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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sodom-By-The-Bay Update.

An all-male a cappella group from Yale University got a brutal beating from some San Francisco thugs after singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a house party, authorities said yesterday.

One victim - the son of a prominent New York banker - had to have his jaw wired shut after titanium plates were inserted into his face following the attack.

San Francisco police have made no arrests in the New Year's Eve attack.

It began shortly after The Baker's Dozen, dressed in preppy blue sports jackets, arrived at a house party held in their honor during their West Coast tour.

The group, which dates to 1947, began to belt out the national anthem - but a couple of youths didn't like the song selection.
"[The hecklers] called them all kinds of names - homos and fags," said banker Sharyar Aziz Sr., whose son, Sharyar Jr., had his jaw broken.

This is obviously a fabrication. Nobody in SF would ever use the words "homo" and "fag" except as terms of endearment.

As the party grew tense, the host told everyone to leave. But minutes later, the 16 crooners were jumped on their way out by more than a dozen hooligans in a van who were apparently brought in as "backup" by the catcallers.

The Ivy Leaguers were surrounded and pummeled.

"My son was on the ground as these guys were kicking his face," Aziz said.

Freshman Evan Gogel, 18, suffered two black eyes, a "severe" concussion and "bruises all over his body," his mom, Georgia, told The Post.

Here's your problem. You have a police chief named Heather.

Sodom-By-The-Bay Chronicle: Fong defends handling of Yale singers' beating case
Police Chief Heather Fong defended the San Francisco police officers Wednesday who broke up a street beating of members of a Yale singing group on New Year's Eve, saying they made no arrests because they were unable to find anyone who could substantiate any...

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