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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sport is dying.

WLBZ: Tyson Pleads Guilty To Drug, DUI Charges
Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson pleaded guilty Monday to charges of drug possession and driving under the influence stemming from a traffic stop last year as he was leaving a nightclub.

AP: O.J. Simpson ordered to surrender Rolex
O.J. Simpson was minus one Rolex watch — real or otherwise — Tuesday after a judge ordered him to hand it and other assets over to the father of slaying victim Ron Goldman.

WJBF: Florida Gators' Joiner Arrested
Florida safety Tony Joiner was arrested early today and charged with felony burglary. Gainesville police say the senior captain of the ninth-ranked Gators was arrested around 5 a.m. outside the fenced impound lot of a towing company.

19 Action News: Jury Awards $11.6 Million to Former New York Knicks Executive in Sexual Harassment Case
A federal jury decided Madison Square Garden and its chairman must pay $11.6 million in damages to former New York Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders in her sexual harassment lawsuit. The jury also found Knicks coach Isiah Thomas subjected Browne Sanders to unwanted advances and a barrage of verbal insults, but that he did not have to pay punitive damages.

Pocono Record: Ex-Northern Colorado backup puntersentenced to seven years in prison
Former Northern Colorado backup punter Mitch Cozad was sentenced to seven years in prison Tuesday for stabbing a rival in what prosecutors said was a brutal attempt to take over the starter's role.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Texas A&M's Franchione sold insider knowledge to boosters
The Texas A&M athletic director said he didn't know coach Dennis Franchione was providing inside information on the Aggies in a newsletter to boosters who paid $1,200 per year until two weeks ago.

"Boosters", huh? Is that what they call guys who like to bet on football these days?

ESPN: Big Ben allowed to wear headband
One of the biggest questions facing the Bulls in the coming season has been answered: Big Ben's headband is back.

Covers.com: Texas Tech LB Tillman arrested on marijuana charge
Texas Tech linebacker Kellen Tillman was arrested on a marijuana possession charge, two days after being suspended for the Red Raiders' last game. Tillman, a 23-year-old senior, posted $750 bond on a Class B misdemeanor charge...

Washington's other newspaper: NFL's Newest Promotion
With new captain's patches, the NFL tries to "support and recognize" leadership among players. What do the players think? It depends ...

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