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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hot For Teacher Update.

Isn't it interesting how differently these stories are treated when the victim is male?

From The Saginaw News:

Judge won't change venue of lawsuit against former teacher convicted of sex crimes with male student

A lawsuit filed by the male teenage victim of sex crimes by former Freeland High School teacher Marcie L. Rousseau will be heard in U.S. District Court here, and not in a courtroom in Flint or Detroit as requested by the teenager.

U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington on Tuesday ruled against the teenager’s motion for a change of venue. The plaintiff, now 18, stated in his May 5 lawsuit that he “wishes to pursue this action as far away from the glare of local media attention as possible.”

Ludington, however, stated in his ruling that the plaintiff’s contention that media coverage will decline after the case is transferred to Flint or Detroit is “speculation, and unsupported by the evidence (the) plaintiff himself has proffered.”

The judge also ruled that the fact the plaintiff lives in Saginaw County, and the fact his claim arose in Saginaw County “take priority in assignment of the case to a place of holding court.”

No trial date has been set in the case.

It isn’t immediately clear if Rousseau’s victim is still a student at Freeland High School, but he was at the time he filed his lawsuit against Rousseau, 34, now in prison for sex crimes with the student in Saginaw and Midland counties.

The victim was 16 at the time of the crimes. According to police reports, the student admitted having intercourse at least 100 times with Rousseau — and that the pair engaged in other sex acts at least 75 more times — between May 2009 and February of 2010.

His lawsuit seeks “something in excess of $1 million” for damages to the student, according to his attorney, Farmington Hills lawyer William R. Seikaly.

The victim states in his lawsuit that the relationship “was not consensual,” a claim Rousseau denies in her answer to his lawsuit.

He alleges Rousseau convinced him “that she was in love with him, wanted to marry him and was only sexually involved with him and no other.” The suit alleges Rousseau knew such representations were false and that she made them to seduce the youth.

Rousseau also denies those assertions.

Rousseau, the lawsuit claims, engaged in unprotected intercourse with the student on numerous occasions. The teenager claims he has suffered and continues to suffer “physical, psychological and emotional injury” because of Rousseau’s “sexual abuse” of him.

Rousseau likewise denies those claims.

The lawsuit names Rousseau, the Freeland Community School District, Freeland Superintendent Matthew A. Cairy, Freeland High School Principal Jonathan Good and former high school Assistant Principal J. Barry Weldon Jr. as defendants.

The suit alleges various community members many times brought to the attention of Cairy, Good and Weldon the “real possibility that Rousseau had engaged in inappropriate behavior with her students on multiple occasions.”

The teenager alleges the three administrators “neither completed a proper investigation nor reported the findings as they had a legal and ethical obligation to do.”

In their written answers to the lawsuit, Cairy, Good and Weldon deny those claims. Cairy and Good also maintain that whenever they received any complaints from community members about Rousseau, “said complaints were investigated in full without substantiating the concerns that were raised at that time.”

In court documents, psychiatrist Gerald A. Shiener states that as Freeland students, relatives and acquaintances of the victim become aware he is the plaintiff in the lawsuit, “there will be additional trauma to the (teenager) which will cause additional problems for him and likely delay attempts at recovery.”

Part 19: SEX IS DEATH. (Hot for teacher) is here.

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