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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Stop me if you've heard this one UPDATE.

1 in 166 American kids is born with autism.
1 in 12 American kids have ADHD.
Odds of your child dying in a car accident are 1 in 23,000.
1 in 6 Americans lives in poverty.
1 in 6 American kids is starving.
1 in 9 elderly Americans is abused.
36,000 Americans die annually from the flu.
12,000 Americans die annually from the flu.
1 in 160 American kids is born with autism.
1 in 150 American kids is born with autism.
1 in 110 American kids is born with autism.
60 million American adults are obese.
1 in 4 girls is sexually abused by age 18.
1 in 6 boys is sexually abused by age 18.

Search "occupy Wall Street and don't report crimes",,,

...or Sure, they're just like the Tea Party.

  1. "And you just don’t have a right and it’s not fair to everybody else to not report a crime when it occurs.”
  2. "You know I think increasingly you’re seeing that communities, businesses and residents in Lower Manhattan feel that they are the ones that are being occupied. This isn’t an occupation of Wall Street. It’s an occupation of a growing, vibrant residential neighborhood in Lower Manhattan and it’s really hurting small businesses and families," Bloomberg told reporters. - www.foxnews.com
  3. Deaf Man Raped At Occupy Wall Street, Protesters Don’t Report It To Police… ... drug abuse, sexual assault, rape, and other violent crimes ...
  4. Marathon Pundit: HuffPo on Occupy Wall Street crimes ... Protesters living in Zuccotti park are dealing with an escalating security problem, which some say could threaten the sustainability of the Occupy Wall Street movement.There have been multiple incidents of assault, drug dealing and drug use, rape and attempted rape, according to conversations with numerous protesters. And the problem, they say, is getting worse. - marathonpundit.blogspot.com

Search "occupy Wall Street and drugs"...

...or Sure, they're just like the Tea Party.

  1. Thirty-eight days since the Occupy Wall Street movement first took over Lower Manhattan's Liberty Plaza, the movement has caught fire and spread to more than 100 ...
    - gawker.com
  2. This scathing and HILARIOUS blog post about the Occupy Wallstreeter’s “We Are the 99 Percent” posts, is not only funny (hysterically so) for those of us on the ...
  3. "Gay men have better bodies, on the whole. That’s number one, and number two: They care more about what they look like. Very seldom will you find a gay [schlub]. Am I right? Very few homeless… This is why there are no gay protestors in Zuccotti Park. Because there’s no place to change, and no closets… I think Occupy Wall Street was terrific the first week, and it has now turned into a very happy druggy party. I suggest they all get jobs and go back to work. What was an amazing and wonderful thing, I now find just ridiculous. Everyone’s on drugs and everybody’s singing, and they now have a DVD out, and now they want to do a reality show.”

    - Comedienne Joan Rivers commenting on the Occupy Wall Street protestors in New York Magazine

    - www.queerty.com Memo To Mrs. Rivers: " 'Gay' drug addict " is redundant. Studies have shown one has to be heavily self medicated to allow a penis into one's rectum. I'm sure there are many sodomites among the "occupy" rabble. Your error lies in your failure to recognize the late stages of homosexuality.
  4. What should Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots do about the destitute 99 percenters in ...
  5. Alleged Drug Dealers Arrested at Occupy Wall Street . OWS protesters remain tight-lipped about drug arrests, but reports of new measures to stop free-food services ...
  6. The situation down at Occupy Wall Street continues to deteriorate, as sanitary conditions teamed with the personal actions of the protesters appear to be eclipsing ...

Search "occupy Wall Street and anti-semitism"...

...or Sure, they're just like the Tea Party.

  1. The Occupy Wall Street protesters include a fair number who are anti-Semitic, with classically leftist arguments which associate Jews with capitalism. by Daniel Sayani
  2. Anti-Semitism tainting Occupy Wall Street protests 'Emergency Committee for Israel' publishes clip in which Jews are attacked and blamed for financial crisis and ...
  3. The Occupy Wall Street protests have increasingly been criticized for flashes of anti-Semitism. But the protests have also, on occasion, had a distinctly ...
  4. Republicans launched a new attack on Democrats and the Occupy Wall Street movement on Wednesday, accusing party leaders of being silent in response to episodes of ...thehill.com
  5. After challenging Dr. Marc Lamont Hill at the top of the show to help him explore the potential racial elements of Occupy Wall Street, Bill O'Reilly returned to the ...
  6. Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about anti-Semitism and Occupy Wall Street from The Weekly Standard, the must read magazine available in online edition.
  7. Share; Email; Print; Jewish liberals defend Occupy Wall Street from anti-Semitism claims. November 1, 2011 NEW YORK (JTA) -- A group of ...
  8. The Emergency Committee for Israel has launched a highly critical video condemning anti-Semitic sentiment during the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests and ...
  9. The Emergency Committee for Israel, a conservative pro-Israel is out with a new ad today accusing the Occupy Wall Street protesters of anti-Semitism and ...

Search"occupy Wall Street and robbery"...

...or Sure, they're just like the Tea Party.

Occupy Wall Street = Rape, Rats, Robbery, Runaways, and Public Defecation

- www.getbig.com

Folk stars join Occupy Wall Street protest

... Folk music legend Pete Seeger and '60s folk singer Arlo Guthrie joined Occupy Wall Street ... search for man accused of trying to strangle man with shoelace during robbery
- www.statesman.com

True North - The Costs of Occupy Wall Street

OWS Exposed shows Occupy Wall Street protests are costing Minneapolis about $100,000 per ... Nolte at Big Government compiled a rap sheet of 119 of rapes, assaults, robberies ...

Occupy Wall Street plagued with robberies

We haven't heard a similar complaint from Occupy Chicago -- because we're assuming the Chicago protestors are morally superior to their New York cousins ...

Search "occupy Wall Street and sexual assault"...

...or Sure, they're just like the Tea Party.

  1. Sexual Assaults continue at 'Occupy' protests | Rape, sexual assault victims encouraged to shut out police, keep issues in-house
  2. [Nov 2, 2011] A 26-year old man from Crown Heights was arrested on Tuesday for charges of sexual assault including allegedly raping a fellow Occupy Wall Street protestor ...
  3. By Sean OâRourke, Fox News - An epidemic of reported rapes and sexual assault against women has plagued the Occupy Wall Street movement in the past weeks.
  4. Sexual Assault and Rape at Occupy Wall Street. A 19yr old girl was sexually assaulted at Occupy Cleaveland. Event organizers placed the girl in a tent with a male ...
  5. Fiend attacks 'Occupy' protester in her tent. By KEVIN FASICK and CANDICE M. GIOVE ... Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park battened down the hatches yesterday as the ...
  6. NYPD Officer: Crime, Sexual Assault At Occupy Wall Street “More Widespread Than Even They Think”…
  7. A 26-year-old Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker named Tonye Iketubosin was arrested today in connection to two sexual assaults in Zuccotti Park. The first is the ...
  8. New enemies emerge at the Occupy Wall Street protests. As the fall snow starts to cover the tents and grounds of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, sexual crimes ...
  9. Man Arrested for Rape, Sexual Assault at Occupy Wall Street. John on November 2, 2011 at 11:47 am We’re getting a new report of rape or sexual assault about ...
  10. Occupy Wall Street protest attendee Dave Park relaxes in Zuccotti Park, where he said he'd been getting high while running from warrants. Last week Dave was finally ...

Search "occupy Wall Street and rape"...

...or Sure, they're just like the Tea Party.

  1. Another weekend and yet another allegation of rape at an Occupy protest – but more disturbing than the allegation itself is how OWS is handling it.
  2. The Fox Nation is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of ...
  3. "We don't tell anyone," she said. "We handle it internally. I said too much already." That's the response to a sexual assault that occurred at the OWS ...
  4. Deaf Man Raped At Occupy Wall Street, Protesters Don’t Report It To Police…
  5. Woman Raped At Occupy Wall Street, Protesters Don’t Call The Cops
  6. Even with the best intentions, any community is bound to have some trouble. And though oftentimes that trouble for those cohabiting on Occupy Wall Street seems to ...
  7. New York: 10/25/2011 — Three Men Threatened to Kill 24-Year-Old Occupy Wall Street Protester for Reporting Rape; Baltimore: 10/18/2011 — #OccupyBaltimore Discourages ...
  8. Sexual Assault and Rape at Occupy Wall Street. A 19yr old girl was sexually assaulted at Occupy Cleaveland. Event organizers placed the girl in a tent with a male ...
  9. [Nov 2, 2011] Tonye Iketubosin Arrested At Occupy Wall Street For Alleged Rape and Sexual Assault

Monday, October 31, 2011

Q: How can you spot a real man who only happens to be black?

A: By the quality [hee-hee] of the enemies he attracts.

Mr. Cain stands up to the leftist crackers:

[Thanks to Fox News via Yahoo! for this video.]

From Yahoo! News:

Cain fires back over harassment claims

Herman Cain on Monday confirmed that he was accused of sexual harassment when he was head of the National Restaurant Association but said the attacks were "baseless." The GOP presidential candidate also said that he's unaware of any financial settlements related to those accusations.

"I have never sexually harassed anyone," the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza told Fox News in his first major interview since Politico reported Sunday on accusations made by two women against Cain in the 1990s. Cain said Monday that the investigation surrounding those claims concluded they were "baseless."

"It is totally baseless and totally false."

Cain's camp has contended the Politico story was part of a partisan attack against the presidential candidate but would not confirm or deny that Cain was accused of harassment--or that the women behind the accusations received any financial settlements.

"If the Restaurant Association did a settlement, I was not even aware of it and I hope it wasn't for much," Cain told Fox.

When asked if additional allegations of sexual harassment will surface, Cain said if they do, they'll also be false. "People will make them up," Cain said.

Stop me if you've heard this one UPDATE.

1 in 12 American kids have ADHD.
Odds of your child dying in a car accident are 1 in 23,000.
1 in 6 Americans lives in poverty.
1 in 6 American kids is starving.
1 in 9 elderly Americans is abused.
36,000 Americans die annually from the flu.
12,000 Americans die annually from the flu.
1 in 160 American kids is born with autism.
1 in 150 American kids is born with autism.
1 in 110 American kids is born with autism.
60 million American adults are obese.
1 in 4 girls is sexually abused by age 18.
1 in 6 boys is sexually abused by age 18.

It's not the skin, it's the sin. And that is on the inside.

Of course, all stains can be removed if you use the proper tools.


From AP via Yahoo! News:

Former skinhead's agonizing transformation

Julie Widner was terrified — afraid her husband would do something reckless, even disfigure himself.

"We had come so far," she says. "We had left the movement, had created a good family life. We had so much to live for. I just thought there has to be someone out there who will help us."

After getting married in 2006, the couple, former pillars of the white power movement (she as a member of the National Alliance, he a founder of the Vinlanders gang of skinheads) had worked hard to put their racist past behind them. They had settled down and had a baby; her younger children had embraced him as a father.

And yet, the past was ever-present — tattooed in brutish symbols all over his body and face: a blood-soaked razor, swastikas, the letters "HATE" stamped across his knuckles.

Wherever he turned Widner was shunned — on job sites, in stores and restaurants. People saw a menacing thug, not a loving father. He felt like an utter failure.

The couple had scoured the Internet trying to learn how to safely remove the facial tattoos. But extensive facial tattoos are extremely rare, and few doctors have performed such complicated surgery. Besides, they couldn't afford it. They had little money and no health insurance.

So Widner began investigating homemade recipes, looking at dermal acids and other solutions. He reached the point, he said, where "I was totally prepared to douse my face in acid."

In desperation, Julie did something that once would have been unimaginable. She reached out to a black man whom white supremacists consider their sworn enemy.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins runs an anti-hate group called One People's Project based in Philadelphia. The 43-year-old activist is a huge thorn in the side of white supremacists, posting their names and addresses on his website, alerting people to their rallies and organizing counter protests.

In Julie he heard the voice of a woman in trouble.

"It didn't matter who she had once been or what she had once believed," he said. "Here was a wife and mother prepared to do anything for her family."

Jenkins suggested that Widner contact T.J. Leyden, a former neo-Nazi skinhead Marine who had famously left the movement in 1996, and has promoted tolerance ever since. More than anyone else, Leyden understood the revulsion and self-condemnation that Widner was going through. And the danger.

"Hide in plain sight," he advised. "Lean on those you trust."

Most importantly, Leyden told him to call the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"If anyone can help," he said, "it's those guys."

When Widner called, says Joseph Roy, "it was like the Osama Bin Laden of the movement calling in."

Roy is chief investigator of hate and extreme groups for the SPLC. The nonprofit civil rights organization, based in Montgomery, Ala., tracks hate groups, militias and extreme organizations. Aggressive at bringing lawsuits, it has successfully shut down leading white power groups, bankrupted their leaders and won multimillion dollar awards for victims.

The SPLC hears regularly from people who say they are trying to leave hate and extreme groups. Some are fakes. Some are trying to spread false intelligence. Many are in crisis, and return to the group when the crisis passes.

"Very rarely have we met a reformed racist skinhead," says Roy.

Over the years, Roy had dubbed Widner the "pit bull" of skinheads. "No one was more aggressive, more confrontational, more notorious," Roy said.

And yet, over several weeks of conversations with Bryon and Julie, he became convinced. There was something different about this couple — a sincerity, a raw determination to put the past behind them and to seek some sort of redemption.

In March 2007 Roy and an assistant flew to Michigan. Roy still marvels at the memory of the guy with the freakish face walking out to greet them, wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" sweat shirt, holding his baby boy in one arm while a little girl clung to his other one.

Over the next few days they got to see the suffering Bryon was going through. They listened in horror when he told them he was considering using acid on his face. "He was in a bad place," Roy said. "This was a guy who was fighting for his life."

Widner shared information about the structure of various skinhead groups, the different forms of probation in some gangs, the hierarchy of others. He agreed to speak at the SPLC's annual Skinhead Intelligence Network conference, which draws police from all over the country.

For his part, Roy promised to ask his organization to do something it had never done before — search for a donor to pay for Widner's tattoos to be surgically removed. Widner didn't hold out much hope. But for now, he agreed not to experiment with acid.

Financially and emotionally, things were getting tougher. Widner found part-time work shoveling snow and odd handyman jobs, but barely enough to support a family. The vicious postings on the Internet continued. Pig manure was dumped on their cars. There were hang-up calls in the middle of the night. Anonymous callers left threatening messages: "You will die." Several times, tipped off by sympathetic friends that a crew was on the way to "take care" of them, the family fled to a hotel.

So when Roy called a couple of months later saying a donor was willing to pay for the surgery, Widner could hardly believe it. The donor, a longtime supporter of the SPLC had been moved by Widner's story — and shocked by photographs of his face.

"For him to have any chance in life and do good," she said, "I knew those tattoos had to come off."

She agreed to fund the surgeries — at a cost of approximately $35,000 — on several conditions. She wanted to remain anonymous. She wanted assurances that Bryon would get his GED, would go into counseling and would pursue either a college education or a trade.

It was easy to agree. These were all things Widner wanted to do.

It would take up to a year to find the right doctors and schedule the operations. Meanwhile, it was clear the family had to leave Michigan. The white power Web forums were wild with chatter about the race traitor couple and their family. Through local police, the FBI warned that they were in danger.

In the spring of 2008 they packed their belongings and moved to Tennessee, near Julie's father. They rented a three-bedroom house in the country, joined a church. Helped by his father-in-law and his pastor, Widner found some work. The threats subsided.

Dr. Bruce Shack, who chairs the Department of Plastic Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, vividly remembers the first time he met Widner. After seeing photographs and talking to the SPLC, he had agreed to do the surgery. But he was totally unprepared for Widner's face.

"This wasn't just a few tattoos," he said. "This was an entire canvas."

It was June 2009 and the couple had driven to Vanderbilt to meet him. Shack's genial manner immediately put them at ease.

"He didn't just see the tattoos," Widner says. "He saw me as a real human being."

Shack also saw one of the biggest challenges of his career.

Shack showed Widner the laser — which looks like a long, fat pen — that would trace the exact outline of the tattoos as it burned them off his face. He explained how it would deliver short bursts of energy, different amounts depending on the color and depth of the tattoo. It would take many sessions for the ink to fade. And it would be painful, far more painful than getting the tattoos in the first place.

"You are going to feel like you have the worst sunburn in the world, your face will swell up like a prizefighter, but it will eventually heal," Shack told Widner. "This is not going to be any fun. But if you are willing to do it, I'm willing to help."

Widner didn't hesitate. "I have to do it," he said, as Julie held his hand. "I am never going to live a normal life unless I do."

On June 22, 2009, Widner lay on an operating table, his mind spinning with anxiety and hope. A nurse dabbed numbing gel all over his face. Shack towered over him in protective goggles and injected a local anesthetic. Then he started jabbing Widner's skin, the laser making a staccato rat-tat-tat sound as it burned through his flesh.

Widner had never felt such pain. Not all the times he had suffered black eyes and lost teeth in bar brawls, not the time in jail when guards — for fun — locked him up with a group of black inmates in order to see him taken down. His face swelled up in a burning rage, his eyes were black and puffy, his hands looked like blistered boxing gloves. He had never felt so helpless or so miserable.

Atonement, kiddies. The earthly kind.

"I was real whiny during that time," he says.

"He was real brave," says Julie.

After a couple of sessions, Shack decided that Widner was in too much pain: The only way to continue was to put him under general anesthetic for every operation. It was also clear that the removal was going to take far longer than the seven or eight sessions he had originally anticipated.

They developed a routine. Every few weeks, Widner would spend about an hour and a half in surgery and another hour in recovery, while Julie would fuss and fret and try to summon the strength to hide her fears and smile at the bruised, battered husband she drove home. It would often take days for the burns and oozing blisters to subside.

Shack and his team marveled at Widner's determination and endurance. The Widners marveled at the team's level of commitment and care. Even nurses who were initially intimidated by Widner's looks found themselves growing fond of the stubborn former skinhead and his young family.

Slowly — far more slowly than Widner had hoped — the tattoos began to fade. In all he underwent 25 surgeries over the course of 16 months, on his face, neck and hands.

On Oct. 22, 2010, the day of the final operation, Shack hugged Julie and shook hands with Bryon. Removing the tattoos, he said, had been one of his greatest honors as a surgeon. But a greater privilege was getting to know them.

"Anyone who is prepared to put himself through this is bound to do something good with his life," Shack said.

In a comfortable yard in a tidy suburban subdivision, Bryon and Julie Widner smoke Marlboros and sip energy drinks as they contemplate the newest chapter in their lives. Only a few trusted friends and family members know where they live — they agreed to be interviewed on condition that the location of their new home not be disclosed.

This time, they moved because they had deliberately exposed themselves to danger. After much consideration, the couple had agreed to allow an MSNBC film crew to follow Widner through his surgeries. The cameras didn't spare the details, capturing Widner writhing and moaning in agony. Widner didn't care. If anything he felt that he deserved the pain and the public humiliation as a kind of penance for all the hurt he had caused over the years.

But there was a deeper motivation for going public with his story. There was a chance that some angry young teenager on the verge of becoming a skinhead would see Widner's suffering and think twice.

Maybe he would realize that, as Widner says now, "I wasn't on any great mission for the white race. I was just a thug."

They moved the day after the documentary — "Erasing Hate" — aired in June.

Widner's arms and torso are still extensively tattooed. He is in the process of inking over the "political" ones, like the Nazi lightning bolts. His face is clean and scar free, and he has a shock of thick black hair. With his thin glasses and studious expression, he looks nerdy, Julie jokes.

His neck and hands have suffered some pigment damage, he gets frequent migraine headaches and he has to stay out of the sun. But, he says, "it's a small price to pay for being human again."

The move took a financial toll. Julie had to pawn her wedding ring to buy groceries and pay the rent. But Widner has found some work — construction and tattoo jobs. He got his GED and they both plan to start courses at the local community college.

They say they feel safe. Several police officers and firefighters live nearby; the FBI has visited and the local police know their story.

Still they can't help but worry. It's one thing getting out of the white power movement as others have done, fading into obscurity. It's another to publicly denounce the violent world they once inhabited.

Bryon has constant nightmares about what injuries he might have inflicted — injuries he can only imagine because so often he was in a drunken stupor when he beat someone up. Did he blind someone? Did he paralyze someone? He doesn't know.

But there are moments of grace. After a recent screening of the documentary in California, a black woman embraced Widner in tears. "I forgive you," she cried.

They've thrown out everything to do with their racist past, including photographs of Widner and his crew posing at Nordic fests and of the white power conferences Julie used to attend. And yet there are reminders all around, and not just the remaining tattoos. Tyrson's name — inspired by the Norse god of justice, Tyr — troubles them for its connection to the racist brand of Odinism his father practiced with the Vinlanders. But how do they ask a 4-year-old to change his name to Eddie?

The child tugs at his daddy's Spiderman T-shirt, begging him to come play video games. "OK, buddy," Widner says. "Let's go shoot a few bad guys." With that, the man who once brandished his hate like a badge of honor scoops up his son and turns on his Xbox.

Widner plays the role of Captain America. The bad guys are Nazis.


Don't believe the "Benito's only scared of MittCain Romney" talk. The totalitarians know their buttboy will lose to anybody not wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt.

How do you destroy any black man who is to the right of Stalin? Try to make him look like a wild beast who cannot control his genitalia. Talk about your racist stereotypes...and this from the same "free" press who covered for that serial rapist Bill Clinton. I'm sure they're hoping the alleged victims are white. That would be the perfect way to scare the soccer moms.

Anyone remember Clarence Thomas?

From ABC via Yahoo! News:

‘Bring me the accuser’: Cain denies harassment

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s campaign is staunchly denying reports that the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza was involved in a sexual harassment case, saying the allegations are “questionable.”

Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Block, said on MSNBC today that the GOP candidate “has never sexually harassed anyone. Period. End of story.”

“Every negative word and accusation in the article is sourced to a series of unnamed or anonymous sources. Questionable at best,” Block said of the Politico report, which found that Cain was accused of inappropriate behavior by two women during his tenure as National Restaurant Association head from 1996 to 1999.

Per Politico, “the women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them angry and uncomfortable, the sources said, and they signed agreements with the restaurant group that gave them financial payouts to leave the association. The agreements also included language that bars the women from talking about their departures.”

Block said he is not aware of any cash settlement, and maintained Cain’s innocence.

“Mr. Cain has never sexually harassed anyone, period,” he said, adding that when he asked his boss of the allegations, he said “the story is not true. Bring me some facts. Bring me the accuser.”

Cain, 65, will address the allegations today, Block said.

When confronted on the trail Sunday about the report, Cain refused to comment, even asking the reporter whether he had ever been accused of sexual harassment. His spokesman dubbed the accusations “garbage” and “a total distraction.”

Cain is in Washington, D.C. today, where he is first speaking about his 9-9-9 tax plan at the conservative American Enterprise Institute and then later at a luncheon at the National Press Club.

At the AEI event this morning, Cain refused to answer a question about the charges, saying that “I will go by the ground rules that my host have set,” which is discussing just his 9-9-9 plan.

According to Politico, the conversations between Cain and the two women who accused him of inappropriate behavior were “filled with innuendo or personal questions of a sexually suggestive nature, taking place at hotels during conferences, at other officially sanctioned restaurant association events and at the association’s offices.

“There were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable and that they regarded as improper in a professional relationship,” the article stated.

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