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Friday, October 12, 2007

Barney Frank attacked as a liberal sell-out by practioners of non-euclidean sex...

...and brave Barney bravely bitch-slaps 'em back!

Sodom-By-The-Bay Chronicle: Gay rights champ Rep. Barney Frank lashes out at critics [Thanks to Laura Ingraham for the heads up.]

Golly...I would hate to see the bouts he had to win to become the champ.

The leading champion of gay rights in Congress ripped into what he called self-defeating ideological purists [Holy crap! - F.G.] on the left who are unhappy with the Democrat-led Congress over issues such as the Iraq war and dropping transgender people from a job discrimination bill.

Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat who is gay, is under ferocious attack from gay rights organizations for his decision to strip transgender people from a long-sought bill to protect gays, lesbians and bisexuals from job discrimination.

Clearly, ol' Barney likes his pansies to look like real men.

Clearly angered by unaccustomed criticism from his most ardent allies, Frank called a press conference Thursday - which coincided with National Coming Out Day - [Rats! Was there a parade? - F.G.] in which he accused gay rights organizations of an all-or-nothing approach that punishes their friends and damages the prospects for future gay-friendly legislation.

That is gaygislation to you, pal.

Straying well beyond the transgender issue, Frank struck back at a much broader belief among many liberal voters and constituencies that the new Democratic majority on Capitol Hill has failed to deliver as much as expected. He warned activists that they were in danger of a Terry Schiavo-style miscalculation, referring to Republicans who tried to cater to core voters by intervening two years ago in the case of a Florida woman on life support.

Nice analogy [sorry], you blood soaked pervert.

"This is a moment of truth as far as I'm concerned for [OXYMORON ALERT!] responsible liberals [OXYMORON ALERT!] in the Democratic Party," Frank said.

"The question is: Can we govern responsibly? And governing responsibly means working with everybody, listening to and exchanging views with the people who care passionately ... but then as you go forward with the goals, taking reality into account," Frank said. "People who then denounce those who take reality into account ... make it impossible for us to govern."


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