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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What do you get when you cross a jug-eared Marxist dictator-in-waiting, some bloodthirsty Democrass solons,and their Repansycan enablers?

Business as usual.

Here's the skinny on the Grand Compromise:

1} The alleged "cuts" are a figment of the totalitarian imagination designed to shut up the little people who actually have to live on a budget. Any "cuts" scheduled beyond this session of congress are a fiction. Subsequent congresses will ignore them, as they always do.

2} The cuts in defense spending are a minimum of $350 billion and a maximum of $500 billion. Either figure will gut our military and cause thousands of tiny erections in Slave China, Russia [see the next post on Czar Pukin], and GoatRaperLand.

3} The Medicare "cuts" only come from the provider side - squeezing doctors and hospitals by stealing more money from them. The goal here is the same one that drives ObamaCare: Force insurance companies out of business, and make it impossible for doctors and hospitals stay in business unless they become state controlled medical providers.

4} The debt ceiling is now set to be increased in 2013, which means Benito Insane Okhrana will have one less disaster to defend as he seeks reelection. This was the only reason he even pretended to be involved in the "debate" on this issue. The masses will surely forget all about the national debt by Christmas.

5} BTW, as Dumbo the Presiphant [An Asian presiphant , of course. An African presiphant would be racist.] our country's credit rating has already been downgraded by a couple of agencies and the rest are sure to follow. We owe more than we could ever repay, kiddies. That's what is known as a bad credit risk.

6} $14.5 trillion, $16.7 trillion, $20 trillion, or $400 trillion - it doesn't matter. Our nation's debt won't [and can't] be reduced, much less paid off. Why? Here's why...

7} Our republic is dying as republics often do. They rot from within. Why? Eventually, they stop producing good citizens and only produce parasites, leeches, criminals, and the power-mad.

Read some Plutarch, kiddies.

From AP via Yahoo.com:

Emergency legislation to allow the government to borrow more money headed toward passage in the Senate Tuesday with just hours to spare before the national debt bumps against its ceiling. Expected approval sends the bill to President Barack Obama, averting a potentially disastrous, first-ever government default and making a down payment toward taming out-of-control budget deficits. More »

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