectify the anti-democratic trend. The embassy's message has an ominous title: "Nicaragua's Creeping Coup."

The message must have been heard at the State Department. Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick was in Managua this week meeting with factions and warning about the bad effects of a communist takeover in this hemisphere.

Fatheaded German Quote of the Day.

Outgoing German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has aimed a broadside at President Bush, saying Hurricane Katrina showed what happens when a government neglects its duty.

Mr. Schroeder made his comments in a speech to a trade union in Hanover, in which he warned of the dangers of eroding the welfare functions of the state, Agence France-Presse reports.

"I can think of a recent disaster that shows what happens when a country neglects its duties of state towards its people," said Mr. Schroeder, who will soon cede his post to conservative rival Angela Merkel.

"My post as chancellor, which I still hold, does not allow me to name that country, but you all know that I am talking about America," Mr. Schroeder said to laughter and applause.

I can think of at least three examples from the last hundred years of German history that should make Herr Schroeder shut the hell up.

Memo To Hitlery: Don't run until 2032.

Uh-oh (This cheery bit of news is from John McCaslin's Inside the Beltway column in The Washington Times.)

So, you're worried about a bird-flu pandemic?

Wait until you read a more dire warning from a Russian scientific conference dedicated to asteroid and comet security: Life on Earth could be wiped out in 2035.

Russian news agencies say the warning was delivered at a conference that was just held at the Practical Astronomy Institute in St. Petersburg.

"Viktor Shor of the Practical Astronomy Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences said that at present many experts see a real threat of earth's collision with the 2004 MN4 asteroid," MosNews reports. It says the collision was initially predicted for 2028, but new calculations show the asteroid only passing close to Earth that year. (Given the latest calculations of 2035, earthlings have 30 years to get their things in order.)

"The scientists say that a similar disaster took place millions of years ago and resulted in the extinction of 90 percent of all living species," the news agency notes.

From The Wages Of Sin Department:

Syrian official commits suicide
By Mitchell Prothero

Syrian Interior Minister Brig. Gen. Ghazi Kenaan was found dead in his office yesterday, having apparently committed suicide three weeks after being questioned by U.N. officials probing the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. (Thanks to The Washington Times for the heads up.)

Reality on the march...

...or, The good news from Iraq cannot be ignored.

Democracy is on the march by James S. Robbins at NRO.

Just when the conventional wisdom's pessimism about Iraq was peaking, a group of Iraqi oppositionists had a sudden attack of common sense. The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP), the largest of the predominantly Sunni parties, along with a Sunni coalition group called the Conference of the People of Iraq, agreed to minor changes in the draft constitution that made it palatable enough for them to recommend a "yes" vote in Saturday's referendum. The deal makes the constitution easier to amend, and establishes a panel that will review the document to propose amendments and other alterations. Approval of the document now seems virtually assured, and with enough Sunni participation to give it national and international legitimacy.

Common sense came into play when the IIP and others paused to look at their alternatives. If the Sunnis who opposed the constitution managed to defeat it Saturday, Iraq would continue to be governed under the current administrative law, under which they have very little influence. If the constitution passed, they would be stuck with the new system and still have little power, not to mention insufficient moral authority to seek future changes. After all, one of the reasons they have found themselves in this fix in the first place was their misguided boycott of the January 2005 elections. After having secured a minimally acceptable deal, their best option was to sign onto the pro-constitution team and try to fix it after the election.

The last-minute deal is bad news for the remaining opposition groups. The Sunni-based Association of Muslim Scholars, which had been aligned with the IIP as recently as Saturday, denounced the agreement as politically naïve. The Victorious Army Group (Jeish al-Ta'eifa al-Mansoura) declared war on the IIP and stated that they would kill their members wherever they found them. In fact the IIP has already been targeted for its get-out-the-vote efforts — last August three election workers (then trying to drum up "no" votes) were brutally murdered in Mosul in broad daylight, their bodies dumped in a pile with their election materials.

The election workers were probably killed not by Sunni insurgents but by al Qaeda's foreign fighters, who are ideologically opposed to any voting whatsoever. They now find themselves in a difficult situation. Before this week they had been trying to convince or coerce Sunnis not to vote at all, even though most groups had already mobilized behind the "no" campaign. On October 5, Zarqawi's group issued a statement arguing that the vote count was rigged in advance, and any Sunni participation would simply "legitimize the oppression." (This is a step back from the earlier al Qaeda argument that anyone who voted was an apostate who would be killed. That talking point probably wasn't playing well.) Now the foreign fighters have to contend with a substantial number of "yes" voters in the Sunni areas, and the possibility that the constitution will pass in every Iraqi province. It is further evidence of the widening gap between al Qaeda's interests and those of the Sunnis on whom they depend for support and sanctuary.

Ned Rice cuts through the Miers flapdoodle (if indeed flapdoodle can become corporeal).

At National Review Online, Mr. Rice combines baseball and football metaphors, audacity, and genius bordering on madness to offer us a vision of the kind of Supreme Court we want and need.

The growing sense that Miers will either be forced to withdraw or will fail to win Senate confirmation is generally seen as a looming disaster for a White House that, to be charitable, could use some good news right now. But the argument can be made (and, I hope, is about to be) that a Miers’s rebuff will prove not a setback, but a golden opportunity for the president to shore up his fortunes on several fronts. If he makes the right choice here, President Bush can win back the hearts and minds of his base (and then some), fortify his arsenal in the war on terror, lay the foundation for an outstanding judicial legacy, and put right an historic injustice of epic proportions, all in one fell swoop. Plus, there’s at least a 50-50 chance that Ted Kennedy’s head will, at long last, finally explode.

I'll drink to that!

But in order to grasp this nettle of opportunity President Bush must be willing to cast aside the focus-grouped timidity that gave us Miers (and, let’s be honest, Roberts) in favor of the bold approach more suited to the lame duck president he happens to be. The George W. Bush we elected understands that the essence of statesmanship is doing the right thing knowing that you’ll be vilified for doing so. This historic juncture is no time for small-ball, sacrifice bunt, move-the-runner-over tactics, Mr. President. There is, in fact, virtually no tomorrow in terms of your remaining presidency, your legacy, and oh, yes…the future of the republic. This is no time to take a knee. Rather, it’s time for you to hobble up to the plate and crank one out of the park just like Kirk Gibson did in the 1988 Series. And with all due respect, Mr. President, here’s how you do it: Renominate the Honorable Robert H. Bork to be an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Hooray Bork!

Lest there be any doubt, this suggestion to resubmit Bork’s name for Senate consideration is no satirical flourish. I am absolutely, positively serious about this. Bork was abundantly qualified to sit on the Supreme Court when he was nominated (and rejected) in 1987 and he remains so today because he is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost legal scholars in the United States. As opposed to Harriet Miers, widely acknowledged as one of the foremost legal scholars in her immediate family.

Not to sound like an elitist or anything, but you’d think that sheer judicial and scholarly brilliance would be reason enough to put Bork on the Court. As it turns out, there are several other good reasons. Diversity, for one thing: If confirmed Judge Bork would become the first Supreme Court justice in history to bear an eerie resemblance to New Orleans blues legend Dr. John.

Amen to all that, Brother!

Fyodor's Pro Football Picks of the Week.

1) The guys who set the lines are professionals. Their job is to make each game look as attractive as possible to everyone. That way they even out the amount of money bet on each side.
Instant translation: The house wins no matter who wins. That's why people get into the gambling business.

2) I am just a fan. I won't even keep track of these picks week to week if it gets too embarrassing.

3) There is no such thing as "inside information". Especially in the pros.

4) If those idiot touts on tv and in the paper were that good, they wouldn't go public with their genius. They'd sit at Harrah's sports book from open to close and then go out and buy $2,000 an hour hookers who dress like high school girls.

5) Gambling is stupid. You cannot win.

That being said, here are my NFL picks for this week.

Sunday 10/16

Atlanta (-5.5) at (not really) New Orleans
Saints went bad last week. Take Atlanta.
FINAL: Falcons 34 Saints 31 - Fyodor loses!

Carolina (+1) at Detroit
Here's a hunch: Lions cover at home.
FINAL: Panthers 21 Lions 20 - Fyodor loses! (Hunches suck.)

Cincinnati (-3) at Tennessee
Bengals bounce back big time. Pick Cincy to cover.
FINAL: Bengals 31 Titans 23 - Fyodor wins!

Cleveland (+6) at Baltimore
Ravens free fall continues. Cleveland covers.
FINAL: Ravens 16 Browns 3 - Fyodor loses!

Jacksonville (+3) at Pittsburgh
It appears Big Ben will start, but the wiseguys are being cagey. Steelers only get the home field 3 this week. I'll take them to cover, but I'm worried.
FINAL: Jaguars 23 Steelers 17 - Fyodor loses! (Behold what happens when your starting QB is hurt.)

Miami (+4.5) at Tampa Bay
For little or no reason, I'll go with Miami.
FINAL: Bucs 27 Dolphins 13 - Fyodor wins!

Minnesota (+3) at Chicago
Lawrence Taylor's plot to sabotage the Vikings' season with a little actress/model talent continues apace. Take the Bears.
FINAL: Bears 28 Vikings 3 - Fyodor wins!

NY Giants (+3.5) at Dallas
Who will show up? Last week's Cowboys or Super Eli? I'll take Dallas.
FINAL: Cowboys 16 Giants 13 - Fyodor loses! (Stinking hook!)

Washington (+5.5) at Kansas City
The Insensitive Racist White Alpha Male Game of the Century! I'll pick the Chiefs over the Redskins.
FINAL: Chiefs 28 Redskins 21 - Fyodor wins!

New England (+3) at Denver
Tough, tough call. I'll bet on Brady.
FINAL: Broncos 28 Patriots 20 - Fyodor loses! (End of the dynasty?)

NY Jets (+3) at Buffalo
Fyodor's crystal samovar says the Bills cover.
FINAL: Bills 27 Jets 17 - Fyodor wins!

San Diego (-2) at Oakland
Fyodor's crystal espresso maker says go with the Chargers.
FINAL: Chargers 27 Raiders 14 - Fyodor wins!

Houston (+9.5) at Seattle
Big number for Seattle to cover. Go with Houston.
FINAL: Seahawks 42 Texans 10 - Fyodor loses! (What was I thinking?)

Monday 10/17

St. Louis (+13.5) at Indianapolis
Another big number, but Peyton Manning is on the job. Colts'll cover.
FINAL: Colts 45 Rams 28 - Fyodor wins! (Colts D was a bit scary at first, but when that O gets going...)

Fyodor's College Football Picks of the Week.

1) The guys who set the lines are professionals. Their job is to make each game look as attractive as possible to everyone. That way they even out the amount of money bet on each side.
Instant translation: The house wins no matter who wins. That's why people get into the gambling business.

2) I am just a fan. I won't even keep track of these picks week to week if it gets too embarrassing.

3) There is no such thing as "inside information". Especially in the pros.

4) If those idiot touts on tv and in the paper were that good, they wouldn't go public with their genius. They'd sit at Harrah's sports book from open to close and then go out and buy $2,000 an hour hookers who dress like high school girls.

5) Gambling is stupid. You cannot win.

That being said, here are my college picks for this week.

Saturday 10/15

Alabama (-13) at Mississippi
This one seems a bit big, but I'll take 'Bama to cover.
FINAL: Alabama 13 Ole Miss 10 - Fyodor loses! (It turned out to be way too big. Rebels played a good game.)

Michigan State (+6.5) at Ohio State
Buckeyes are not happy. Take 'em.
FINAL: Ohio State 35 Michigan State 24 - Fyodor wins! (Wild, wild, game. I've never seen a coach explode on camera like Sullivan did at halftime. If I was his special teams coach, I'd keep my head down for awhile.)

Wake Forest (+14) at Boston College
I don't think Wake is that bad. Take the Demon Deacons.
FINAL: BC 35 Wake 30 - Fyodor wins! (Good comeback, Eagles.)

Northwestern (+7.5) at Purdue
I'll take Northwestern here.
FINAL: Northwestern 34 Purdue 29 - Fyodor wins!

New Mexico (+7) at Wyoming
I'm giving the Cowboys another chance. Wyoming covers.
FINAL: New Mexico 27 Wyoming 24 - Fyodor loses! (Fool me once...)

Toledo (-20) at Ball State
I'll give Ball State another chance to stink out loud. Take Toledo.
FINAL: Toledo 34 Ball State 14 - PUSH! (I'm now out of the Ball State business too.)

East Carolina (+2) at Southern Methodist
The Crummy Game of the Week! Take the Pirates on the road.
FINAL: East Carolina 24 SMU 17 - Fyodor wins!

USC (-11.5) at Notre Dame
You know for whom Fyodor will root, but that number looks mighty large either way. Take the Fighting Irish.
FINAL: USC 34 Notre Dame 31 - Fyodor wins! (Another meaningless gambling victory. This game was a perfect example of why college football at its best beats the NFL hands down.)

Florida (+6) at LSU
Take the Tigers to cover.
FINAL: LSU 21 Florida 17 - Fyodor loses!

Penn State (+3) at Michigan
The Nittany Lions are due to go flat, but I'll pick them to cover and win anyway.
FINAL: Michigan 27 PSU 25 - Fyodor wins! (I told you they were due. Lions blew a very winnable game.)

Georgia Tech (-21) at Duke
Big favorites bit me last week, but Duke is really, really bad. Take Tech.
FINAL: Tech 35 Duke 10 - Fyodor wins! (It's almost basketball season, Blue Devils.)

Colorado (+17) at Texas
Longhorn letdown? Laughable. Take Texas.
FINAL: Texas 42 Colorado 17 - Fyodor wins! (I think Texas and Virginia Tech are better than USC right now.)

UCLA (-5) at Washington State
Here's a weak pick: Take UCLA here. (I would not bet my money on it, though.)
FINAL: UCLA 44 Washington State 41 - Fyodor loses! (I didn't think it was that weak.)

Florida State (-7) at Virginia
FSU is an enigma, but enigmas often beat mediocre teams...
FINAL: Virginia 26 FSU 21 - Fyodor loses! (...but not often enough.)

Nebraska (-2.5) at Baylor
The powerhouse Bears return home after their first road conference win since the Garfield administration. I'm tempted to...Yes! Yes! Take Baylor!
FINAL: Nebraska 23 Baylor 14 - Fyodor loses! (What was I thinking?)

Georgia (-16) at Vanderbilt
Georgia wins underwhelmingly. Take Vandy to cover.
FINAL: Georgia 34 Vanderbilt 17 - Fyodor loses! (So close, and yet so far...)

Colorado State (-2) at BYU
I should not pick this game, but I will. Rams cover.
FINAL: BYU 24 CSU 14 - Fyodor loses! (Told ya I shouldn't have picked it.)

As a matter of fact, this IS enough to make me oppose Harriet Miers' elevation to the Supreme Court.

Thanks to Matt Drudge (Who else?) for more real New Journalism.

The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a copy of sworn testimony given by Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers in 1990 in which she said that she “wouldn’t belong to the Federalist Society” – a conservative and libertarian lawyers’ organization – because it was “politically charged.”

But Bush's Supreme Court nominee did not include in that catagory the NAACP and other liberal groups, the transcript reveals!

Word of the testimony circulated late last week, roiling conservatives and setting off a scramble among lawyers to obtain the actual testimony. Sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT that conservatives demanded that the White House and its allies release copies of the testimony, but their demands were ignored.

A source close to the Bush administration says, "the process requires the White House to prepare documents to turn over to the Senate Judiciary Committee and only after the committee has had the courtesy of receiving them are such docs made public."

Miers testified in a voting rights lawsuit claiming the Dallas City Council had too few black and Hispanic members.

The DRUDGE REPORT can now reveal that not only did Harriet Miers testify that she would not join the “politically charged” Federalist Society, she testified that she had joined a liberal organization – the Democratic Progressive Voters League.

(According to the Handbook of Texas Online [http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/DD/wed1.html], the Democratic Progressive Voters League is a Dallas political organization closely associated with the Democratic Party.)

Miers was also asked whether she considered “the NAACP [to be] in the category of organizations” that she considered to be “politically charged.”

Her answer: “No, I don’t.”

[The Internal Revenue Service has threatened to revoke the NAACP's tax-exempt status after the civil rights group's chairman, Julian Bond, condemned Bush administration policies on education, the economy and the war in Iraq, during a speech last summer.]

Now presented here for the first time, the testimony.


BY MS. JULIAN: . . . . .

Q. Ms. Miers, are you a member of any predominantly minority organizations, such as the NAACP, Black Chamber of Commerce, Urban League or any other predominantly minority organizations?

A. Women minorities?

Q. Well, maybe predominantly racial and ethnic minorities?

A. No.

Q. . . . . In your capacity as an at-large member do you think being involved in such organizations might assist you in having a perspective that – bring a perspective to your job that you don’t have?

A. I attend meetings designed to give me that input. However, I have tried to avoid memberships in organization s that were politically charged with one viewpoint or the other. For example, I wouldn’t belong to the Federalist Society any more than – I just feel like it’s better to not be involved in organizations that seem to color your view one way or the other for people who are examining you. I did join the Progressive Voters League here in Dallas during the campaign as part of the campaign.

Q. Are you active in the PVL now, do you intend to be?

A. No, I am not.

Q. Do you think the NAACP and Black Chamber of Commerce are in the category of organizations you were talking about?
A. No, I don’t. . . . .

Transcript of Trial, Roy Williams et al. v. City of Dallas, No. CA-3-88-152-R, pages V-46 to V-47 (U.S. Dist. Ct., N.D. Tex. Sept. 11, 1989).

Memo To The Goat Rapists*:

There is another of those pesky free and democratic election thingees on Saturday. And another in December. What's with this voting fetish?

There was wild celebration on the floor of the Iraqi National Assembly last night as political leaders celebrated the adoption of compromises aimed at winning Sunni Arab support for a new constitution.

With Iraqis due to vote Saturday on whether to adopt the proposed constitution, Shiite Muslim and Kurdish leaders said they had yielded to all the changes demanded by Sunni Arabs opposed to the draft. The Shiites and Kurds depicted the compromises as a victory for the forces of national reconciliation after months of sectarian bloodshed.

The Sunnis' leading political organization, the Iraqi Islamic Party, endorsed the compromises, which conceded some sticking points and put off others until a new legislature is elected in December. Other major Sunni parties withheld support, however, splitting what had been solid Sunni opposition to the proposed charter.

The chief compromise in the deal creates a new committee that would look at amending disputed provisions of the constitution after a new legislature is elected Dec. 15. Amending the constitution then would take a two-thirds vote of parliament and another national referendum.

Sunni leaders, whose constituency largely boycotted the January elections, say they expect a heavy Sunni turnout in December and a resulting increase in representation in the next assembly.

U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, identified by many as the single greatest influence for Sunni inclusion in the constitution-making process, encouraged Iraqis to disregard misleading accounts of the draft charter.
The new draft is an eclectic mix of Islamic Sharia law, Iraqi nationalism, socialism and western environmental chic.

"In the name of God, the most merciful, the most compassionate," begins the preamble. "We have honored the sons of Adam. We are the people of the land between two rivers, the homeland of the apostles and prophets, abode of the virtuous imams, pioneers of civilization, crafters of writing and cradle of numeration. Upon our land the first law made by man was passed, the most ancient just pact for homelands policy was inscribed, and upon our soil, companions of the Prophet and saints prayed, philosophers and scientists theorized and writers and poets excelled."

Section 1, Article 2 states: "Islam is the official religion of the State and it is a fundamental source of legislation."

Seeing no contradiction between the principles of democracy and the principles of Islam, that statement is followed up by the following two provisions:

"No law that contradicts the established provisions of Islam may be established."

"No law that contradicts the principles of democracy may be established."

Even we have trouble with that.

The constitution also "Guarantees the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people and guarantees the full religious rights of the all individuals to freedom of religious belief and practice such as Christians, Yazedis, and Mandi Sabeans." There is no mention of Jews.

There's a surprize.

The Baath Party of Saddam Hussein is permanently banned – even under another name.

The constitution also mandates universal government health care and protection of "biodiversity."

* For legal disclaimer concerning the phrase "goat rapist" go here.

Right-wing kook firebrand bombthrower Ann Coulter takes on the Bush Administration over the Most Qualified XX Chromosome Lawyer Ever yet again.

WorldNetDaily brings us Ann's latest reasons why Miss Miers should gracefully step aside and allow Bush to nominate another Scalia or Thomas. Yes, kiddies, they are out there and we know how to find them: Read the words they have written. (BTW, this will not-so-coincidentally prevent future Miers from happening.)

A Supreme Court nomination may not have been the ideal time for Laura Bush to start acting like "Buy One, Get One Free" Hillary Clinton. At least President Clinton only allowed his wife to choose the attorney general. (Remember the good old days when first ladies only got to pick the poet laureate and the White House china pattern?)

Between cooking segments on the "Today" show this week, Laura rolled out the straw man – sorry, "straw person" – argument that the criticism of Miers was rooted in "sexism" (which is such a chick thing to say).

I'm a gyno-American, and I strenuously object.

The only sexism involved in the Miers nomination is the administration's claim that once they decided they wanted a woman, Miers was the best they could do. Let me just say, if the top male lawyer in the country is John Roberts and the top female lawyer is Harriet Miers, we may as well stop allowing girls to go to law school.

Ah, but perhaps you were unaware of Miers' many other accomplishments. Apparently she was THE FIRST WOMAN in Dallas to have a swimming pool in her back yard! And she was THE FIRST WOMAN with a safety deposit box at the Dallas National Bank! And she was THE FIRST WOMAN to wear pants at her law firm! It's simply amazing! And did you know she did all this while being a woman?

I don't know when Republicans became the party that condescends to women, but I am not at all happy about this development. This isn't the year 1880. And by the way, even in 1880, Miers would not have been the "most qualified" of all women lawyers in the U.S., of which there were 75.

By 1950, there were more than 6,000 women lawyers, three female partners at major law firms and three female federal judges. She may be a nut who belonged to a subversive organization, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg graduated first in her class from Columbia Law School – and that was before Harriet Miers was applying to law school.

Women have been graduating at the top of their classes at the best law schools for 50 years. Today, women make up about 45 percent of the students at the nation's top law schools (and more than 50 percent at all law schools).

Which brings us to the other enraging argument being made by the Bush administration and its few remaining defenders – the claim of "elitism." I also don't know when the Republican Party stopped being the party of merit and excellence and became the party of quotas and lying about test scores, but I don't like that development, either.

The average LSAT score at SMU Law School is 155. The average LSAT at Harvard is 170. That's a difference of approximately 1 1/2 standard deviations, a differential IQ experts routinely refer to as "big-ass" or "humongous." Whatever else you think of them, the average Harvard Law School student is very smart. I gather I have just committed a hate crime by saying so.

Contrary to the Bush administration's disingenuous arguments, it's not simply that Miers did not attend a top law school that makes her unqualified for the Supreme Court. (But that's a good start!) It's that she did not go on to rack up any major accomplishments since then, either.
Despite the astonishing fact that Miers was THE FIRST WOMAN to head the Texas Bar Association – a dumping ground for losers, by the way – Miers has not had the sort of legal career that shouts out "Supreme Court material"! That is, unless you think any female who manages to pass the bar exam has achieved a feat of unparalleled brilliance for her gender.

There are more important things in life than being Supreme Court material, but – oddly enough – not when we're talking about an appointment to the Supreme Court. According to the Associated Press, Sen. Arlen Specter defended Miers on the grounds that "Miers' professional qualifications are excellent, but she lacks experience in constitutional law" – and Specter ought to know. This is like recommending a plumber by saying, "He's a very professional guy, but he lacks experience in plumbing."

The other straw-man argument constantly being hawked by the Bush administration is that Miers' critics object that she's never been a judge. To quote another Bush – Read my lips: No one has said that. So please stop comparing Miers to Justice Byron White (first in his class at Yale Law School) or Justice William Rehnquist (first in his class at Stanford Law School).

It's also not what the New York Times claims, which is that conservatives oppose Miers because they don't know how she will vote. We didn't know how Roberts would vote! As I recall, I was the only conservative complaining about that.

The problem with Miers is something entirely different – and entirely within the meaning of "advice and consent": Miers is no more qualified to sit on the Supreme Court than I am to be a sumo wrestler. The hearings aren't going to change that; they will just make it more obvious.

I genuinely feel sorry for Miers. I'm sure she's a lovely woman, brighter than average, and well-qualified for many important jobs. Just not the job Bush has nominated her for. The terrible thing Bush has done to Miers is to force people who care about the court to say that.

Millionaire Sodomite Sues Catholic Church because priest turned him into a homo????

A wealthy Manhattan socialite is planning a $5 million lawsuit against the Catholic Church, claiming his being molested by a priest at age 7 turned him into a homosexual.

J. David Enright IV, now 51, alleges he was molested as a boy at Camp Tekawitha on Lake Luzerne in upstate New York by by Father Joseph Romano, a seminarian counselor at the camp run by the Diocese of Albany.

"I believe that my life would be very different now," Enright told the New York Post. "I'd probably be married, living in Greenwich, with four children in boarding school. Romano bent my life."

Let me get this straight. Now the homos are agreeing with us that sodomy is an evil thing that will screw up your life? Does this mean they are really closet heteros wishing they could give up the bedhopping for a wife and four kids, but just don't know how? Do they all secretly want to unbend their lives?

Or is this just about the money? Or is this just another attack on The Church by some of its fanatical enemies?

Who is Harriet Miers? Part 11

More on La Miers from Laura Ingraham.

From The Boston Globe: "Some of the advocacy groups that are concerned about Supreme Court nominee Harriet E. Miers's lack of a record on social issues are favoring a new approach to thwarting her nomination: Asking the nominee, who has no judicial experience, complex questions about constitutional law and hoping she trips up." Click here.

The White House continues to lose ground on the nomination of Harriet Miers. The Administration sent AG Alberto Gonzales out to defend the nomination on four television networks Wednesday morning. The base of the party does not seem to be buying the "trust me" defense. Click here.

"What you sense now, as conservative and moderate Republicans alike take potshots at their president, is that the GOP is entering the post-Bush era."
-- David Ignatius, writing in The Washington Post.

Don't forget Jeb, the Catholic Bush. (That's a joke. He has no chance of ever becoming president.)

If Miers does get to the Supreme Court...

...I'll bet you $20 she'll vote with Souter just to spite us sexist, elitist, real conservatives.

Mr. Bushachev, tear down this nomination!

From confirmthem.com:

Here’s Peggy Noonan this morning, summing up the situation of the White House vs. its detractors, and how the Miers nomination could be gracefully withdrawn:

One senses that the critics will gain, as they’ve been gaining, and that the White House is on the losing side. If the administration had a compelling rationale for Harriet Miers’s nomination, they would have made it. Simply going at their critics was not only destructive, it signaled an emptiness in their arsenal. If they had a case they’d have made it. “You’re a sexist snob” isn’t a case; it’s an insult, one that manages in this case to be both startling and boring. . . .

You don’t say, “Vote for this gal because she’s an Evangelical!” That shows a carelessness, an inability to think it through, to strategize, to respectfully approach serious facts–failings that, if they weren’t typical of the White House the past few months, might be called downright sexist.
(Thanks to Laura Ingraham for the heads up.)

From The Roll Over And Go Back To Sleep You Ignorant Old Fool Department:

"We're an ignorant nation right now. We're not really capable of making the decisions that have to be made at election time and particularly in the selection of their legislatures and their Congress and the presidency of course. I think we're in serious danger. "
-- Walter Cronkite, on Larry King Live.
(Thanks to Laura Ingraham for the heads up.)

How She Slipped Through: John Fund on the Miers pick.

From Opinional Journal:

"There's a standard vetting process that we go through with all nominees."
-White House spokesman Scott McClellan

"The president is very, very confident in his judgments about people, and he likes to reward loyalty." -Brad Berenson, an associate White House counsel in the first Bush term

President Bush has told friends that he learned how to manage from three places: Harvard Business School, his experiences working in the Texas oilfields and with baseball teams, and from watching his father. In all three places he learned valuable skills: flexibility, the importance of team effort, discretion, how to delegate. The one thing he apparently didn't learn was that you never short-circuit the standard vetting process when filling an important job, even when doing so has worked out in the past.

The vetting of Harriet Miers leaves questions that demand answers, not more spin or allegations that critics are "sexist" or "elitist." It was so botched and riddled with conflicts of interest that it demands at a minimum an internal White House investigation to ensure it won't happen again.

Not only did the vetting fail to anticipate skepticism about her lack of experience in constitutional law or the firestorm of criticism from conservatives, but it left the White House scrambling to provide reporters with even the most basic information about the closed-mouthed nominee. Almost every news story seemed to catch the White House off guard and unprepared.

The skepticism is not abating. Back home, the Liberty Legal Institute, the only conservative legal foundation in Texas, has declined to endorse her. Several large GOP donors in Texas have met to discuss spending large sums to run ads calling on Ms. Miers to withdraw. "They include both male and female friends of hers who don't think the confirmation process will be good for her or the country," one told me. "They're not sexists, they're realists." This even though the White House has ominously put out the word in Texas: "If you oppose this nomination, you oppose the president." Everyone knows what the political ramifications of that can mean in the world of George W. Bush and Karl Rove.

How could this have happened?

Religion of Peace Update...

...or, Happy Ramadan, kiddies!

The rather unfortunately named Steven Stalinsky, (of course, that wasn't his real name) writing for JewishWorldReview.com, reminds us we are smack in the middle of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Every year since September 11, 2001, there have been threats of potential Al Qaeda attacks during the month of Ramadan. This year is no exception, as there have been reports of an all encompassing "Great Ramadan Offensive," warnings of potential attacks on the subway system of New York, and an attack in Bali aimed at Western tourists. Each year has also seen Al Qaeda releasing communiqués associated with jihad during this holiday.

In Ramadan 2004, the 27th issue of Sawt Al-Jihad, an internet journal affiliated with Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, included articles devoted to jihad during Ramadan. The opening editorial stated: "Muslims! Go out to [fight] Jihad for the sake of Allah! Paradise has already flung open its gates and the virgins of paradise are already decked out in anticipation of their grooms…You should at the very least pray for your brothers the Jihad fighters, who gave their lives… in revenge for the pride of the Muslim nation that was wounded by the cross bearers and… Jews."

In reference to bombings in Taba, Egypt, that killed 32 Israelis, he explained: "We pray for the Jihad fighters [who]… attacked a hotel in which Jews were gathered and killed dozens of them as an offering to Allah before Ramadan. We ask of Allah that he not deny them [their] reward…" He concluded by stating: "This month of Jihad has come with all its blessings… Come closer to Allah through the blood of infidels, do not relent in spilling [their blood], and through [this blood] wipe out humiliation and disgrace from among your Muslim nation! Make this month like the month of the Battle of Badr, the conquest of Mecca, [the conquest] of Shaqhab, and other Islamic victories. We ask Allah to turn this Ramadan into a month of glory, victory, and might, to hoist high in [this month] the banner of religion, to strengthen Islam and the Muslims, to humiliate polytheism and polytheists, to wave the banner of monotheism, to firmly plant the banner of Jihad, and to smite the perverts…"

Sheik Aamer Bin Abdallah Al-Aamer wrote another editorial in the Al Qaeda journal stating: "Men of Jihad, this is your festive season since Jihad, in a state of fasting, has a particularly delectable taste for the believers… wonderful it is to delight in the breaking of the fast and to taste the killing of infidels, to delight in the sound of the wailing of tyrants and lowly degenerates… [This is a] month of fighting, of self-sacrifice, of military victories, of the victory of religion and the humiliation of the infidels. The most courageous and finest forays took place in Ramadan…"

In November 2003 during Ramadan, a previously unknown Al Qaeda group, "Islamic Bayan Movement," issued a communiqué which opened with a passage from the Koran, then declared: "The American rulers, who think [of] themselves as good-doers. Allah is the witness that they write the end of America by their own hands…" The communiqué further warned: "Our Muslim brothers in America, we ask you to immediately leave the following cities: Washington, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles."

Another communiqué by Abu Shihab Al-Qandahari threatened Americans with a terror attack on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, December 2002. Koran verses cited in the communiqué which were addressed to Americans: "You did not understand the reasons for the raids of Washington and New York… This structure of theirs, which they have built, will ever continue to be a source of disquiet in their hearts, unless their hearts are cut to pieces and they perish… Allah's words were rightly said about those who slew you on that white day: 'Allah has purchased from the believers their souls and their property in return for the promise that they shall have Paradise, for they fight in the cause of Allah and they slay and are themselves slain. This is a promise that He has made incumbent upon Himself as set out in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Koran…"

The communiqué added, "Allah promises [the Muslims] Paradise, and to you he has promised defeat… Oh community of Americans, we repeat for the thousandth time: leave our lands and stop supporting the Jews, otherwise men faithful to their vow to Allah will come upon you [to martyr themselves]…'"

It should be expected that during the rest of Ramadan this year, the main Islamist sermons and jihadi Web sites will continue to incite to attacks, particularly against Americans.

Who is Harriet Miers? Part 10

The fix is in, kiddies. Of course it is. La Miers will be on the high court soon.

The good news? Real conservatives seem to be getting the message about the Repansycan Party.

Bush administration aims to `clarify the record' of Miers
TimesLeader.com - Oct 12 7:11 PM

WASHINGTON - (KRT) - Facing growing criticism from Republicans on Capitol Hill and threats of revolt from conservative legal supporters, the White House has mounted a furious effort to salvage the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, but some tactics are only deepening hostility and division among the base.

Miers’ bid opposite of Roberts’
Columbia Daily Tribune - Oct 11 12:09 PM

Gay activists lend support to campaign. WASHINGTON - Harriet Miers is finding friends, or at least sympathy, in strange places.

Bush's pick for court sparks GOP 'civil war'
The Arizona Republic - Oct 13 1:50 AM

The president picked somebody who was reputedly conservative; grass-roots conservatives took it on trust that the person was OK; Senate Democrats asked questions about the nominee's personal ideology, whereupon conservatives charged that such queries were out of bounds; the stealth nominee was confirmed.

Bush nominee unacceptable
The Daily Texan - Oct 13 12:13 AM

This miscalculation is becoming a serious political problem for a president who has made the unconscionable decision to take his supporters for granted.

For Miers, Proximity Means Power
Washington Post - Oct 12 7:51 PM

In the days last November after he was elected to a second term, President Bush had chosen Alberto R. Gonzales as his next attorney general, and word was spreading that the president might replace him as White House counsel with longtime confidante Harriet Miers. A small number of advisers inside...

Wow. It looks like Randy Moss got out just in time to preserve his good name.

What's the hubbub, bub? It seems to me Vikings have made serious progress in the last 1,000 years. After all, it's not rape or pillage if you pay for it. (They should have used boats registered in Nevada.)

LEFT: The boats on which the parties occurred are owned by Al and Alma's on Lake Minnetonka.

We have new information on allegations that a wild Minnesota Vikings boat party involved prostitution, drugs and sex acts. The yacht's crew say at times they feared for their safety, yet players not involved were embarrassed and apologized for their teammate's actions.

The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case. The boat company's attorney says The Vikings' Fred Smoot and another player rented the two boats Thursday from Al and Alma's on Lake Minnetonka, and at least 15 other players were on board. Crew on the boats say once they left shore, things got out of hand.

Vikings players aren't talking about what happened on the boats on Lake Minnetonka last week.

"Sex? What are you talking about, is that what? Man, what are you talking about? That's crazy. Sex?" asked Mewelde Moore, a running back for the Vikings who was onboard one of the boats. He was being questioned about the incident in the locker room.

Ahhh, I smell the classic Clinton Defense.

Vikings Coach Mike Tice did provide some insight into the situation. "I fashion these men as an extension of my family so as a family man you can sense how I would feel," Tice said.

Stephen Doyle, the boat company's attorney, says crew on board complained to the captains, saying people were drinking, taking off their clothes and performing sexual acts for money.

"I have no comment and I will not comment on the whole situation. I'm talking about the Chicago Bears. I don't care we talking about the Chicago Bears," said Vikings Quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

The boat owner's attorney says not every player on the boat was involved. That's where investigators come in.

"We want to find out what exactly went on, who did what so that we can look and see; do we have behavior that's obviously inappropriate behavior but rises to the level of criminal conduct," said Hennepin County Sheriff Pat McGowan.

Crew have already identified at least 17 players onboard the two boats. The incident comes just days before a two day retreat was scheduled for management to discuss conduct issues with players.

Now that's ironic.

"The focus for us, our staff and players needs to be the job at hand which is to prepare to go to Chicago and play well," Tice said.

As of now, no charges have been filed. But as we told you Tuesday night, McGowan says strippers require a permit and his office didn't issue any. Because of the way the NFL's personal conduct policy is written, the players involved could face fines or other punishments even if they didn't break the law. (Thanks to Keloland.com for the heads up.)

Nomar Garciaparra and his uncle are heroes.

Another big time figure from the world of sports gets a pass from me for the next time he complains about his contract, et cetera.

Nomar Garciaparra rescued two women who had fallen into Boston Harbor, his uncle and a witness told the Boston Herald.

Garciaparra, the former Red Sox shortstop who played for the Chicago Cubs last season, was in his Charlestown condominium with his uncle Friday night when they heard a scream and a splash, said the uncle, Victor Garciaparra.

As soon as the two-time American League batting champ ran out the door to help the woman, her friend also fell in, hitting her head on the pier, said Victor Garciaparra, who oversees his nephew's business and charitable ventures.

Victor Garciaparra jumped from the balcony to the water 20 feet below.

"I swam towards them and by the time I reached them, Nomar was already there holding the girls up," he told the newspaper. "But he couldn't get them up without help."

One woman had a large lump on her head and appeared to be unconscious, he said. When she came to, the first thing she said was: "Are you Nomar?" Victor Garciaparra said.

The two men pulled the women from the water. Their husbands arrived and whisked them off to the hospital before the Garciaparras even got their names, he said.

Johnny O'Hara of Natick witnessed what happened from his boat."A bunch of us came running over and sure enough, pulling the two girls from the water was Nomar," he told the newspaper. "It was crazy. Nomar was like jumping over walls to get to the girls and the other guy leaped off the balcony. It was unbelievable." (Thanks to ESPN.com for the heads up.)

Saint of the Day and daily Mass readings.

Today is the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor. Pray for us, all you angels and saints.

Today's reading is
Romans 3:21-30.
Today's Gospel reading is
Luke 11: 47-54.

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Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that any one who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession,was left unaided.Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful; O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy clemency hear and answer me. Amen.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

From The Perpetuating The Dumb Jock Stereotype Department:

I love the ones that need no comment whatsoever. (Except for that one, of course.

With NBA commissioner David Stern set to implement of a dress code, some players are finding fault with the possible change.

Denver Nuggets center Marcus Camby, who is in the midst of a $45 million contract, thinks the players should have additional compensation.
"I don't see it happening unless every NBA player is given a stipend to buy clothes," Camby told WOAI.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson has been a vocal critic of the proposed change.

"It sends a bad message to kids," Iverson told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "If you don't have a suit when you go to school, is your teacher going to think you're a bad kid because you don't have a suit on?"
(Thanks to ESPN.com for the heads up.)

Who is Harriet Miers? Part 9

Links from National Review Online with even more on the greatest XX chromosomed American since Cindy Shebeast.

Bench Memos: Unhappy GOPers. All the latest.

The Corner: Could she be withdrawn?

David Frum: When the president said, "Trust me," conservatives said "No."

Kathryn Jean Lopez: We’ve come a long way, baby? 10/12 8:20 a.m.

Jonah Goldberg: Cronies—well, of course. 10/12 8:23 a.m.

A blast from the past: 200 reasons why Goober II's got to go.

Ahhhhhh.....the bad old days.

The Clinton 200
Why Clinton should go.
By NR Editors

EDITOR'S NOTE: "The Clinton 200" appeared in the October 26, 1998, issue of National Review in "The Week" section.

Ken Starr had 11 reasons why President Clinton should go, the Judiciary Committee added another 4, and now-so as to hold up our end-we suggest another 185, for a clean 200 total.

"I don't recall" * Reappearing billing records * Federal toilet mandates * "Safe, legal, and rare" * Lip-biting * Joycelyn Elders * Jim Carville * "Mend it, don't end it" * Dishonest defiance of Supreme Court on preferences * HRC: "There is no such thing as other people's children" * Taking credit for repealing preferences * Paying nuclear blackmail to North Korea * HRC on health care and small business: "I can't save every undercapitalized business in America" * Siccing the FBI on Billy Dale * Siccing the IRS on conservatives * Defending partial-birth abortion * Keeping D.C. kids trapped in rotten schools * Suing California for repealing preferences * The DNA speech * Screwing around with the Census * Screwing around with the interns * More rather than less, sooner rather than later * The Fleetwood Mac revival * Filegate * Tax hikes * "It might surprise you to know that I think I raised them [taxes] too much too" * Jaw-jutting * Phony privilege claims * Underhanded privilege claims * Soldiers and Sailors Act * Making lying to one's diary safe, legal, and common * "The most ethical Administration in history" * Firing all the U.S. attorneys * Draft-dodging * Eliminating Beck enforcement upon taking office * ABM treaty * HRC's explanation of $ 100,000 profit from Wall Street Journal reading (would that she read the editorial page as closely) * Hoarding children's vaccines * Clinton's explanation for the Lincoln bedroom: "Both of us had lost a parent and we just hadn't kept in touch with people like we should have" * Making us long for Jimmy Carter * Making us long for George Bush * Making us long for Warren Harding * Scripting aides' reaction to his confession speech * Exploiting church burnings * Attacking conservatives for Oklahoma City * Sidney Blumenthal * Joe Conason (sorry, same thing) * Boxers or briefs * Apologizing to whole continents * The tobacco jihad * The tobacco abuse * Ira Magaziner * Peanut-free zones on airplanes * Trying to take over health care * Violence Against Women Act * "Unspeakably vulgar pleasure" he takes in the office (Mark Helprin) * A Cabinet that looks like America * A Cabinet that looks like the bar scene in Star Wars (Don Imus) * Letting China dictate his travel schedule * Letting China fund his campaign * The small-breast defense * Telling Monica his phones are tapped by foreign governments and then proceeding * Jogging shorts * Pasty white thighs in jogging shorts * Scorched-earth policy * Cheating at golf * Mediscare * Screwing up traffic every time he visits NYC * John Travolta as foreign-policy advisor * John Travolta as President * Trailer-park trash * Making state troopers pimps * Making Betty Currie a pimp * Half-hearted salutes * The 60 Minutes interview * Kyoto treaty * Refusing to lift arms embargo on Bosnia * Sending troops instead * While receiving oral sex * Threatening Secret Service agents during Eleanor Mondale incident * Calling George Bush dishonest * The Hamptons * George Stephanopoulos * Haircut on the LAX runway * Renaissance Weekends * "For the children" * Hush money for Hubbell * Loathing the military * Giving Geraldo Rivera an exclusive interview in China * Using anti-mob laws against peaceful abortion protestors * "If everybody in the country had the character that my wife has, we'd be a better place to live" * Registering illegal immigrants as voters * Tax deductions for depreciated underwear * How they got depreciated * Sara Lister * Gutting the military * Timber "summits" * Strobe Talbott * Footnote 210 * Barbra Streisand * "Kiss it" * "Not appropriate" * "Misleading" * "It depends on how you define alone" * "That depends what the meaning of the word 'is' is" * Town meetings * Mike McCurry explaining Catholic theology to Cardinal O'Connor * McCurry * All-nighters * Toe-sucking advisors * Waco * Dancing on the beach with Hillary * Jane Doe #5 * Seances with Eleanor Roosevelt * Wanting to talk to Eleanor Roosevelt * Years of "I feel your pain" jokes * It Takes a Village * 24 hours a day of Greta Van Susteren * Walt Whitman revival * Suggesting a vote against David Dinkins would be racist * Coddling Saddam Hussein * Smearing Scott Ritter * Being a Rhodes scholar * The dress * "Legally accurate" * Smearing Paul McHale * Taking credit for balanced budget * Taking credit for economy * Wishing he had a challenge like WWII * Complaining about own leaks * Gore telling soldiers' families their sons died "in the service of the United Nations" * Making every other sentence a double entendre * Monica loves him * Did we mention Fleetwood Mac? * "I haven't been to a McDonald's since I've been President." * Al Gore * Susan Carpenter-McMillan * Friends of Bill * Paying people to volunteer * Multiple Ron Brown funerals * Easter Sunday 1996 * The politics of meaning * Astroturf * Telling MTV that this time he'd inhale * Having own VH1 special * Lani Guinier * Supposedly breaking the news to HRC re Monica: "You're not going to believe this but . . ." * "Every day can't be sunshine" * "Four years and $ 40 million" * Lanny Davis * Not drinking beer * Ostentatiously carrying Bible * Bringing Chelsea cross-country for photo ops * Asking Kathleen Willey to bring him chicken soup * Standing ovations at the UN * "Vast right-wing conspiracy" * Picking spiritual advisor with CNN contract * Mexican bailout * Government shutdowns * Banning ugly guns * Roger Clinton * Wanting to be President when he was 10 * "In the present tense, that is an accurate statement" * Naming dog "Buddy" * Claiming ignorance about Rwanda genocide * Salon * That picture of him shaking hands with JFK * Hugging everyone * Hillary * Having a First Cat * Psychobabble * Pizza delivery * The oh-so-morally-serious Paul Begala * He believes Anita Hill * He's even made ministering a double entendre * "Don't ask, don't tell" * Smoked pot, lied about it, and supports the drug laws * Making French intellectuals relevant * Permanent "interim appointments" * "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky." * There are no tanks in Mogadishu * Getting back to the business of the people * He thinks he's black * "It's the right thing to do"

Good news for Steelers fans.

Big Ben might play vs. Jaguars
Roethlisberger's MRI revealed a bone bruise and a hyperextended left knee.

Hysterical Leftist Fear-Mongering In New Orleans Update.

Thanks to WebMD for making it official: Dirty water does NOT turn you into a raping, looting, flesh-eating zombie who always votes Democrass. (Better luck next time, Katie.)

The New Orleans floodwaters were found to contain:

Bacteria (most likely from fecal contamination in sewage).

Gasoline components (benzene, toluene, and ethylbenzene -- most likely from submerged vehicles).

Common compounds from household chemicals including aerosol paints and insecticides.

Metals such as lead, arsenic, and chromium.

The mix was not fit for drinking. But the levels of bacteria and most metals were not very different from typical New Orleans storm water runoff, write the researchers. However, the levels of lead and gasoline components were slightly more elevated.

In the days after Katrina struck, researchers braved the city in a flat-bottomed boat, gathering 38 samples of floodwater from the West End, Lakeview, and Tulane-Gravier areas of the city. Many storm survivors and first responders were exposed to floodwaters in those areas, the researchers note.

Floodwaters being pumped back into Lake Pontchartrain at the 17th Street drainage canal were also checked.

"What we had in New Orleans was basically a year's worth of storm water flowing through the city in only a few days," says Pardue in a news release.
"We still don't think the floodwaters were safe, but it could have been a lot worse. It was not the chemical catastrophe some had expected," he continues.

"What distinguishes Katrina floodwaters are their large volume and the human exposure to these pollutants that accompanied the flood rather than extremely elevated concentrations of toxic pollutants," write the researchers.

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