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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What do you give the newly "married" sodomite couple that has everything?

More communism, of course.

Boshevik The Clown stars in the new circle-jerker pic "Four Sham Weddings and Four More Years of Fetus Funerals".

From Mark Whittington of the Yahoo! Contributor Network:

Giving Money to Obama Event Registry Tacky Beyond Belief

Weasel Zippers has stumbled upon an "Event Registry" courtesy of the Barack Obama re-election campaign. It invites everyone with a birthday, wedding or anniversary to ask for donations to the campaign in lieu of gifts.

Words almost fail. 

One suspects this proposal is directed at people who do not have a wide circle of friends or with any particular needs; in other words, rich liberals. It is an open invitation for a conservative relative to not only avoid the wedding, birthday or anniversary but to cut the particular person out of their will. 

I attended the wedding of a relative recently. Knowing she is a lady of discernment and taste, he and his wife gave her and her stalwart Air Force lieutenant groom some more practical items than a contribution to a political campaign in their name. One of them was the complete episodes of "Stargate: Universe." 

As Salon reports, there have been instances of people who have decided to make political statements from beyond the grave, almost always in the form of "in lieu of flowers, give money to anyone running against Obama." It is surprising the Obama campaign has not thought of that one. After all, when the death panels have sent one to eternity, nothing quite says thank you, Mr. President, than a campaign contribution. 

Also, as with this cancer charity, people with a big day have often requested donations to good causes in lieu of gifts. But a charity that helps kids with cancer is on a slightly more elevated moral plane than the desperate campaign of a failed president which is casting about for any source of cash to stave off ruin and defeat. 

Here is a better suggestion to a bride, groom, birthday boy or girl, or whomever. If the spirit moves, ask for a donation to a worthy cause such as curing a disease, helping people beset by disaster or starving children in the Third World. Have them make that donation in the name of President Obama and arrange for a note to be sent to the White House. One is sure the president will appreciate that public spirited gesture more than some tacky campaign cash. 

Oh, and a gravy boat is probably appreciated too. How else does one serve gravy, after all?


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