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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The beautiful and terrible sport of bullfighting is dying.

Daily Telegraph: Bullfighting's future in doubt
Bullfighting was facing an uncertain future in Spain yesterday with the announcement that the last bullring in Barcelona is to close after failing to draw enough spectators.

Is there an editor in the house? An editor, please...

Daily Telegraph: 'A wonderful nightmare'
Bullfighting trace (sic) its routes (sic) through Minoan Crete and ancient Rome but was developed on the Iberian peninsula in the 18th century into La Lidia, as the art is known in Spain.

Ernest Hemingway described the bullfight as "a wonderful nightmare" in his novel The Sun also Rises. (Capital "a", gentlemen.)

To aficionados, bullfighting is an art form, a culture and a ritual, one in which the emphasis is on the way the man and bull "perform together".

Spanish newspapers cover bullfighting in their culture rather than sports pages.

Bullfighting has been popular in Central America after being introduced by the Spanish colonists and many of Spain's toreros travel abroad to fight when the season is closed at home.

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