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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tom Harkin is a sadistic, perverted, bloodthirsty, babykilling ghoul who lies.

KCCI 8: Harkin Leads Fight To Override Veto Of Stem Cell Bill
Des Moines, Iowa -- Democratic control of Congress could mean new hope for embryonic stem cell research.

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin is behind federal legislation that was announced Tuesday.

Democrats want to give stem cell legislation another try and override President George W. Bush's last veto.

"This is not about pro-choice or pro-life. This crosses all lines," Harkin said.

Moron is too generous a word for him. Mass-murderer is more appropriate.

Harkin is the lead Democrat behind the new stem cell research bill.

His plan is to use federal dollars to experiment with stem cells taken from embryos that would otherwise be discarded.

He said it is about giving hope to those with Parkinson's disease and spinal injuries.

Dr. Todd Troll, a board member at the Iowa Family Policy Center, said he is not convinced, and that the new legislation is still morally and ethically wrong.

"I don't support killing embryos for research and neither does the Iowa Family Policy Center," he said.

Troll pointed out a new study that shows stem cells may now be extracted from a pregnant women's amniotic fluid without harming a mother or fetus. (Emphasis mine.)

He said those cells work far better than those from embryos. That might derail Harkin's new legislation.

Decency and the truth are never impediments for The Party Of Blasphemy, Buggery, and 'Bortion.

Harkin said he thinks he has enough votes to over ride Bush's veto, but it is not a sure thing in the House of Representatives.

The House takes up the stem cell bill this week.

Besides being a brilliant physician, humanitarian, and leader in the fight against the Forces of Reaction, ol' Tom Turkey is an expert in economics!

US News & World Report: Harkin Denies Ethanol Use Will Lead to Corn Price Spike

May the saints preserve us from our moral and intellectual superiors.

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