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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rising from the fever swamps of left-fascism like a slime covered troll, it's an unfunny and unattractive racist moron.

Mistus Janeane done got herself all riled up 'cause of some uppity negro who dared to leave the Democrass plantation.

Garofalo: Herman Cain Has ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

by Bob Parks of Canada Free Press ["...Because without America there is no Free World"]

Nothing much has changed when it comes to my opinion of Janeane Garofalo.

Mr. Cain doesn’t need help responding to Garofalo (as responding to an irrelevant comedienne wouldn’t be presidential), but seeing how Garofalo feels she can tell blacks to whom they can freely and Constitutionally associate with, as well as how they should vote, maybe she woke up in the wrong century.

I have one question for Ms. Garofalo:

f the Democrat Party has done so well for blacks over the last half century (because before that, they proudly killed black people), why every two years do they have to remind their representatives not to take the black vote for granted? Maxine Waters and the Congressional Black Caucus within the last couple of days were asking President Obama why his campaign bus “listening” tour was avoiding black communities?

Democrats clearly use blacks for votes and make promises they have no intention of keeping. All they ever come back with is how racist the Republicans are, vote for the Democrat, and they don’t do ##### except for repeat this script two years later.

Exactly what has improved in the black community?

(That was a rhetorical as I don’t think Janeane frequents the Hood all that much.)

Is it Stockholm Syndrome to want your family to escape generational failed schools in drug-infested, crime-ridden neighborhoods where there haven’t been jobs in a few decades? Apparently that’s where people like Janeane Garofalo insist we stay and anyone who wishes to leave will incur her wrath.

Garofalo believes she’s so intelligent but she wades in her own ignorance. As I wrote in my previous commentary on her and Hollywood, blacks experience more racism in her circles than they ever do around conservatives. Liberals still believe blacks are too stupid to get ahead on their own and need an Affirmative Action boost. I work for a conservative who doesn’t believe in Affirmative Action which means I got the job because I was the best available, not just because I’m black.

I don’t consider myself a spokesperson for has-been celebrities so I don’t speak for them. It’s clear Garofalo believes she speaks for all of us thus she has a superiority complex when it comes to black people.

She doesn’t so she shouldn’t.

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