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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If your religion tells you to murder little girls because they like to paint, it just might be a false one...

...or, Reason # 136,255 why, despite all the crap going on here, it is still better than there.

From KABC:

Afghan amputee, 7, forced to flee to Los Angeles over threats

 Shah Bibi Tarakhail, 7, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport Thursday morning. On Friday, she began her road to a new eye.

"I think that it's going to be an absolutely huge change for her," Dr. Mark M. Urata, MD, DDS, a pediatric reconstructive plastic surgeon, said.

The shy little girl from Afghanistan lost her right eye, most of her right arm, and her brother last year when she found a grenade outside her home. She allegedly mistook the discarded grenade for a rock and it exploded, ripping her body with shrapnel and killing her brother.

Amel Najjar, executive director of the nonprofit Children of War Foundation, took the call from a U.S. Army Nurse in Afghanistan.

"She said, 'Listen, I really need help, these kids are probably gonna end up on the street, their families are unable to take care of them,'" Najjar said.

So earlier this year, thanks to Shriners Hospital for Children in Los Angeles, Shah Bibi came to Los Angeles where she was fitted with a new prosthetic arm. As soon as she learned how to use the prosthetic arm, she began drawing and painting.

"She loves to paint," Najjar said. "The painting that she did went viral, international with over 1,000 media outlets picking it up, and two days later, we had emails from galleries from all over the world, from France and Spain and Italy, saying that they'd like to exhibit her artwork."

But, upon returning home to Afghanistan, her colorful abstract expressionist work and newfound celebrity made her a target by those who saw her treatment in America and popularity as a painter as her adopting Western ways.

Word of the death threats spread to her family, and the family fled its small home on the Pakistani border.

Her father told Children of War that he and his daughter had been in hiding and separated from the rest of the family since her return to Afghanistan in April. However, he eventually hospitalized her after she became really depressed and stressed. Her father eventually called Children of War to appeal for help.

"Her situation is pretty dire. If she was not out of there sooner rather than later, (her father) could not keep her safe anymore," Najjar said.

Back in America, Shah Bibi hopes to have a new prosthetic eye, thanks to Urata.

"This is an opportunity for us to really go in and make a difference, and I think it's gonna change her life," Urata said.

Najjar said that Shah Bibi quickly adapted and resumed painting upon her arrival.

"In the past 24 hours that she's been here, she is wanting to talk to people, she wants to paint again, she wants to play. She's back in her routine, and it's pretty surprising knowing what she's been through the past week," Najjar said.

If all goes well, doctors will fit Shah Bibi with a new prosthetic eye within a month and work on removing the scars the shrapnel from the grenade left on her body.

Her family remains in hiding somewhere in the Afghan-Pakistan region. Children of War is placing her with a host family for the next several months, and hope to win her political asylum in the United States.



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