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"Let no freedom be allowed to novelty, because it is not fitting that any addition should be made to antiquity. Let not the clear faith and belief of our forefathers be fouled by any muddy admixture." -- Pope Sixtus III

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More stuff from Britain.

UPI: Long African presence found in Britain
Leicester, England - A University of Leicester study has provided the first genetic evidence of a long-lived African presence within Britain.

The Wellcome Trust-funded research has confirmed Africans have lived among "indigenous" British people for centuries, with their descendants, living across the United Kingdom today, unaware of their black ancestry.

The researchers, led by Professor Mark Jobling, found one third of men with an unusual Yorkshire surname carry a rare Y chromosome type previously found only among people of West African origin.

The discovery came after doctoral student Turi King found the rare Y chromosome type, known as hgA1, in one individual, Mr. X., while studying the association between surnames and the Y chromosome, both inherited from father to son. Mr. X, a white Caucasian living in Leicester, was unaware of having any African ancestors.

"This study shows that what it means to be British is complicated and always has been," said Jobling. "Human migration history is clearly very complex, particularly for an island nation such as ours, and this study further debunks the idea that there are simple and distinct populations or 'races'."

The study appears in the European Journal of Human Genetics.

AFP: Five arrested in Britain under anti-terror laws
Five men have been arrested in dawn raids in Britain under anti-terrorism laws, including two British Pakistanis.

Baltimore Jewish Times: Britain's Jewish Radio Wants To Expand
A Jewish voice for Britain is waiting to have that voice certified by the government. Shalom FM, the sole station in Britain that offers all-Jewish programming, is awaiting an answer to its second application for a full-time community broadcasting license. A previous bid was rejected.

I wonder if he went to them cap in hand...

AP: Romania Wants Britain to Lift Worker Cap
Romanian President Traian Basescu asked Britain's deputy prime minister, John Prescott, to lift restrictions on the number of Romanians who can work in Britain, the president's office said Wednesday.

International Herald Tribune: Nymex drops 'open outcry' exchange in Britain
London - Nymex, the commodity exchange giant, has finally abandoned its ill-fated plan to set up an open outcry trading floor in Britain.

The exchange has quietly applied for a "derecognition of exchange" with London regulators, said traders in London.
Exchanges that physically trade in London are required to certify that they are "recognized investment exchanges" with the Financial Services Authority.

With the withdrawal, Nymex's presence in London reverts to a marketing office, a far cry from the ambitious British expansion plans that it undertook less than two years ago to create an open outcry system, whereby traders or stockbrokers meet to buy and sell securities, using hand and verbal signals.

AFP: Brothers crowned Britain's fish and chip shop kings
A fish and chip shop run by two brothers has battered the competition to be crowned the best in Britain, where the takeaway favourite is the traditional national dish.

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