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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sodomy Update.

Once again, I must ask how do we know which one is the "boy"friend?

From YourTango.com's Celeb Love [hee-hee] column:

Is Anderson Pooper's boyfriend cheating on him?

The TV anchor's beau was reportedly caught kissing another man in an NYC park.

They've been dating for three years and live together in a very expensive NYC townhouse. There have been rumors that the two are itching to get married before Labor Day.

But Ben Maisani was not making out with his boyfriend Anderson Cooper in the park over the weekend. Those liplocks were with someone else.

The UK's Daily Mail has up-close-and-personal photos of Maisani, the 39-year-old [Tsk-tsk. You know the young ones are hard to keep happy. Just ask Huge "Tiny" Hefner. - F.G.] owner of NYC gay bar [That is such a cliche. Couldn't they describe him as a non-Euclidean entrepreneur? - F. G.] Eastern Bloc, [That's borderline racist. Maybe even anti-Semitic. - F.G.] sitting indian-style [Definitely racist. - F. G.] in a park as he passionately kisses a mystery man, who is most certainly not the silver fox we know and love as his famous other half, Anderson Cooper.

There's no word yet on whether or not the 45-year-old CNN news anchor has seen the incriminating photos, but he seemed to be his professional, dapper self as he watched Beyonce perform at the UN headquarters in New York on Saturday, reports the Daily Mail.

This could be either good or bad news for La Pooper. There might be some confused young dudes interning at the CBS building...
Anderson Cooper's syndicated talk show is undergoing big changes for its upcoming second season. Cooper's daytime gabfest, formerly known as "Anderson," has been rechristened "Anderson Live." The name change reflects a switch to a live format that will also incorporate revolving co-hosts. And in case that isn't enough of a shakeup, the show will now tape at the CBS ...
- Roto-Reuters via Yahoo! News

 Uh oh...The Crutch of Scatology ain't gonna like this one bit...
Actress Rashida Jones has requested controversial actor John Travolta to 'admit that he is a gay after persistent rumours about his sexual orientation.
- ANI via Yahoo! India News

I don't know who this Rashida chick is, but she better have her personal assistant open her mailbox for her...

And, finally, from the What Once Was A Laugh-In Comedy Bit Is Now Reality Department and [Yahoo's The Lookout]...

 Meet Brig. Gen. Tammy Smith, the first openly gay U.S. general

 She can't order her men to attention [and that's fine with her.]

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