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Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Here's the bottom line, kiddies:

"Populism" is nothing more than buying enough votes to grab power.

"Patriotism" is true love of country.

"Nationalism" is hatred of others fomented by elites to distract the Clumpentariat from the fact they are slaves.

"Fascism" is the rule of men instead of the rule of law.

From Western Journalism:

Conservatives Lose With Behemoth $1.1 Trillion Budget Deal

Much to the dismay of fiscal conservatives, a stopgap budget bill with bipartisan support is expected to pass the Republican-led House of Representatives this week.

According to recent reports, the nearly 1,600-page bill will provide funding for numerous leftist projects, including ObamaCare implementation and government-backed preschool programs.
Members of the military – along with all federal civilian employees – will receive a 1 percent pay raise.

This is some of what Clumpskyism means in practice:

1] Planned Babykilling continues to get your tax dollars to murder babies.

2] The bullshit wall on the southern border does not get a dime.

(BTW, if we really wanted to stop foreigners from illegally entering this country, we would put troops between us and Mexico and order them to shoot anybody crossing illegally. I guess our moral and intellectual superiors on the left and the right think that is too mean.)

3] Left-fascist "sanctuary" cities and states are rewarded for breaking the law with your tax dollars.

Business as usual in DC. Clump is a power-mad cretin just like all the rest of them.

The House is expected to vote on the bill Wednesday, just hours before a current spending bill is set to expire. While members of both parties are touting a victory in that a deal was reached before another government shutdown was imminent, many conservatives are bemoaning the largely one-sided concessions this bill requires.

In addition to the sheer cost associated with the deal, a number of proposals – including stricter regulations on abortion and the Environmental Protection Agency – are missing from the deal. Furthermore, leftist talking points regarding this bill’s relatively lower cost compared to a similar spending measure passed in 2010 is far less substantial when military cuts are taken out of the equation.

A few nods to veterans and their families are included for good measure, giving patriots a meager reason to celebrate. Additionally, two leftist initiatives – a high-speed railway favored by Obama and the impending ban on incandescent light bulbs – were both nixed from the budget proposal

In all, and as usual, the Obama administration and its ideological allies seem to have bested Republican leadership in compiling this bloated budget bill. With the recent White House announcement that Obama intends to rely even more on executive orders in the coming year, it can be frightening to imagine what policies he will push through against the objection of Congress.

Too many GOP legislators are already eager to capitulate to leftist demands. To many, the fact that this bill is predicted to sail through a Republican-controlled House is conclusive evidence of that trend.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Mr. Agee might be a fake conservative, but it doesn't really matter. It has long been impossible for any man with principles to associate either political party with anything but power-lust.

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