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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A few words on Ken Burns' "The War".

New York Daily News: In Ken Burns' 'War,' passion is MIA
by David Hinckley

Next time PBS has enough cash to hire Ken Burns for a project like the 15-hour World War II series that ended last night on Ch. 13, here's a suggestion: See if it's enough to buy Steven Spielberg....

While I would not do something as silly as hiring Senor Spielbergo to make a film on a serious subject like a war, or baseball, or the Shoah, I know what Mr. Hinckley means.

For someone who actually reads books, "The War" was not satisfying. The personal stories are good to hear, but the big picture is lost. Mr. Burns' latest magnum opus is an excellent place to start for those who know nothing of American history, [i.e. children trapped in our hideous government indoctrination centers] but little else.

Of course, grainy film and black and white photos from sixty-five years ago will probably have little effect on kids reared on blood soaked video games [with graphics that make Saving Private Ryan look like a Smurfs cartoon] and Quentin Tarantino movies. But we can hope.

On the other hand...

A twenty-something new mom who lives near my secluded dacha mentioned she and her husband had watched the whole thing from start to finish. The thing that struck her imagination most forcefully? She was thunderstruck by the fact Americans could not buy new cars during the war!


As I have said before: The last war America will ever win ended in 1945. Pray for our country, kiddies, because she needs all the help she can get. Big time.

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