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It seems Pope Francis needs to brush up on his Tertullian!

It has been reported (in The ChristLast Media, I must note) that the current Pope does not like the phrase "lead us not into temptation...

"Let no freedom be allowed to novelty, because it is not fitting that any addition should be made to antiquity. Let not the clear faith and belief of our forefathers be fouled by any muddy admixture." -- Pope Sixtus III

Thursday, June 28, 2012


You laughed when I typed America was long dead. Now I get to laugh at you naive idiots who put your faith in the rule of men [jug-eared commies, dictators in long black dresses, et cetera.] instead of the rule of law. [See my post from March 8, 2012 Fyodor peers into the future.   I must be getting younger. I actually allowed a sentence or two filled with earthly hope creep into that one.]

This "ruling" means everything and anything is permitted. John Boehner and Mittens the Pompadoured Heretic can't save you now. You won't have to wait long to see the left-ghouls bloodlust unleashed. [I'm guessing November 7th is the day.]

Have you ever read any books [I could stop this post right there. Get it?] about the bad old days or even today's news out of Syria, China, Korea, the entire continent of Africa, or even "civilized" places like Greece, Italy, Spain, or France? The rule of the gun, the bomb, and the knife is the history of humanity. All Americans are about to learn this the hardest way possible. 

We have had a decent 200 year run made possible by the fact this continent was so big we could just move to an empty spot when government inevitably showed its "man is wolf to man" fangs. [BTW, kiddies, this Supreme Fascist decision now proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Indians - the real ones, not Ward Churchill or Elizabeth Warren - were right. They knew we'd fuck it up. You can take the man out of a third-world hellhole, but you can't take the sinfulness out of the man.

The worst part [so far, that is] is all the brave men who fought, died, or got mutilated fighting for a lie. America was never a shiny beacon of freedom on a hill beckoning to the oppressed masses of the world. It was just another mousetrap [albeit one that has been sprung excruciatingly slowly] built and ruled by men who don't know God, who know Him incorrectly, or who know Him correctly but do not fear him because they are insane. [Take your pick, kiddies. They are all the same in the end.] It certainly was a comfortable mousetrap, filled with cheese-like delights such as money, pornography, easy divorce, muscle cars, and the like. But like all mousetraps, it ultimately serves just one purpose. [I simply can't wait to hear what the "conservatives'" favorite living serial adulterer  has to say today. "We've really got to vote Repansycan now to restore everything to the way it was before the 1960's, which is when I started paying attention!" BTW, Glenn "mormon doesn't mean you believe stupid and dangerous things unless you're Harry Reid" Beck was preempted this morning by live coverage of The Decision from Washington. At least LeBron James won't be saddled with the dumbest dumbass decision of all time label any longer.]

What I'm trying to type is this: We are no better off than some poor dumb bastard in North Korea who is trying to keep his family alive by feeding them dirt. If you think we are, [or if you think you are] it's time to remove the blinders.
Hobbes had it half right in Leviathan when he described the lives of men before there was government as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short". That's the way our lives have been since we invented government, too. We have simply chosen to pretend things are different now. You neo-darwinists in the audience would refer to this as a defensive adaptation.

What to do, what to do, what to do...

Heck, I'll type it, but it won't make a bit of difference...

Pray. Go to confession. Go to Holy Mass. Partake of the Sacred Body and Most Precious Blood of God Himself. Love thy neighbor. Teach your children The Way. [You unbelieving and improperly believing kiddies better hurry home to Rome. I doubt the power-mad will let us keep our doors open much longer now that even the pretense of constitutional government is gone.] Go underground if you can. Try to keep your head down if you can't. Wage war against evil as best you can. Hope in God. Trust in God...but not in man.

May God have mercy on all souls.

 Supreme Court upholds individual mandate

BTW, for you bread and circuses types, Italy plays Germany today in EuroSnooze 2012.

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