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Friday, May 06, 2011

The smart money says Emperor Haile Unlikely will screw this up too.

If The Jug-Eared One doesn't smack the Pakistanis around hard enough to make them hand over our chopper [Don't hold your breath, kiddies.] the Slave Chinese will have our stalth technology soon thereafter.

Of course, if he really was a military genius who walked those SEAL fellas through the capping of bin Laden's ass, he would have had the Air Force planes flying cover for the operation level the goat rapist paradise and incinerate the entire chopper after Our Boys left. Of course, Dumbo the Presiphant probably thought that would inflame the goat-raping street...

From rediff.com:

Part of a damaged helicopter is seen lying near the compound after US Navy SEAL commandos killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad

An elite Army unit called the Task Force 160 is being credited with effectively flying in and flying out the Navy Seals team 6 that was involved in the killing of Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

In particular, one Black Hawk helicopter pilot may have been the difference between success and failure, CBS News reports.

Coverage: US hunts down Osama bin Laden

The Seals were about to fast rope into the courtyard in front of bin Laden's house when the Black Hawk lost lift. Imagine what would have happened if it had crashed into the courtyard with all Seals still aboard.

An ex-soldier Chris Marvin has said the pilot had the talent and skill to land the aircraft safely and let everybody off without injuries.

The pilot nudged the Blackhawk forward into a controlled crash, but sheered off its tail section. The Seals were able to continue with their mission and, before they left, blew up as much of the Blackhawk as they could but had to leave the tail section intact.

Click on NEXT to read more SHORT TAKES surrounding the daring raid...

Image: Part of a damaged helicopter is seen lying near the compound after US Navy SEAL commandos killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad
Photographs: Reuters

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