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Monday, November 21, 2005

SEX IS DEATH. (Stories for Boys)

I thought that might get your attention. This is the first in an occasional series.

We begin with the latest (more or less) on David Ludwig, the lovestruck lothario who specialized in underage girls and who soon may be worth as much as two cartons of Camels.

Lancaster Online.com: News : 54 guns, ammo seized from Ludwig home

Lancaster Online.com: News : Ludwig sent to prison without bail

Lancaster Online.com: News : Film reveals Ludwig 'night patrols'

Baltimore Sun:
Teens' relationship was secret

Lancaster Online:
Murder weapon in Ludwig car

Don't feel like wading through the cesspool that is Lancaster's brush with fame? Here's the skinny:

1) The suspect is alleged to have taken another underage girl to a family vacation cabin for a weekend earlier this year.
2) The suspect and a buddy videotaped themselves cruising around town looking for a home to attack and a family to kill. They end up talking about killing the Bordens and having sex with Kara Beth and her thirteen year old sister.
3) The suspect's attorney is trying to make the girl an accomplice. The girl's attorney is trying to make her look like a victim.

Now, back to the title: SEX IS DEATH. Of course, properly understood, sex is a glorious gift of God, just like everything else. There's the rub, kiddies, that nasty little phrase "properly understood". If there is one thing that is definitely not properly understood these days it is sex.

All things come from God and are, therefore, good. It is the defective wills of individual men misusing the good gifts of God that cause evil to happen. The only proper place for sexual intercourse is in a lifelong marriage between a man and a woman (Oh, for the good old days when that sentence would have ended at "marriage".)

What does that mean, practically speaking? No premarital or extramarital sex is allowed. Those are both mortal sins and will send you to hell. Divorce and "remarriage" are forbidden since marriage lasts as long as the two spouses live. More mortal sin, kiddies.

Oh, and don't forget sodomy, a word that encompasses a veritable truckload of mortal sins.

Those are the rules, kiddies, like 'em or not. It would be bad enough if a man's sins just cost him his immortal soul, but it never stops there. Mr. and Mrs. Borden had their heads blown off because Mr. Ludwig liked copulating with Kara Beth and the Bordens said no.

That is the one "sin" the world cannot tolerate: No-saying. (See Nietzsche, the Champion of Yes-Saying.) How dare they deny David the pleasure he had (apparently) found in their 14 year old daughter's body? David and Kara Beth are both Americans, after all. I guess those evil Sex Nazis, the Bordens, had never heard of the pursuit of happiness. If only they had agreed with the zeitgeist that Kara Beth could be David's sexual device if she wanted to be*, they would be alive today.

* Obviously, kiddies, it takes two to tango. But then again, somebody has to lead. The law says Kara Beth is too young to consent to sex. Period. Personally, I don't want to live in a world where Hitlery Clinton abolishes the age of consent laws. (BTW, she's a moderate now. That means she is busy burning all her previous references to the age of consent laws.)
But most importantly, these SEX IS DEATH posts are about boys and boys struggling to become men. In case you had not noticed, one of the most effective tactics in the war against the family is the emasculation of boys, which, in practice, simply means preventing them from learning how to become gentlemen. Man's fallen nature does the rest. The Foolish One has had a lot of practice in this area, kiddies.

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Mdm. Butterfly said...

Thanks for your excellent post. I really appreciate reading something that combats our modern, Fruedian understanding of sex.

I also enjoyed the post today on women. You may be aware of this, but Alexis de Touqueville on visiting America wrote that if he were to attribute the strength of this country to one thing it would be the superiority of its women. Today, however, the superiority American women formerly enjoyed is rapidly deteriorating, as you noted. I think our country too proportionately falls.

Thanks, once again.

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