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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dumbo The Presiphant's* perverse life of crime, ignorance, lies, and hate revealed - The Preview

The ghoulish sociopath in the White [Racist.] House exposed by The Washington Examiner:

Shocking Obama 'Vetting': Washington Examiner report previewed by Bret Baier

Wednesday, an investigation of the official narrative of President Obama's life, which unearthed contradictions and what many consider outright lies, was previewed on FOX by Bret Baier, in a "Special Report", titled, "Vetting." Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner Executive Editor of the final report, was Baier's guest. Many conservatives think the "vetting" is overdue. Online there is much rejoicing, because, "The Obama you don't know," is available.

Against a backdrop of Michelle Obama saying, "We didn't have much in way of money or possessions," Tapscott pointed out that perhaps the president's upbringing may have been difficult because of "the circumstances" of his parents. However, continued Tapscott, "from a financial standpoint, a social standpoint ... it was not an underprivileged childhood."

The report continues to share information, some commonly available but other, not so widely known: Obama's maternal grandmother was a bank vice-president. While living in Hawaii with his grandparents, he attended an exclusive private school, Columbus University and later Harvard Law School. Following his graduation, by choice, Obama rejected lucrative job offers and opted to serve as a community organizer in the mean streets of Chicago. However, each night he escaped to an apartment 90 minutes away to an apartment located in Chicago's famous Hyde Park.

The investigative report reveals contrasts to the official narrative promoted at the Democratic National Convention of Obama's life and lifestyle. The ten chapters include:
  1. Introduction
  2. A childhood of privilege not hardship
  3. The myth of the 'Rock Star Professor"
  4. The 1887 speech that launched Obama
  5. For the slumlord's defense, Barack Obama, Esquire
  6. Obama's toughest critics on the left
  7. The poor people Obama left behind
  8. The myth of Obama as a state senate reformer
  9. Obama's state pension scheme
  10. The Arab-American Network behind Obama
  11. Obama brings politics to Washington
There have been many complaints from conservatives that Obama was never properly "vetted" in 2008. Now, from the learning grounds of "gangster government" in Chicago to "an Arab-American network at the heart of Obama's political apparatus," perhap, he has been vetted in 2012. This in-depth report covers the George Soros political operative that Obama placed in a strategic position in his administration plus much more. For a preview summary, check out the video or the entire series, with details, may be read at The Washington Examiner online.

* An Asian presiphant, of course. An African presiphant would be racist.

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