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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It Takes A Village To Staff A Gestapo Unit* Update.

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US Senatrix Hitlery Schicklgruber (N-NY) polishes her comedy act before taking it on the road.

Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune: Hillary Clinton says decision on presidential run is near

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday she would not support a short-term increase in U.S. troop presence in Iraq unless it was part of a more comprehensive plan to stabilize the country.


Clinton also offered the broadest indication yet that she was close to a decision on whether to enter the 2008 Democratic presidential field.

Ha! "Broad"! Get it?

"I want to make sure the decision is right for me, my family, my party and my country," Clinton said during an interview on NBC's "The Today Show." She appeared on the show to promote the rerelease of her best-selling book on child rearing, "It Takes a Village."*


The former first lady said she knew more than any other potential candidate how hard it was to be president. "I saw it in an up close and personal way for eight years," she said. She reiterated that she would disclose her decision sometime after the first of the year.

Not as up close and personal as Monica, of course.

Clinton's comments on the presidential race were her most expansive since winning re-election to the Senate from New York last month. Since then, she has been contacting potential supporters in key early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire, but has said very little publicly about her plans.

Ha! "Expansive"! Get it?

She also offered praise for Sen. Barack Obama, the Illinois Democrat who has also indicated he may enter the race. Obama drew huge crowds on a visit to New Hampshire earlier this month.

Oh no she didn't!

"He's terrific. He's a friend and a colleague. I have very high regard for him," she said, while sidestepping a question about whether Obama would make a good president.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Please, no more! Somebody stop her, because I can't take it!

"I think he is a really exciting personality and someone who has a lot to contribute to the national dialogue," Clinton said.

Wait. Where are the giant ear jokes?

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