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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fyodor's Unsolicited Music Review of the Day.

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Songs About Girls by will.i.am

I will get the bad news out of the way first because there is so much more bad than good in this one, kiddies.

There is a parental warning label on this album because of several gratuitous uses of the word nigger as well as a couple of colorful euphemisms for human genitalia normally favored by eleven year old boys.

The album should have been entitled Songs About Strippers because a significant number of them are.

There are a few too many throwaway generic dumbass raps. I would think one would be the proper limit for a debut album.

There is a monumentally stupid global warming "song" that is blasphemous as well as scientifically unsound - quite a hat trick for a rookie.

The good news?

The guy appears to have some talent and it sounds like actual musical instruments are used in some of the songs.

There are a couple of catchy melodies and at least three of the album's selections seem destined to be strip club anthems.

The bottom line?

Buy a used copy and do not pay more than $4 for it.

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