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Monday, January 29, 2007

I get mail from doctors unfamiliar with my idiom...

A Doctor Hughes, commenting on my post PA's moral and intellectual superiors have a blind squirrel with a broken pocket watch moment, betrays a regrettable yet understandable ignorance of the way I operate...

cmhmd said

Hi, I'm the Dr. Hughes referred to in the article above. I'm a Catholic. What is your problem with the article/law?

My attitude toward the law in question can be deduced from the title of the post. I employed two old saws in said title to make manifest my incredulity at the sight of Harrisburg's petits fascistes actually doing something of use to anyone other than themselves.

Take "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while" and cross it with "Even a broken clock is right twice a day" and you get what passes for biting sarcasm in my little idiot corner of Bloggerdom. (Nothing personal, Doc, but you are the first visitor here who has needed that one explained.)

Just in case that was not sufficient to make my opinion clear, I offered the following whimsical critique of those (both in and out of the medical profession) who tend to kill first and ask questions later, if ever:

A new Pennsylvania law helps define who could be making your end-of-life care decisions if you do not have a living will or health care agent. But, according to the Pennsylvania Medical Society, it’s still better for you to have a living will and a health care agent.

Instant translation: Prepare NOW so some dumbass doctor with an early tee time won't kill you!

I think that one sentence of mine, inserted after the very first paragraph of the story, sums up my loathing for the knownothing butchers and death worshippers (and their enablers in the political class) who are all too prevalent among us these days.

Also, I would like to think the more clever of the kiddies in my audience might be inspired by my efforts to make sure someone they trust will be making the life and death decisions for them in case they are incapacitated someday.

All in all, I believe the post in question to be one of my recent best. With a minimum of intrusion into the story, I made my point clearly and effectively. However, I readily admit my idiom is not for everyone. (See the post following this one.)

I am sorry if it confused you or caused you consternation, but that is really not my problem.

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