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Friday, October 12, 2007

Remember Michael Devlin, kiddies?

Fyodor does. See SEX IS DEATH. (The shifting sands of normalcy).

CBS 3: Devlin Pleads Guilty To 2nd Kidnapping

A former pizzeria manager who abducted and sexually abused two boys pleaded guilty Tuesday to dozens of counts expected to lead to more than 20 life sentences, and gave weeping family members years of brutal details.

Michael Devlin pleaded guilty in Washington County to kidnapping, sexually assaulting and attempting to murder Shawn Hornbeck in 2002.

Later Tuesday in St. Louis County Circuit Court, he pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping and 69 counts of forcible sodomy in attacks on William "Ben" Ownby, abducted last year, and Shawn, held captive for more than four years.

He pleaded guilty to related counts in Franklin County on Monday, and was expected in federal court by Wednesday.

In the Washington County hearing, Devlin, 41, stood just feet away from Shawn's weeping parents as he admitted in graphic detail how he abducted Shawn in 2002. He described the point at which the boy apparently turned from being an abduction victim to a captive forced to stay alive by following Devlin's horrific orders.

After Shawn was abducted at gunpoint while riding his bike in rural Washington County, Devlin took the then-11-year-old to his apartment in suburban St. Louis where he repeatedly sexually assaulted the boy. Days later, Devlin took Shawn back to rural Washington County in his pickup truck, apparently intent on killing him.

He said he pulled Shawn from his truck and began to strangle him. Shawn resisted.

"I attempted to kill (Shawn) and he talked me out of it," Devlin said.

Devlin stopped the choking, but then sexually assaulted the boy again. Prosecutors said it was at that point that Shawn told Devlin he would do whatever was asked of him in order to stay alive.

"This boy made this contract, this deal with the devil, only to survive," Washington County prosecutor John Rupp said.

That is one choice. Fighting to the death is another.

I would not make Shawn's choice, but I cannot blame him for making it.

Who knows what I would have done at age 11?

Devlin kidnapped Ben in January, and police who found Ben four days after he was taken were shocked to discover a 15-year-old Shawn in Devlin's apartment.

Devlin pleaded guilty Monday to one charge of child kidnapping and one charge of armed criminal action in Ben's abduction.

He received a life sentence in Franklin County and three life terms in prison plus 60 years in Washington County. In St. Louis County, the judge said he would sentence Devlin to 18 consecutive life sentences.

Prosecutors said the combined pleas mean Devlin will not be eligible for parole until he is more than 100 years old.

Rupp said he was satisfied with the sentences Devlin received.

"You heard it from his own mouth. You've heard what kind of a monster he is," Rupp said after the hearing.

Devlin's defense attorneys and Shawn's parents declined to comment Tuesday.

Devlin's attorneys have said he accepted a plea deal after reviewing the massive body of evidence collected by state and federal authorities. The boys' families said they were relieved because the pleas will spare the teens from testifying and reliving the ordeal.

"Nothing good could have come from a trial," said defense attorney Michael Kielty. "The evidence ... is just absolutely overwhelming."

While it is The Associated Press' policy not to identify suspected victims of sexual abuse in most cases, the story of Shawn and Ben has been widely publicized and their names are well known.

Like that makes it okay.

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