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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Senatrix Olympia "Dukakis" Snowe (R-ME) and Senatrix Jay "Fey" Rockefeller (D-WV) are Heat Nazis.

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Nota bene - This is a Heat Miser, not REPEAT NOT a Heat Nazi.

First, the Heat Nazis try to stifle anyone with enough brass to challenge their Party Line...

Energy Pulse: The Californication of the Economy

Politicians, now calling themselves “progressives” instead of socialists, see global warming as a big club to wield against corporations.

In early November, Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) wrote a joint letter to Exxon Mobil CEO, Rex W. Tillerson demanding that Exxon Mobil cease funding two dozen organizations and individuals they call a “small cadre of global climate change skeptics.”

To put it another way, they want to silence any dissent about “global warming” despite the fact that there is ample scientific evidence that dramatic climate changes are not occurring.

Meanwhile Exxon Mobil has announced it will contribute a million Euros to a European research project devoted to carbon capture and storage.

The Earth, of course, has been warming since the last Ice Age about 11,500 years ago, but despite the bogus “computer models” on which the “global warming” hoax is based, there is no evidence that anything other than perfectly natural climate cycles are occurring.

Then, when people fight back with reality, the fat, rich, white Heat Nazis strike back...

Charleston Daily Mail: Enemy of freedom replies

The Daily Mail's Dec. 5 editorial, "Rockefeller is out of line: The American people are best served by open debate on global warming," regarding my concerns about ExxonMobil's role in fostering pseudo-science not only misses the point, it mischaracterizes my position.


For the sake of our grandchildren and future generations, we need an honest debate about the issue of global climate change. That's why I joined Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine," in writing an Oct. 27 letter to ExxonMobil.

Damn lies..

We believed we needed to call attention to the detrimental impact of non-peer-reviewed and widely discredited research in the debate on global warming. In that letter, we urged the new CEO of the world's largest oil company to stop being a leader in disputed science and instead be a leader in research that helps us better understand the problem and develop new solutions.

...Where are the statistics, Citizen Rockefeller?

We didn't "attempt to squelch debate," as the Daily Mail suggested. Rather, our letter was, in fact, an attempt to create and foster greater debate.

That's just what Stalin said.

And part of that debate, I believe, requires calling attention to Exxon-Mobil's funding of a pseudoscientific community whose purpose is to prevent us from tackling global climate change.

ExxonMobil is out of step even with its own industry. Other oil companies have explicitly acknowledged global climate change and are moving to develop and support new energy technologies and solutions.

Instant translation: We have beaten the others into submission. Resistence is futile, ExxonMobil!

Thankfully for West Virginia, clean coal technology (Ha! Tell that to the victims of black lung disease, you criminal. - F.G.) is at the heart of these solutions. And I don't intend to allow deliberate misinformation to undermine our push for major national investments in the clean coal research and facilities that can help solve this problem.

The reality is that we need to have a free and honest debate about how we're going to address a problem that threatens to be of epic proportions.

As long as that "debate" conforms to your left-fascist political agenda, eh, Jay?

In that pursuit, both corporations and private citizens share a covenant to be good stewards of the earth.


Jay Rockefeller
Washington, D.C.

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