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Monday, July 17, 2017

Dumbass Heretics Update: Kinda close, but yet so far...

From the paper with no name:

Church of the United Brethren in Christ affirms traditional view of marriage...

Delegates from the Church of the United Brethren in Christ approved a resolution Thursday that affirms the traditional role of marriage during their national conference at the Lancaster County Convention Center.

It was one of six proposals to come out of a Human Sexuality Task Force, which began its work more than a year ago. All  six were approved.

Delegates also elected Todd  H. Fetters to a four-year term as bishop of the church during the national conference. He has served as  interim bishop since 2015.

The six proposals had been approved by the executive leadership team prior to Thursday’s vote.

The resolutions include:

- Scripture affirms singleness.

- God ordained marriage and defined it as the covenant relationship between a man, a woman and God.

- A Christian should marry only another Christian.

- The Bible establishes sex within the framework of marriage.

- Only in Christ can persons struggling with gender identity experience reconciliation between mind and body.

-The Church must compassionately minister to those struggling with sexual identity issues by becoming a place of understanding, healing and hope.

- Pornography is a sin that is deeply damaging to individuals, relationships, and society. All members are to abstain from using pornography.

Hello? What about divorce? What about Matthew 19 ? Or was Jesus just kidding? Hello? anybody home?

How about contraception? What do the "Brethren" teach my brothers in Christ about that?

Steve Dennie, communications director for the denomination, stressed that the church has affirmed  the traditional view of marriage, but urged members to "apply a lot of grace in addressing sex and gender issues in society.”

Instant Translation: "Sit down, shut up, and let us slowly normalize these perversions like we did the other ones."

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the denomination. The church dates its history to 1767 when Mennonite Martin Boehm and William Otterbein, a German Reformed pastor, met at the Isaac Long Barn on Route 272, just north of what is now Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster County.

Upon hearing Boehm talk about how he became a Christian and a minister, Otterbein is said to have said “Wir sind bruden” — “We are brethren.”

The early church was a largely disorganized movement. In 1800, they adopted the name Church of the United Brethren in Christ, and Boehm and Otterbein were named bishops.

In the late 19th century, the church split over issues surrounding its constitution. One group merged with the Evangelical Association following World War II and became the Evangelical United Brethren Church. They then merged with the United Methodist Church in 1968.

The smaller group, the United Brethren Church, maintained its adherence to the constitution and to the original Confession of Faith.

Today, there are 200 United Brethren churches in this country and an additional 300 in 19 other countries.

Most of the U.S. delegates are from  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. International attendees  hail from  Honduras, Nicaragua, India, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Canada, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Germany, Jamaica and Haiti.

May God have mercy on all souls.

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