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Monday, December 19, 2005

SEX IS DEATH. (Haven from reality)

From one of last week's posts: New York magazine's babykilling story is still creeping me out.

There is the title of the article.
The New Underground Abortion Railroad: Destination NYC. I'm offended and I'm not even black. Of course, leftist blacks wouldn't be offended. Babykilling uber alles, baby.

But mostly it is how commonplace murdering kids is to these people. The banality of evil? These broads are spokesmodels for it.

Adeena, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy, is 24 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. She’d caught a Greyhound from Pennsylvania earlier that day, and spent the afternoon at a clinic in midtown getting part one of an abortion that will be completed tomorrow. “Pick whatever you want,” I’d said at Blockbuster.

Adeena says she’s never been in a white person’s home. She peers at the paintings on my walls and at the jammed bookcases and Cuban bolero CDs and cassettes of classics from the Yiddish theater.

“Can I ask you something?” she inquires. “Why you doing this?”

“You mean sharing my place with you?”

I tell her I’m upset that people like her have such a hard time getting abortions, and besides, I remember being young and being (more than once) in a similar fix. I don’t tell her about the differences: how I always had Blue Cross Blue Shield and never went past seven weeks.

Yeah. You don't want her looking too much like you before you have her snuffed.

Adeena tells me she makes minimum wage as a health-care aide for mentally disabled children. “You have to pay a lot of attention to them,” she says, and I can see she’s trying to attend to me too. She wants to be sociable, but tonight it’s hard. This afternoon, sticks made of seaweed were inserted into her cervix, and a drug that causes fetal heart failure was injected into her belly. Now the seaweed is getting moist and swelling, and Adeena no longer feels movement in her womb. By tomorrow the swelling will have opened her cervix a few centimeters, allowing a doctor to extract the dead fetus with surgical tools and a vacuum machine.

I don’t know how much Adeena knows about these details. But I know, and so do other Haven members. The organization gives us a handout explaining everything so we’ll be prepared if our guests experience side effects. Of course, some complications go beyond the medical.

Why did she wait so long? we all wonder. We never ask...

Apparently, she has a more highly developed conscience than you, dearie. Believe it or not, some people haven't spent their entire adult lives trying to silence theirs.

What happens when an accessory to many murders convinces herself she is doing good?

Every once in a while, after hosting a guest, I have bad dreams about sick babies. I have to remind myself that my dreams are just dreams, and that they’re less important than my guests’ realities...

That's right, kiddies. Ol' man conscience fights back in increasingly warped and terrifying ways. Those "dreams" are about to become nightmares, madam. Just wait until you wake screaming after being menaced by dismembered babies.

Adeena got here only with the help of the Women’s Medical Fund, a Philadelphia-based group that helps poor Pennsylvanian women pay for abortions. (There’s a similar group in Manhattan: the New York Abortion Access Fund.) “Patients often come in with part of the cost; they’ve borrowed $25 here and $25 there from friends,” says Susan Schewel, director of the Philadelphia fund. “They’ve postponed paying utility bills or they’ve pawned things. We had a woman the other day who sold her dog.”

Awwww...How tragic. At least the pup wasn't cut up and thrown away. That kind of evil will get you some serious jail time.

But chasing an ever-burgeoning fee isn’t the only thing that delays abortions. As Levine puts it, there’s often “some combination of denial and disorganization and general flakiness” going on as well. Some women have breakthrough bleeding, assume they’re having periods, and fail to realize they’re pregnant until after the first trimester. Other women delay seeking an abortion because they’re holding out hope that a relationship is going to work.

"Flakiness"??? Instant translation: I can't believe these dumb poor whores won't shut up and just kill their kids right away.

One woman I hosted had five kids and a husband in the military in Iraq. “He’s got an immature streak that the war is making worse. I think he’s running around on me over there,” she told me. “What’s for sure is he can’t handle another baby right now, and neither can I.” Her pants strained over her girth. She’d waited this long, she said, because her mother, whom she worshipped, told her that if she went through with it she’d burn in hell. And also because “my sister told me abortions hurt.” I kept my face straight.

Har dee har har har! Burn in hell? No such thing! Abortions hurt women? Nah! They're fun! No regrets ever! Just drown out that little voice saying "No!" that Christianity put in your head!

I was relieved for them, but at the same time I felt a twinge of paranoia. What if the older woman was really the girl’s aunt or big sister and just pretending to be her mom? Right now it wouldn’t matter: Unlike many states, New York does not have a parental- consent law requiring that a minor get permission from a parent for an abortion. But this spring, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, which would make it a crime to give a girl an abortion without her mother’s or father’s okay. The bill hasn’t passed in the Senate yet, but if it does, Haven could be in trouble. “It would only take one crazy person to say, ‘You kidnapped my daughter,’ if you host a 15-year-old,” warned a Haven coordinator at a recent meeting. The organization is incorporating, so that if this happens, its board of directors, and not individual hosts, will take the rap.

A grandmother's love is "crazy". Ain't that the bee's knees, kiddies? See our moral and intellectual superiors on parade. I wish I could be surprised most of these "Haven" enablers are nominally Jewish. Sadly, the JINOs (Jews In Name Only) far outnumber the Chosen People who remember the admonitions of the One True God. But hey, 5,000 years is a long time. We're having the same problem and it's only been 2,000 years for us.

The next morning, we take the subway together back to the elegant neighborhood where the clinic is located. It is completely unnoticeable from the street, impossible to tell that inside there will be a waiting room that looks like a welfare office, with institutional chairs, soap-opera TV, and dozens of women sitting, sitting, sitting. In the several times I’ve gone there to pick up or drop off a patient, I’ve seen one protester, one time. She was white, well dressed, and birdlike, and when she tremulously scolded a young Latina woman about “killing your baby,” she was practically blown backward by a blast of “Get the hell outta my way what business is it of yours fuckin’ goddamned puta bitch!”

Isn't the joy inherent in the exercise of our free wills a beautiful thing to behold?

On this day, the birdlike lady is nowhere to be seen. Adeena and I say good-bye at the clinic doors. She thanks me for making her feel “just like you was my moms.” In a few hours, she’ll be back on a bus to Philadelphia, free to do her thing, whatever that may be.

I can imagine her thing won't be pleasant at all. Somehow, Old Man Conscience will manage to keep reminding this poor misguided woman of the daughter she had killed with the help of the nice rich white ladies in New York. For all their sakes, I hope they recognize their sins and repent before their consciences lash out in a way that harms them and others in irreparable ways.

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