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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24's Body Count Update.

Well, we can kiss Hollyweird goodbye...

Even Jack Bauer couldn't save Gomorrah, CA last night. The non-moderate mohammedan freedom-fighters nuked the very folks who made all those wonderful Police Academy movies.

Men of good will the world over are weeping...

From Right Wing Nuthouse:


Obviously the casualty count from the nuke will be substantial. In deference to the fact that such an event should not be made light of, I will forgo adding the casualties from the nuke attack to this body count.

But the terrorist and TAC team count at CTU that occurred before the blast will be included.

112 confirmed dead in Baltimore
200 confirmed dead in Boston
Fayed’s man blows himself up
Ahmed becomes a permanent sleeper agent
1 CTU TAC man down at Fayed’s headquarters
2 terrorists taken out by TAC prior to nuke blast


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