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Saturday, February 18, 2017

James Myers, Requiescat in pace.

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Dumbass Disney perverts. George was WWF all the way.

George "the Animal" Steele


Welcome to the new George “the AnimalSteele Website ... there were two people using the same body – George “The AnimalSteele and Coach Jim Myers...

Mr. Myers, AKA George “The Animal” Steele, is with us no more. I shall miss him. You can look him up if you like, but I know you probably won't. It doesn't really matter. Sadly, even tragically, this post isn't really about him.

The Animal was a pro wrestler. You know, the kind of guy who made money by entertaining the white trash [Racist.] rubes who support fascism with their hard work and the taxes people like you [Well, the odds are good that this applies to some of you.] steal from them. His shtick was simple and quite inelegant. He played an almost subhuman character who was a literal terror in the ring, and who was, quite frankly, a bit of a retard.

[Digression Number 1: “You insensitive monster! How dare you! You are the subhuman!”

No, dearest pantywaist. I know Mr. Myers was just playacting. Of course, you think the word “actor” must be reserved for brave humanitarians like the dictator-slurping slug Sean Penn.

"He's a real man”, you say. He would never make fun of anyone with a disability.”

Perhaps not, but neither The Animal nor I have ever given aid or comfort to evil men who see all of God's children as their personal property.]

Did you know Mr. Myers was an educator with a Master's degree? Nope, you did not.

[Digression Number 2: Did you kiddies know Twitter will send you an Orwellian message “limiting” your use of their product if you dare to use the word “retarded” in a tweet? The arch-criminal in question tweeted about an upgrade to a video game as being “retarded”. Who knew algorithms could be fascist, too? Garbage in, garbage out, kiddies. If you let garbage settle in your minds, it will in all likelihood come out in the most disturbing and frightful ways. The same goes for the ever-fruitless quest to silence one's own conscience. Take our current Fearful Leader, for instance. Do you really think the Orange Messiah has a Master Plan he's executing each time he tweets? If you do, you just might be a dumbass.]

The Animal rarely spoke. [Sweet gig, right?] One notable exception was the time when another character attached some device to his head and switched it on. The Animal slowly enunciated “How...now...brown...cow”. Priceless.

Even [especially?] wrestling characters throw their fans the occasional curve ball. [See “Baseball - Born c. 1859 Died 1994”] It seems The Animal had developed a thing for Miss Elizabeth, a quite fetching character at the time. [May God have mercy on her poor, poor, soul.] They played it like a King Kong and Fay Wray thing.

[Digression Number 3: I hope the upcoming Kong movie will be palatable, but I am not holding my breath. Hollyweird has not done the King justice since the original movie starring Miss Wray. For instance, what were they thinking when they cast the execrable Jessica Lang as the heroine?]

Mr. Myers was a natural for that part. His back was hairier than any ape's.

I would like to thank Mr. Myers for entertaining me and millions of other white trash [Racist.] losers. We just thought we were boys having fun. We now know that is incorrect and indeed, VERBOTEN! because EVERY TIME A MALE HAS FUN, A GIRL IS TORTURED, MUTILATED AND KILLED. SOMETIMES TWO GIRLS.

That truly is a pity and I am thoroughly ashamed of my genitals, though not enough to use the ladies' restroom while in Charlotte.

It is a pity because even though girls are icky to their very cores, I love them dearly and can't get enough of them. Of course, not in the way False Conservatives like Orange Clump and Rash Dimbulb [Conservative From the Waist Up] can't get enough. Even St. Ronnie Reagan was a serial adulterer. Just ask Jesus, if you dare. [I'm talking to you protestants. Seriously, can't you see you guys are making it up as you go along? “Over 33,000 different Christian (?) denominations can't possibly be right.” That arch-pervert Luther should have hired a better marketing firm.]

As you kiddies may have noticed, I have been a bit angrier than usual lately. I know, hard to believe, right? I fear having my blood pressure read.

I like to pretend that I am upset by the False Conservatives who talked a good game for decades and then betrayed their “beliefs”, their God, [Heck, who really knows what they worship? I fear it is the same thing the left-fascists do.] and their country because they found a big government liar, rhetorician and thief who put an “R” next to his name in order to fool the hoi polloi. [Look it up, kiddies.]

Boy, did he fool them. Who would fall for such a scam? Why, the same people think who George “The Animal” Steele really was an animal AND the people who think they are our moral and intellectual superiors because they think pro wrestling [and anything else they happen to find unpleasant] promotes violence, rape, intolerance, obesity, and tooth decay.

A pox on both their houses of worship, both left and right-fascists, for they worship at the altar of Power.

I can't wait for someone to start a center-fascist movement. I can see it now...

Uh, let's just murder 10% of the people we want to. Everybody else will surely obey us then.”

Ain't life grand, kiddies?

I just realized I am in the middle of Digression Number 4 and it's a doozy. [Look that word up, kiddies, and see what wonders your ancient ancestors created.]

I'm not really upset with the False Conservatives. They're just ignorant douche bags like the rest of us, only more so.

What really grinds my gears is how cheaply and easily we sold our souls and lost everything. I thought we would at least go down while putting up a fight like the kiddies in the original Red Dawn movie. [It is not permissible to speak of the horrific remake.] You know, shout “Wolverine!”, [Harbaugh's a weenie, BTW.] take out a couple of commies and go straight to Valhalla.

Nope. Not even close.

We sold out for easy access to porn, blowjobs, and blow. And, of course, the ability to buy our wives out of their guaranteed lifetime personal services contracts and get a newer, younger model without stretch marks that will believe our old lies like they are brand new.

The odds are excellent that you yourself, dear reader, think that's quite a bargain and that “progress” has truly set you free. If not, you are one of the ever-shrinking remnant who shudders at the retribution that awaits both the innocent and the evildoers just around the corner.

I am not speaking about the afterlife, kiddies. That's between each individual and Almighty God. He will absolutely separate the wheat from the chaff because He is the only One who truly knows the difference.

I'm talking about the earthly price we will pay for screwing around and pissing away our freedoms while abandoning Truth and Justice and pretending the American Way ain't nothing but fast cars and getting laid.

Oh, yeah. Rock 'N' Roll, too.

I once hoped that when fascism triumphed in the land of the putatively free, we'd get lucky and wind up with a dictator like Francisco Franco. No such luck, kiddies.

The truly frightening thing is there isn't even one real man among the fascists who oppress us. That would at least grant us the consolation of knowing we had been beaten by a stronger and more ruthless foe.

Instead we are ruled by the likes of Badcock Insane Okhrana, [The Community Organizer From The High-Yellow Lagoon] and Orange Clump, who couldn't reason his way out of a wet paper bag, and the in-bred Bush family, who just know they know better than absolutely everybody, and Li'l Jimmy Malaise the intellectualoid anti-Semitic humanitarian, and Ike, who carved up perfectly good communities to build us a Nazi-style Autobahn of our very own, and Fellatio D. Rascalvelt, who was more in-bred than the Bushes, [and much, much, worse] and Woody “No-wood” Wilson, who thank God was too much of a pussy to live out all his hate-filled fantasies in the real world...

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...ad infinitum...ad nauseam...

God speed, Mr. Myers. There was never any shame in you hiding behind your public persona of George “The Animal” Steele. I hope and pray you never ever thought there was.

TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

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