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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

24's Body Count Update.

The leader of The Men With Phones In Their Ears is Jack's estranged brother! And Jack's estranged father may be doing business with the goat rapists who just nuked LA! His brother's too hot wife is Jack's ex-girlfriend! (She is much hotter than any of the babes with whom Citizen Bauer has been linked throughout the series.)

Jack has no choice but to torture his brother.

Curtis is dead. I thought Jack shot him in the shoulder like a cowboy would, but it seems CTU's most reliable agent (after Jack, of course) caught one between the eyes.

Sadly, the aftermath of the nuclear attack rings hollow. There is practically no panic, and that is just not realistic.

BTW, when President Token II asks his men about retaliating against states who helped the Abu Fayed Goat Raping Brigade, why doesn't someone suggest asking the newly moderate al-Assad who provided him and Fayed with material support for two decades? Is the administration afraid of upsetting mohammedan regimes who might sign on to Assad's peace-in-our-time pipedream?

From Right Wing Nuthouse:


A rare night off for the Grim Reaper although we can now confirm that Curtis is indeed dead. And in the interest of accuracy, a commenter pointed out that I missed the dead soldier slumped over the wheel of the bus that carried Nameer to the airport, killed by the traitorous guard. That means one more for Jack and two added to the total for the show.

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