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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blog of the Day.

Yep, you guessed it, kiddies. It is R2K.

A quick perusal of the latest posts yielded an homage to a hot cosplay babe, (Be careful, friend. Even if those babes are not high maintenance, their wardrobes certainly are.) an even hotter cousin, (Sadly, it is obvious from her photo she is much younger than many of the cravats I own.) and the following bit of ultra-genius (I am so jealous.) under the heading 4 Box Cereal:

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Here is how to make a 4 box cereal:

1. Get 4 boxes of your best cereal, these were some lousy flavors so next time I need something better.

2. Get your bowl: a large bowl please not a normal pinky finger rose water bowl but a man's bowl.

3. Get yer spoon: a man's spoon is also key: wood, yes. Big, yes. Long handle to reach the bowl from a distance. Also good for beating people who try to steal your s***.

Sorry, man, this is strictly a family blog, man, unless I get really pissed off and go nuts.

4. Pour the cereal one box at a time, to make layers of alternating flavor and texture.

Emeril? Is that you?

5. Add cereal malk (with vitamin R) to taste.

6. Wear a towel or blanket if the half gallon of cereal reduces your core temp. too much.

Hmmm... that worries me.

7. Enjoy. Repeat x4

Obviously, R2K gets it. I will gladly link to it.

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