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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The infantile left (is their any other?) rails against the war with their tiny brains of fury.

Melanie Morgan knows we must fight the Vietnamization of the Iraqi Theater of Operations.

Only YOU can prevent the left-fascists from enabling the slaughter of even more innocents!

WorldNetDaily: Combating the self-loathing left
by Melanie Morgan

Most Americans pick their vacation destinations from places such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, or maybe a family trip to Disneyland.
Lately, a number of conservatives have been going to Iraq, forced to explore the front lines in the war on terrorism that the media have failed to accurately report to the American people.

Just back from Iraq is the conservative blogger/columnist extraordinaire Michelle Malkin, an ardent supporter of the war on terrorism. Before she left for Iraq, Malkin admitted that she found herself succumbing to some of the negativity pervasive in mainstream media coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Malkin left for Iraq saying that she was:

… a darkening pessimist about the war, due in large part to my doubts about the compatibility of Islam and Western-style democracy, but also as a result of the
steady, sensational diet of "grim milestone" and "daily IED count" media coverage that aids the insurgency.

Seeing the situation firsthand in Iraq and talking to our troops there is an eye-opening and inspirational experience. Malkin says that she returned from Iraq "with unexpected hope and resolve."

I know how Michelle feels. Serving as chairman of the pro-troop nonprofit group Move America Forward, I've been honored to organize two trips to Iraq. I have heard the repeated pleas from our troops not to give up on them and their missions in the war on terrorism, which the overwhelming majority of them believe we are winning.

Our troops tell me time and again that progress is being made in Iraq – progress that will make the world a safer place and that will deal a major blow to the forces of terrorism.

Our troops see hope in Iraq, a hope that sadly the anti-war contingent in this country refuses to embrace. Those opposed to the war on terrorism are so entrenched in their contempt for the military effort that they openly wish for failure so that they can enjoy the perverse pleasure of saying "I told you so."

The anti-war left does not view "victory" as the U.S. military defeating the terrorists, but as anti-war activists defeating pro-troop supporters here at home.

Conservative talk-radio host Martha Zoller knows all too well about this. She is returning from her second trip to Iraq, and in her journal she noted the duplicity of anti-war activists.

It never fails that when I come across someone who is and has been dead set against the war. They will always say they "don't support the war," but they
"support the troops." When pressed further, you find they don't write letters, they don't shake the hands of soldiers and thank them for their service.

Martha's on a very special mission in Iraq, bringing John Wroblewski, the father of a fallen U.S. soldier, to see the land where his son died. Central to Mr. Wroblewski's mission is to let the troops on the ground know how much he supports them.

Mr. Wroblewski's trip follows a larger delegation of Gold Star Families (families who lost a loved one in the war on terrorism) that went to Iraq in November. The trip was organized by Move America Forward – the nation's largest grass-roots pro-troop organization. These families met with the president, prime minister and other government leaders of the Kurdish region of Iraq, as well as with U.S. troops and Iraqi citizens.

To a person, these family members came home with an even greater determination to see the mission in Iraq succeed.
It's interesting because left-wing bloggers often ridicule these trips to Iraq, complaining that the participants have a bias in support of the war effort.

I've never quite understood how anti-war zealots can sit there and criticize us for being too pro-military or pro-American in our desire to see progress in the war effort. Shame on us for rooting too much for the American side in the war on terrorism; if only we'd all have the same self-loathing and negativity that rots the souls of the anti-war left!

When gifted talk-radio host Laura Ingraham went to Iraq, she was treated to condescension and ridicule from the media and war critics.

Keith Olbermann called Ingraham's criticism of mainstream media coverage of the war effort "desperate" and "stupid."

Übermann is a failed tv sports highlight show host.

Failed left-wing radio host Taylor Marsh similarly lampooned Ingraham for going to Iraq, saying:

However, her callousness, over the top, right-wing radio Iraqi Queen for a Day look at me I WENT TO IRAQ bravado, which mimics other right-wing radio
talk-show hosts like Melanie Morgan, has gotten a couple of people righteously pi--ed off. That is, besides me. …

Laura Ingraham should be ashamed, and she would be if this soulless, money grubbing mouthpiece had a conscience.

This babbling cow wouldn't last thirty seconds in an interview with Laura, much less a debate. Leftism always has been and always will be the first and last refuge of moral and physical cowards.

It's tough to win a war against a foreign enemy when you have people on the home front like Keith Olbermann and Taylor Marsh essentially rooting for the insurgents.

But we have no choice but to push forward, no matter what the political considerations are here at home. Failure is not an option.

Conservative blogger Bryan Preston summarized this quite well when he noted in his recount of his trip to Iraq with Michelle Malkin: "So whether we win ugly or pretty, we have to win. And we can."

Amen, brother!

Amen to that, Sister!

Read Michelle's account of her trip with fellow blogger Bryan Preston.

Read about Move America Forward's trip to Iraq.

Read Laura Ingraham's journal on her Iraq trip.

Read about Martha Zoller's trip to Iraq.

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