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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Zombie sport.

Yes, it appears the zombie menace has infested our games as well.

 From Roto-Reuters via YahooNews:

RECIFE, Brazil - While Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini reacted with horror to being bitten by Uruguay striker Luis Suarez in their World Cup match on Tuesday a handful of gamblers in Scandinavia were celebrating as their unlikely bet came up trumps.

Online bookmaker Betsafe had been offering odds of 175/1 that the Uruguayan, twice banned for biting, would sink his teeth into an opponent during the World Cup in Brazil.

Sure enough, over 100 gamblers decided that it was worth a punt. When Suarez duly bit Chiellini on the shoulder at the end of their Group D clash in Natal, it was time to celebrate.

One winner, Jonathan Braeck from Stenungssund in Sweden, bet 80 Swedish crowns ($12.04) that Suarez would bite, and the 23-year-old substitute teacher is now set for a payout of 14,000 crowns for his wager.

 "First I thought I'd bet a little more, but a friend said I was just wasting my money," a delighted Braeck told the SportExpressen newspaper.

 The first rule of gambling, kiddies: Don't listen to your friends.

"When Italy took over the game you knew that he could go a little crazy," he added. "I didn't think that he would bite, but that he'd do something stupid. Then he did the best stupid thing that he could do."

Betsafe confirmed the wager, saying: "We can gladly confirm that our customer won 14,000 crowns because Suarez remarkably bit an opponent - again," Patrik Oqvist, Betsafe's marketing manager told the newspaper. "We had fun setting these strange odds and it's very nice that a customer got it right."

Braeck said he intends to spend some of his winnings on travelling to a Premier League game in England, but he will not be visiting Liverpool to see the man who helped fund his trip.

"It's be a trip to Manchester. I'm going to try to find someone to go with me to Mancheter United," he said.

"If I had his (Suarez) home address I'd send him a thank-you card. It was very nice of him to bite and give me a trip to Manchester."

From CBSSports.com:

With Dodgers prospect's ear saved, he will resume playing ...

Alexander Guerrero, the victim in a ugly ear-biting incident with his former minor-league teammate, will not lose his ear after surgery and some anxious times and is close to resuming his Dodgers career, Guerrero's agent Scott Boras said.

"The ear is going to make it," Boras told CBSSports.com by phone...

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