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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hell, we'd be lucky if the only thing wrong with A Cockjerk Orange is disordered sexual desire.

Well, maybe. All sins are related, after all. Sneaking around and fellating other world leaders begets lying and lying begets pride and pride begets...get it?

From Washington's other newspaper:

Colbert is silent after facing #firecolbert backlash over Trump joke ...

President Trump has, for months, been the target of Stephen Colbert’s pointed jokes and mockery.

But many on social media believe the “Late Show” host went too far Monday night in making an oral-sex joke regarding Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

#FireColbert was trending on Twitter Wednesday morning. There’s a new Twitter account called @firecolbert. Its first tweet: “It’s time to #FireColbert! It’s time he be removed from CBS. Let your voice be heard! #Boycott all of Stephen Colbert’s advertisers.” There’s also a new website, firecolbert.com.

The anger from Trump supporters was over a series of jokes that Colbert unloaded in the last two minutes of his monologue on Monday night in reaction to how the president dealt with CBS News political director John Dickerson.

Here are some of them:

“Mr. Trump, your presidency, I love your presidency. I call it “Disgrace the Nation.”

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine.”

That is worse than unfunny. It is ignorant. Skinheads want to be bald. Somebody needs to be fired for that one.

“You have more people marching against you than cancer.”

“You talk like a sign language gorilla who got hit in the head.”

Poor gorilla. Where are the PETA clowns when we need them? Primate-on-primate crime is not funny.

And here’s the joke that has angered many:

“In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c— holster.”

I think the word he used was "cock", which is often a euphemism for "penis", which is the primary male sexual organ, albeit decreasingly so. [How the hell does Big Rooster let us get away with that?]

I'm not hip like ol' Stevie [I know that's probably "homophobic" too, whatever the hell "homophobic" is supposed to mean. Like, technically, it means "fear of self" which describes all fascists. But then again, "gay" means happy, which the practitioners of non-Euclidean sex definitely are not. Why do fascists screw with innocent words? Because it works.] but from all accounts it appears that Czarina Putinesca's pudenda is more like a pop gun than a .44 revolver.

The thing that is really upsetting is that an unfunny left-fascist moron can get laughs from his left-fascist audience by calling the right-fascist Orange Messiah a homosexual. Why do sodomites put up with this? I guess being treated like worthless perverts is ok when your political "friends" do it.

Or maybe they are just into being abused. I understand that's a thing.

What if my earlier speculation is correct and Clumpy The Clown is really, really into overcompensating dicktaters and "strongmen"? Then it is hate speech against the differentially turned-on.

Maybe if that tiny psycho-ghoul from North Korea puts on a pair of leather chaps and memorizes a few lines from some homoerotic snuff films, he'll get to keep oppressing his people indefinitely.

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