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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Those folks on the Gulf Coast are our neighbors. You know what to do.

Does everyone now see the futility of government action?

No, of course not.

After more than a year of vote-buying and blame-assignment, at least $110 billion US taxpayer dollars (We have got off light - so far. See below.) have been spent and the region is still a mess. That is no surprise to TheChurchMilitant.

People are the most important resource in the world, and not only cannot government EVER meet the needs of ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME its actions are ALWAYS destructive and corrupting.

For more than a year now I have given you an opportunity to TRULY help our brothers and sisters in Christ who have suffered from the effects of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita through Catholic Charities USA.

While not perfect (What endeavor of man is?) Catholic Charities USA is infinitely better than the vile slavery offered to the poor and forgotten by our moral and intellectual superiors.

I would like to request another prayer from you, Gentle Reader, as the second year of recovery continues. Please pray to Almighty God that all men may throw off the shackles of ignorance and servitude that demean them and stifle their immortal souls.

First, last, and always, PRAY. Pray for the survivors. Pray for the repose of the souls of those who were killed. Pray for the families and friends. Pray for the relief workers, the cops, the firemen, the troops, and the technicians. Pray for the volunteers.

It is time to step up once again, kiddies. "Do unto others", "I was naked and you clothed me", et cetera.

As time passes, the memory of these disasters will fade for those of us fortunate enough to live outside the devastated areas, but recovery and restoration will take years.

Please, whatever you do, don't become a cynic. (I know, I know. But I just play one on the computer.) Of course there will be more horror stories like the abuse of the debit cards and that $250-odd billion federal package will produce insane amounts of corruption, but our fellow Americans will be suffering from Katrina for a long time.

True charity, (News Flash! Taxes ARE NOT charity.) like the money you donate to Catholic Charities will help the truly needy and will not foster dependency.

Providing Help. Creating Hope. Catholic Charities Continues to Minister to Hurricane Victims

The presence of our Lord is clearly seen in the loving and caring disaster response efforts of Catholic Charities. Over the past year, we have been providing help and creating hope for the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in every corner of the Gulf Coast region and beyond. Yet our work is not done. Thousands remain in desperate need. But they will not walk the long road to recovery alone. For as long as the need remains, Catholic Charities is committed to rebuilding better communities, helping families become self sufficient, and helping victims to overcome their grief and trauma.

Read the one year report here.

Help From the Parishioners

A senior citizen arrived alone on Long Island with ill health after Hurricane Katrina. She was connected with a parish on Long Island and was referred to a local medical center for treatment. She received medication and a full medical assessment for her many ailments. She was living in a motel room paid for by the American Red Cross. Catholic Charities’ Parish Social Ministry department, along with our senior case management department, placed her in a senior and disabled housing apartment complex, where she lives today. She also received gift cards, clothing, and mass transit cards from the nearby parish.
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Rockville Centre

Thanks to Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities assisted an evacuee by installing a stair glide. The family lived in a one-story home with a ground level entry in New Orleans. When they were relocated to the Pittsburgh area they moved into a ranch home with an attached garage. When they requested help, Mr. A fell trying to navigate the steps from the basement to the first floor and became depressed as he was basically home bound. He was referred for counseling and a stair glide was provided for his safety. Once the stair glide was provided, there was a significant improvement with Mr. A. He no longer feared leaving his home. The stair glide was installed several days before Christmas and the family stated, “Our Christmas was a little better thanks to Catholic Charities.” Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pittsburgh

Read more stories of how Catholic Charities have made a difference

Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities with Catholic Charities to help Gulf Coast families rebuild.

Catholic Charities USA is collecting financial donations to Catholic Charities agencies’ emergency and long-term recovery efforts in the wake of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Catholic Charities USA is consistently ranked among the highest and most efficient organizations across the country. Approximately 96 percent of contributions made to the 2005 Hurricane Relief Fund will be used for emergency response and recovery efforts.

Mail Checks To:

Catholic Charities USA
2005 Hurricane Relief Fund
PO Box 25168
Alexandria, VA 22313-9788

Call: (800) 919-9338

Contribute Now Online

FAQ - Donations
FAQ - Hurricane Relief

How you can help:
Unfortunately, Catholic Charities USA is unable to accept contributions of food, clothing, blankets and other relief supplies. Monetary donations will be used to provide for the emergency relief and long-term recovery of Katrina's and Rita's victims. Catholic Charities USA is consistently ranked among the highest and most efficient organizations across the country. Approximately 96 percent of contributions made to the 2005 Hurricane Relief Fund will be used for emergency response and recovery efforts.

About the Disaster Response Office
Catholic Charities USA, which has been commissioned by the U.S. Catholic Bishops to represent the Catholic community in times of domestic disaster, responds with emergency and long-term assistance as needed. Its Disaster Response Office connects the Church's social service agencies and disaster planning offices across the nation.

And, as always, give generously to the special collections for hurricance disaster relief in your local parish.

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