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Monday, January 15, 2007

24's Body Count Update returns!

Yes, kiddies, it is that time of year again. Watch as the eternal debate between "civil liberties" and "security" rages on! Welcome Jack, Chloe, Curtis, King Token II, assorted non-moderate mohammedan murderers, feckless politicians, and cell phones and cell phones (How long before The Men With Phones In Their Ears return?) back into your life every Monday night on FOX.

BTW, did you notice how everyone in LA drives a Ford?

From Right Wing Nuthouse:


As has been my practice for the previous two years, only confirmed, on screen kills will be part of this body count.

22 Americans died in the bus explosion.
Also, scratch one suicide bomber.
Jack reverts to cannibalism and eats his first kill.

By far the greatest impossible-escape-from-the-bad-guys escape ever. Citizen Bauer, mere hours after being released from two years of Slave Chinese torture, is chained to a chair and tortured by the non-moderate mohammedan baddie du jour. While the head bad guy answers an urgent cell phone call, Jack plays dead and the non-moderate mohammedan left guarding him goes in for a closer look. Jack knees him in his non-moderate family jewels and rips the guy's throat out with his bare teeth! (Since when do the Chinese commies provide dental care to their capitalist pig prisoners?)

Air strike sent 4 of Assad’s men to hell.
Assad kills the traitor.
Ahmed (pronounced…Oh, forget it!) offs his neighbor.
Another suicide bomber dies when Jack kicks him off the train.


Jack: 2
Show: 31

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