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Friday, January 19, 2007

Totalitarian Pennsylvania Update. (Part One)

From Pittsburgh's other newspaper:

As part of his plan for a healthier Pennsylvania, Gov. Ed Rendell is asking the Legislature to renew efforts to pass a statewide smoking ban for workplaces, including bars and restaurants.

Smoke Nazi!

If discussions go the way of Chicago's, the ban might not stick during periods of athletic angst -- such as Steelermania during the crazy days leading up to last year's Super Bowl.

With the Bears vying for a spot in this year's Super Bowl, the Chicago area is considering temporarily lifting its smoking bans, which were enacted just two weeks ago.


The discussions are in response to complaints from bar and restaurant owners that they would lose business during the NFL playoffs, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.

Maybe that's how Smokey the Bear got his name.

Wow. How clever is that?

State Rep. Peter Daley, D-Washington, better fasten his seat belt. He'll probably get a bumpy reception from smokers.

He says he'll introduce a bill to make it illegal for a person to smoke in a vehicle when a younger child is a passenger.

"I am alarmed when I see someone smoking in their car while there is a child present,'' he said. "Too many children are involuntarily exposed to secondhand smoke and the health effects are serious.''

The rest of us are alarmed when totalitarians like Daley get their hands on power.

Under his bill, a violation would occur if smoking takes place in a vehicle transporting children who are in child safety seats.

Pennsylvania requires a child to be buckled in a car seat until they are 80 pounds or 8 years old. Penalties would be a $100 fine on a first offense and at least a $250 fine for subsequent offenses.

"Please don't make this the focus of your stories,'' Mr. Rendell asked reporters on Wednesday, as he outlined his massive new Prescription for Pennsylvania, aimed at controlling health care costs.

Reporters complied, but it was hard. As part of his efforts to improve the state's health, the weight-challenged Mr. Rendell said people need to eat better and control their girth. He is especially concerned about overweight youngsters.

Slow Eddie, indeed.

Mr. Rendell, who weighed in at a hefty 262 pounds during a physical exam last summer, pledged "to lose 25 pounds this year.'' Additionally, he challenged young people "to match me,'' meaning to lose a percentage of their body weight equal or better than what he plans to do.

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