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Monday, January 15, 2007

The emasculation of America continues apace. (Part One)

Did you know your federal government regulates where and for whom high school cheerleaders cheer?

From the Carlsbad, NM Current-Argus:

Left-fascist thugs disguised as friends of the distaff side wreak havoc

Whitney Point, NY - Thirty girls signed up for the cheerleading squad this winter at Whitney Point High School in upstate New York. But upon learning they would be waving their pompoms for the girls basketball team as well as the boys, more than half the aspiring cheerleaders dropped out.

The eight remaining cheerleaders now awkwardly adjust their routines for whichever team is playing on the home court to comply with a new ruling from federal education officials interpreting Title IX, the law intended to guarantee gender equality in student sports.

Get your kids out of the government sheep pens NOW, kiddies! Give up your second and third vehicles, your high-speed internet connections, your vacations, and even your $200 Goober II era haircuts! (Fin de siècle perversion is sooooooo yesterday.) Do whatever you must to save your children's minds and souls!

Whitney Point is one of 14 high schools in the Binghamton area that began sending cheerleaders to girls' games in late November, after the mother of a female basketball player in Johnson City, N.Y., filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. She said the lack of official sideline support made the girls seem like second string and violated Title IX's promise of equal playing fields for both sexes.

Oy freakin' vey!

But the ruling has left many booing, as dozens of schools in the region have stopped sending cheerleaders to away games in an effort to squeeze girls' home games into the cheerleading schedule.

Boys basketball boosters say something is missing in the stands at away games and cheerleaders resent not being able to meet their rivals on the road.

The ruling comes as high schools nationwide are redefining the role of cheerleaders in response to parental and legal pressures as well as growing sensitivity to sexism among athletic directors, especially as more women step into those roles.

Last February, a statewide group of physical education teachers in California called for cheerleaders to attend girls' and boys' games "in the same number, and with equal enthusiasm" as part of its five-year goals.

Rosie Pudish, the parent who filed the original complaint, said she did so even though her daughter, Keri, a varsity basketball player at Johnson City High School, did not particularly want cheerleaders at her games. Pudish said that as many as 60 cheerleaders, along with their friends and parents, would attend the boys' games, injecting a level of excitement and spirit that was missing from the girls' contests.

"It sends the wrong message that girls are second- class athletes and don't deserve the school spirit, that they're just little girls playing silly games and the real athletes are the boys," said Pudish, an accountant for the federal government.

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