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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Rand Paul whacks the criminal ruling class!

Sen. Paul Statement on Debt Ceiling Increase

Aug 2, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Following today's Senate passage of the debt ceiling bill, Sen. Rand Paul offered the following statement:

"I voted in opposition to this bill because it doesn't do enough to provide a stable solution to our nation's debt crisis. It never balances, and it will add at least $7 trillion in NEW debt on top of our current 14 trillion. This is not sustainable.


He's right, kiddies. You see, there's no such thing as a cut in spending. There are only "cuts", whether you are a Democrass or a Repansycan. The "cuts" in the debt deal are based on a projected increase of $10 trillion over the next ten years. So a $7 trillion increase in our nation's debt is forced down the throats of us rubes as a $2 trillion plus "cut" in the debt. Needless to say, the same criminal class that makes the projections are also in charge of "cutting" spending.

Diabolically clever, no?

"The President called for a "balanced approach." But the American people are calling for a balanced budget. This deal does nothing to fix the overreaches of both parties over the past few years: Obamacare, TARP, trillion-dollar wars, runaway entitlement spending. They are all cemented into place with this deal, and their legacy will be trillions of dollars in new debt.

"Americans deserve more from their government than a weak compromise that doesn't actually cut spending and they deserve better leadership from their President. I will continue to fight every day for fiscal sanity and a solution to our debt crisis"

Here's where Rand Paul the politician supplants Rand Paul the patriot. The American people deserve the death of their great republic because they are responsible for its present condition.

We refuse to meet the enemy because he is us.

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