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Friday, January 19, 2007

Obviously, Hollyweirdos and their leftist enablers think movie rape and incest involving a 12 year old is really, really, cool.

Miami Herald: Fanning movie with rape scene is stirring praise, controversy
If there's a powder keg at this month's Sundance Film Festival, it's the untitled drama that features 12-year-old Dakota Fanning, whose character is raped by a small-town bully, and costars Afemo Omilami, the Atlanta-based actor who plays the soft-spoken mentor who helps her.

The Untitled Dakota Fanning Project (aka Hounddog), as the low-budget film is known in indie circles, will debut at Sundance in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 22 and will screen for five consecutive days. Filmed in North Carolina last summer by writer-director Deborah Kampmeier (Virgin), it's about a young girl in the early 1960s who is reaching puberty and becoming obsessed with Elvis Presley's music when tragedy strikes.

Among this year's crop of Sundance features, ''it's an absolute priority film to see,'' says Tom Quinn, head of acquisitions for New York-based Magnolia Pictures. 'As a buyer, I am definitely excited, and as an audience member, I think the public can handle it. It's a definite `A' title.''

Hollywood has a long history of controversial movies involving young girls in violent and/or sexual situations: Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby, Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, Linda Blair in The Exorcist. And the Fanning film, which few people have seen, has already ignited protests.

The child advocacy group A Minor Consideration, founded by former Donna Reed Show and Micky Mouse Club actor Paul Petersen, has published a lengthy article on its website (www. minorcon.org) attacking the movie. ''An insidious evil is spreading throughout Hollywood,'' Petersen writes in reference to its rape scene, declaring that the Fanning movie ``has sunk to another mindless low point.''

Omilami begs to differ.

''I don't know what people are so upset about,'' the 56-year-old actor said. ``Believe me, Deborah is going to be so tasteful. She's handling this in such an artistic way, so delicately that I'm sure people will appreciate that.''

The director uses shadows and cut-away imagery to depict parts of the sexual assault, Omilami says.

Contra Costa Times: Dakota's brutal role stirs debate
Consider this your early warning Sundance Film Festival controversy alert: Cute little Dakota Fanning plays a precocious child-sex-abuse and rape victim in Full Moon Films' upcoming "Hounddog."

The issue: Fanning, who turns 13 next month, is reportedly depicted in the film nude or scantily clad during compromising scenes, and her face is shown in close-up during a rape scene.

Early reports of the film's contents have stirred a minor Internet storm concerning whether Fanning's mother, Joy, and the girl's agent, Cindy Osbrink, are exploiting the girl in hopes of an Oscar nomination. A spokesman for Osbrink and the filmmakers did not return a message seeking comment.

Due to time constraints, we now move to further action.

Among the outraged is Ted Baehr of the Christian Film & Television Commission.

Baehr, whose advocacy group runs the movie.org Web site, which ranks films based on Christian themes and family appeal, said that he hadn't seen the film but that he was calling on movie distributors to reject the film and report the filmmakers to legal authorities. The movie has its first Sundance screening Jan. 22.

"It's pedophilia," Baehr said last week. "There should be a sense of outrage about it."

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