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It seems Pope Francis needs to brush up on his Tertullian!

It has been reported (in The ChristLast Media, I must note) that the current Pope does not like the phrase "lead us not into temptation...

"Let no freedom be allowed to novelty, because it is not fitting that any addition should be made to antiquity. Let not the clear faith and belief of our forefathers be fouled by any muddy admixture." -- Pope Sixtus III

Monday, February 20, 2017

Noted Washington outsider Rinse N. Repeatbus makes one yearn for the halcyon days of the fascist Nixon.

"Nattering nabobs of negativity"...

Are the Clumpskyites, paranoid, tone deaf, clueless, or simply fascist?

Watch for Simply Fascist brand yogurt coming soon to your local supermarket.

I smell a Napoleon Complex brewing, kiddies. You know, "I am the revolution! I am the nation!"

Chris Wallace of Fox News [hardly a commie pinko] and Rinse N. Repeatbus, White [Racist.] House Chief of Stuff:

WALLACE:  Here’s the problem, when the president says we’re the enemy of the American people, it makes it sounds like if you are going against him, you are going against the country.

PRIEBUS:  Here is the problem, Chris — the problem is you’re right.  Some of these things were covered, but you get about 10 percent coverage on the fact that you get a very successful meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, the prime minister of the U.K., the prime minister of Canada —

WALLACE:  We covered all of those news conference live. Everybody did.

PRIEBUS:  Right.  Sure, yes, for about — yes, right.  But then as soon as it was over, the next 20 hours is all about Russian spies —

WALLACE:  But you don’t get to tell us what to do, Reince.


PRIEBUS:  — nothing is happening.  Give me a break.

WALLACE:  You don’t get to tell us what to do any more than Barack Obama did. Barack Obama whined about Fox News all the time, but I got to say, he never said that we were an enemy of the people.

Ah, yes...if you attack the Fearful Leader who is, after all, the living embodiment of the sovereign [hee-hee] will of the sheeple, you must be an enemy of said sheeple. It's a classic.

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