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Friday, May 06, 2011

Now we know why goat-rapists are into that whole polygamy thing.

From Fox News/NY Post:

Bin Laden acted 'cowardly,' confused in final moments

Cowardly? No way! Aren't non-moderate mohammedans widely known for their courage? At least that's what Bill "Plastic Surgery Disaster" Maher told me.

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan -- A panic-stricken Osama bin Laden shoved his wife toward the Navy SEAL who ultimately shot him dead, sources involved in the dramatic operation told FOX News Channel Thursday.

You see, kiddies, he had plenty of wives to spare.

The terror chief was said to have been "scared" and "completely confused" in the moments before he was gunned down inside his Pakistan compound.

A source confirmed to FOX that the SEALs first took aim when bin Laden poked his head around the door of his bedroom -- but the bullet whistled past the al Qaeda chief.

After darting back into the room, bin Laden shoved one his wives toward an advancing SEAL in an apparent attempt to save himself. He was quickly dispatched with shots to the chest and forehead.

The terrorist leader was apparently within reach of two guns when he died during Sunday's raid. A senior US official confirmed that bin Laden was near the door along with the two weapons -- an AK-47 and a Makarov hand gun -- which are now in US custody.

The SEALs tasked with taking out the al Qaeda leader had faced chaotic scenes as they stormed bin Laden's Abbottabad compound, sources said Thursday, with barricades -- and women -- barring their way.

The first enemy combatant encountered at the fortified three-story hideout "immediately opened fire" but was quickly killed by SEALs. Bin Laden's son Khaled died moments later as he rushed down from the third floor to confront the elite troops, who had practiced for the precision raid by storming a mock-up version of the compound.

None of the other four people killed in the 40-minute operation were armed. However, another US official said Thursday there were "at least a half-dozen weapons" on the premises.

Anticipating that bin Laden would be wearing a suicide vest and that the house was rigged with explosives, the SEALs took no chances, one official told FOX.

"When the SEALs reached the third floor, after resistance and physical barricades, Osama bin Laden did not immediately surrender," the official said. "When someone like OBL who has said he wants to kill as many Americans as possible, doesn't 150 percent surrender, you have to assess [that] as a threat."

Though bin Laden himself was unarmed when he was shot dead, FOX reported earlier in the week that he appeared to be reaching for a weapon.

A US official gave a further description Wednesday of how bin Laden "moved aggressively" toward the SEALs, while his wife, who was shot in the leg during the raid, "ran aggressively toward" them.

Initial suggestions from White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan that bin Laden was "engaged in a firefight" with SEALs turned out to be wide of the mark.

But officials explained to FOX Thursday that early accounts of the raid were confused because a full de-briefing could only begin once the team arrived back on US soil Wednesday.

A senior defense official also said the military was actively "working on recovering" the wrecked helicopter tail section that was left behind in the aftermath of Sunday's raid.

To read more, go to FoxNews.com.

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