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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The invasion of America continues apace.

Can you guess how many paragraphs it takes this outpost of the AmericaLast media to get to the punchline in which we learn this pervert merely happens to be a twice deported illegal invader?

The Signal: Alleged Rapist to be Arraigned

The 29-year-old Canyon Country man who reportedly raped two women and attacked a third earlier this year will appear in court today for arraignment.

He faces 26 charges, most of which are related to the attacks, and is being held in lieu of $11 million bail, a District Attorney spokeswoman said.

Charges pertaining to rapes in January and March and a third attack in June were filed against Adrian Arriano, also known as Andres Gomez, said Jane Robison, spokeswoman with the county District Attorney's office.

Arriano could be sentenced to multiple life terms in prison if convicted.

Sheriff's Capt. Anthony La Berge said DNA evidence from the rapes will be compared to Arriano's DNA, and the results will be available within weeks.

The charges filed Wednesday are: one count of attempted murder, nine counts of forcible rape, four counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object, three counts of sodomy, three counts of forced oral copulation, three counts of burglary, one count of false imprisonment by violence, one count of residential robbery and one count of assault to commit a felony during a burglary.

On Jan. 6 Arriano reportedly raped a 20-year-old woman after breaking into her apartment in the 19000 block of Stillmore Street. Then on March 29, he allegedly raped a woman in her 40s at knifepoint in her home in the 19500 block of Four Oaks Drive, less than a mile from the first attack.

Arriano, a twice deported illegal immigrant, reportedly lived in the same Canyon Country neighborhood where these attacks occurred.

Eight. The joke is on us.

Almost three months later, on June 26, he allegedly broke into Canyon Country resident Erin O'Brien's apartment, located near Soledad Canyon Road and Luther Drive, and attacked her. She screamed and fought back, prompting him to flee.

The victims in each of these attacks were present at a press conference held last week to announce Arriano's arrest, and called his capture a "miracle."

Arriano was arrested Sept. 10 after he reportedly tried to break into a woman's second-story condominium in Newhall.

Detectives noted physical similarities between Arriano and the wanted rapist. Additionally, during an interview with detectives, Arriano provided information about the rapes that had not yet been released to the public.

For the Sept. 10 incident, Arriano faces one count of first degree burglary.

An arraignment hearing for that case is scheduled for Sept. 26, Robison said, adding that it may change as a result of the sexual assault case.

Arriano is being held at Pitchess Detention Center North County Facility in Castaic.

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