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Friday, October 05, 2007

Totalitarian Pennsylvania Update.

You get what you vote for, kiddies...

KDKA: Head Of PHEAA To Resign

The head of PHEAA is on his way out after the release of a scathing audit of the agency’s spending.

Richard Willey, chief executive of the agency, announced that he will resign after the audit revealed a $108,000 party at Hershey Park in April.

"There is no benefit to Pennsylvania students with an event like that,” State Senator and PHEAA Vice Board Chairman Sean Logan said. He called Willey's actions "inexcusable."

“Dick Willie needs to resign immediately. He feels that the board is not important, that he doesn’t have to run these ideas past the board, and that the board is kind of secondary and he makes the decisions,” Logan said.

Auditor General Jack Wagner says the group’s spending took money from the pockets of taxpayers and students.

“That $6.4 million given out over the past three years could have paid for 1,702 grants or it could have been used to forgive 2,563 loans of $2,500 each,” Wagner said.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin reports Willey retires from PHEAA with a pension about $400,000 per year.

PHEAA says it is looking into whether or not it can take away any of the pension because of these actions.

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