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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Savanna Tomlinson: Racist Of The Year.

As a Caucasian, I am deeply offended by black folks playing at being white. I don't walk around in blackface, so why must insensitive racists like this girl pretend to be like me?

This country will forever be divided if ignorant little boys and girls think this sort of thing is funny. I feel sorry for her mother. She is to be pitied because her baby girl turned out to be a hate-filled monster. I'm guessing Savanna is graduating from some Government Indoctrination Center disguised as a public high school where fostering hatred of white people is job one.

From The Grapevine:

Going out with a bang 😎💣 pic.twitter.com/SlSHu1KNyF
UPDATE: My mom is furious that I put that as my quote LMAO

Instead of posting a typically trite aphorism or stale maxim, Savanna Tomlinson just broke the internet with what may be the funniest yearbook quote ever.

The 17-year-old senior at Treasure Coast High School in Port St. Lucie, Fla., wanted to leave something memorable next to her graduation photo, so she wrote, “Anything is possible when you sound Caucasian on the phone.”

According to BuzzFeed, Savanna heard the quote from someone who claims he got free plane tickets because he sounded white when he called an airline. The post immediately went viral, and Savanna says that she has received tons of feedback—mostly positive.

But one person who didn’t appreciate Savanna’s joke is her mom.

Maybe Savanna’s mother wanted her to leave something thoughtful and timeless ...

Or maybe she just doesn’t know how much it pays to sound white on the phone.

by Michael Harriot@michaelharriot

Michael Harriot is a staff writer at The Root, host of "The Black One" podcast and editor-in-chief of the daily digital magazine NegusWhoRead.

So we're allowed to call them "Negus" now?

BTW, Mikey, reading is white, you race traitor.

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