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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Your union dues hard at work.

CNSNews.com: Union Dues Case About 'Protecting Elections,' Lawyer Says
The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard oral arguments in a case examining the way labor unions use non-members' dues, prompting one of the lawyers arguing the case to urge the justices to "protect the integrity of our election system."

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna said that allowing the union to use non-members' money for political purposes without affirmative consent tarnishes the election system, because it funnels money to a campaign that the dues-payer may not support.

Under the current system in Washington, teachers who are not members of the Washington Education Association are still required to pay dues to the union to help pay for the union's activities that benefit non-members, such as collective bargaining.

Non-members may petition the union for a refund of the amount of their dues that are spent on political activity. The statute under review would reverse the current system and require the union automatically to refund that amount unless the non-member approves its use for political advocacy.

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