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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The triumph of the Clumptablishment and the Fake Conservatives.

There will never be a repeal of Okhrana's fascist health power grab because we are ruled by the power-mad and the one thing they NEVER do is give back power they have stolen.

Please remember these truths, kiddies:

"Populism" is nothing more than buying enough votes to grab power.

"Patriotism" is true love of country.

"Nationalism" is hatred of others fomented by elites to distract the Clumpentariat from the fact they are slaves.

"Fascism" is the rule of men instead of the rule of law.

Trump Struggles to Rally Moderate Republicans on Healthcare Vote


Changes to Republicans' Amended Health Care Bill Could be Disastrous · New Republican Health Care Bill Exempts Congress From Changes to Obamacare.

NewsInn | GOP's Health-Bill Woes Show New Power of Party's Centrist ...


With the looming possibility of a vote in Congress as soon as this week on the new Republican health care bill, Kimmel called on his audience to fight for ...

What you need to know about the GOP plan and pre-existing ...


People with pre-existing conditions may have to pay much more for their insurance with the new Republican health care bill.

Who Opposes the New Republican Health Care Bill in the House ...


Moderate Republicans threaten to sink the latest bill to replace Obamacare.

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