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Friday, April 07, 2017

During the campaign, Orange Wisdom held that Syria was none of our business and we should let the Russians handle it. Does anybody remember that?

If you think the Orange Clusterfuck really gives a damn about poisoned Syrian babies, you might be a dumbass...

U.S. opens new military front in Syria, launching cruise missiles - LA Times ...

From Fox News:

Syria airstrikes: Mr. Trump, don't forget, those American cruise missiles rely on parts from China...

I'll bet you $20 that sooner or later it will tweet: "Trade is very complicated."

President Trump’s decision to launch Cruise missiles against Syria was made without informing other world leaders, including his guest at Mar-a-Lago, Chinese President Xi Jinping. Does Trump know he wouldn’t have those missiles at his disposal without China?

He should.

The guidance systems on the Tomahawk Cruise missiles used to destroy the air base at Al-Shayrat, rely on rare earth elements (REEs) that are made almost exclusively in China.

Those substances are used to make permanent magnets, which oscillate in the tail fins of the Tomahawks, guiding them accurately to their target. They are also used in fighter jets, precision guidance, radar and antimissile defense systems. Highly developed magnets have proven more reliable than electronic guidance systems.

But just like commercial consumers, the Pentagon is wholly reliant on China for imports of the 17 metals and minerals that are collectively called rare earths because they are usually found together. Having demonstrated his willingness to use military force, Trump must now think about how to ensure that force is always available.

“This is a reminder to the Pentagon that rare earths are used in expendable weaponry,’ says Jeff Green, a defense industry consultant. “And those munitions are used in a shooting war, when supplies are most likely to be cut off.”

It is unlikely that President Xi will suspend deliveries to the United States because of Trump’s action Thursday night in Syria. But the U.S. administration is also talking tough about North Korea, which  recently tested its own version of a Cruise missile and other weapons, in contravention of U.N. sanctions. China is North Korea’s sole patron and keeps it afloat with economic aid.

Should Trump signal to Xi that he is considering military action against North Korea at their Florida summit, China might decide to flex its own muscle. Cutting off America’s supply of REEs might be one way of doing that...

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